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I practiced this for the first time at 5am so I could do it at the #GaNationalFair in #PerryGa instead of my usual stag legs headstand because I didn’t want to put my fabulous hair on the scary fair ground but I ended up knee-deep in peanut shells and marinara sauce and carnie crud so was it better I DON’T KNOW but it looks badass and it also means my shoulders are opening up because I didn’t have to warm up to grab hands ME AND KADENCE RAY ARE KICKING LIFE’S ASS WAIT WHO THE HELL IS KADENCE RAY - SEE STORIES. Also some #wheelposelovin by the rugrats.

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ally_trout. I’ve never been cheered on before like I have tonight at 9:02 pm by a

I’ve never been cheered on before like I have tonight at 9:02 pm by a stranger in our new downtown plaza THANK YOU LADY I DON’T KNOW for believing that I could do a yoga pose in heels on a platform by a waterfall YOU GIVE ME LIFE AND I WILL NEVER LET YOU DOWN. Sound ooonnnn. 🔈

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ally_trout. Happy birthday @korytokar. Welcome to 43! It’s the same as 42.

Happy birthday @korytokar. Welcome to 43! It’s the same as 42.

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ally_trout. I’ve wanted to post this picture for a good month but I haven’t bc it’

I’ve wanted to post this picture for a good month but I haven’t bc it’s not special, not flashy, not impressive, not dramatic, not extraordinary, and lately I feel like no post is good enough for the gram. Self-imposed perfectionism is a b*. ⠀ But this is the kind of stuff I used to post all the time: me trying some crazy yoga move way above my pay grade and coming nowhere near close to achieving it. It’s quite clear I won’t #pinchapress for years. But turns out I managed some weird side hair-flip which I slowed down for the video. So for sure that’s a win. ⠀ Wearing a gifted @vayumudra top.

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ally_trout. One of the perks of having followers besides your mom and dad is havin

One of the perks of having followers besides your mom and dad is having companies ask you to wear their clothes. And I enjoy free stuff as much as the next gal, so a lot of the time I say yes. But I only tell you guys about my favorites. The stuff I actually like and wear. And I could wear these Super Sculpt high waist leggings and Stamina Bra by @sweatybetty EVERY DAY. In fact I did wear it all day. From the gym to the awkward photo shoot at the park with trail walkers and love birds. Then I threw on my own shirt and we hit the mall and grocery store. The leggings and bra fit well, are flattering, and this Beetle Blue color makes me look tanner than I am. #praisebe ⠀ CAN WE ALL AGREE that being able to wear workout clothes all day and not be constantly hitching up and adjusting sideways and pulling down crotches means it’s a keeper??? I hope they send me this outfit in all colors HINT HINT @sweatybetty. ⠀ Use ALLY to get 20% off this outfit and other regular-priced clothing the entire month of October. And check my stories for links and my thoughts on fit. ⠀ What’s your favorite athletic wear brand? ⠀ #ad #iamsweatybetty #sweatybetty #highwaistleggings #beetleblue #yogamom #athleisurewear #athleisure

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ally_trout. You probably don’t know this but my fatal flaw is giving up when somet

You probably don’t know this but my fatal flaw is giving up when something gets hard. @korytokar will tell you that I’m easily overwhelmed and I will just check out of life. I guess I’m just really skilled at talking myself out of things. Like years ago when I didn’t see results after working out for 3 straight days I said to myself, “well, it’s not doing anything and I hate going so I’ll just stop”. That cycle went on for my entire adulthood. ⠀ But at 39 I decided I was done with that. I was going to do the hard things and not give up. It’s now been over 4 years of working out and I love it. ⠀ So if you are prone to giving up like me, here are a few tips: ⠀ 👊 find a support group. IG is 1,00000% the reason I stuck with it in the beginning. SUPPORT MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE. 👊 pick a fitness program that looks fun and stick with it for at least 8w. You can change it later if you are bored or not seeing the results you want. 👊 and please have realistic expectations. How long do you think it’ll take to achieve your ultimate body goal? Add 15 years. 👊 do something physical EVERY DAY. Don’t take a day off because you are sore. WE’RE ALL SORE. Go walk or stretch or work another body part. Until you have created a lasting habit, you can’t afford to lose momentum. 👊 it’s total BS that habits are formed in 21 days. I kept going for 66 days and then 80 days and then 100 days. But it probably took a full year or longer before exercise became a part of me. 👊 if you find that you talk yourself out of going to the gym after a long work day, go before work. And I don’t want to hear the excuse “I already get up at 6am I can’t possibly get up earlier” because that excuse applies to almost nobody. YOU CAN GET UP EARLIER. If I can get up at 3:30am, YOU can get up at 5am. ⠀ That‘s all for now. I’m feeling overwhelmed so I gotta go watch murder shows. But what helped you stick with fitness? If you still struggle to stay committed, what tip do you think might help you best? #allytroutfaq #allytrout

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That’s my best friend @jamiegriffinthompson. She irons her sheets before she puts them on her bed. And she doesn’t appreciate it when I send her pics of my wrinkled sheets. (See stories). She’s weird. ⠀ I have listened to “Ric Flair Drip” by Offset & Metro Boomin every single day since June 20, 2018. That’s like 15 months. It’s a thing now and I can’t stop. And I still don’t know the words. Wait, I know wooo! ⠀ What’s your weird thing? ⠀ Shout out to @geeoice_yoga for this post idea. When she microwaves food the time has to end in 7. She’s weird too.

