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Even in the shadows women are just as powerful as when they’re shining. #35mm

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rimma_sm. А у нас с мужем \"три года отношений\" 😁 
Как