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I got #botox last week. This is my 4th or 5th time. I like to get just a little bit once or twice a year. I don’t have tons of wrinkles on my forehead or near my eyes, but I do have enough that a little Botox helps. I still look like me. Just fresher. ⠀ What I actually like most about Botox is that it lifts my eyebrows, which you can really see in the second pic. Over the last few years my eyebrows have dropped and Botox will lift them back up. It’s a nice perk. ⠀ I am undecided on what else I will do but I’m a large supporter of people doing anything they want that helps them feel better about themselves. Tummy tucks, breast augmentation, peels, Botox, fillers, whatever. (Of course you know I’m a fan of eating well and exercise too, as well as tending to your mental health). But it’s honestly not my place to judge or give my opinion on another’s face. It’s their body, their (husband’s) checking account...have at it. ⠀ Anyway, I always wait for specials. I only paid $280 because @medspa_dublin was running a special and I had some @brilliant_distinctions rewards (DM if you want an app invite and we both get $). I also have a highlight called Botox that answers some questions on the process. ⠀ Do you get Botox or other cosmetic procedures? ⠀ And since a few have asked, my mascara is Better Than Sex by @toofaced. It’s seriously the best I’ve ever used. #dysport #botoxbeforeandafter #fitover40 #medspa #injectables #cosmeticinjections #voluma #antiwrinkleinjections #browlift 12Sa

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READ ME I DON’T CARE IF YOU YOGA OR NOT THIS IS IMPORTANT ENOUGH FOR CAPITAL LETTERS. 💪🏼 ⠀ I finally did it. I piked down and piked back up! THREE YEARS this took me. ⠀ THREE YEARS of watching yogis do it their first time out. THREE YEARS of drills upon drills. THREE YEARS of me wondering what the hell I was doing wrong, why I couldn’t do it, WHY WAS I BROKEN. ⠀ Here’s the thing: just because something is easy for another doesn’t mean it’ll be easy for you. I’ve had to work harder and longer than anyone I know to get this. YEARS LONGER. But I’m not competing against anyone else. It’s fantastic that Random Yoga Girl pike pressed her first try. It was probably those expensive leggings she was wearing. She’s also 20. I’m not 20. I’m 43. I’m a janky mess. But I’m patient. And I’m determined. Those will always win. ⠀ So feeling frustrated because you’re not at your goal weight? STOP PUTTING A TIMELINE ON LIFE! ⠀ Disappointed you haven’t learned splits/handstand/whatever yet? STOP PUTTING A TIMELINE ON LIFE! ⠀ Just keep at it. Adjust methods and expectations and continue on. It’ll happen when (and if) it’s meant to happen. Patience. Determination. Expensive leggings. ⠀ #headstand #allytroutstartyoga #learntoheadstand #yogaprogress

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Nope. Won’t fit. ⠀ ⠀ That wind blown hair tho. 👌 @margotrobbie @vogueaustralia @betches not an ad, but could be hint hint @nissan

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Idk. I mean I haven’t seen the original picture of @margotrobbie by @vogueaustralia but last I saw her she was pretty lean and if I could recreate this picture in 30 seconds with my iPhone and one filter to brighten the background MAYBE IT’S NOT PHOTOSHOPPED BUT A NORMAL BODY. ⠀ Some of us are genetically inclined to have thigh gaps and bony, sharp knees and don’t want to be shamed for them. Damn I didn’t even know I should be ashamed of my bony knees. Now I have something else to stress over! *Calling around to get Juvaderm for my knees. ⠀ Like you seriously can’t win in this world. You’re too fat or too skinny and don’t think you regular-shaped people are immune, they will find something to shame you for too!

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ally_trout. Today I went to my first high school pep rally since 1993 (don’t bothe

Today I went to my first high school pep rally since 1993 (don’t bother subtracting. it’s a lot) and it was so fun with the band and the cheerleaders and the presenting of the homecoming court. ⠀ Now I told you the other day I don’t ever cry. I might cry at a funeral if I see others crying. I will usually cry watching babies being born. But I will ALWAYS cry when people get together and act all awesome in union like a band concert or a flash mob. Last year I had a mental breakdown at my oldest’s cheer competition. Like ugly cried so bad the people sitting in front of me turned around concerned. ⠀ And again today I got all weepy with the kids playing in the band and cheerleaders cheering and crowd excited and the seniors rushing up to pull the coaches down in Tug of War. ⠀ @glennondoyle once said to pay special attention to these little moments because they make the harder moments easier to bear. I’m enjoying those sweet moments today, and also the fact that I’m so damn close to grabbing my foot I CANT STAND IT. Using an @infinitystrap

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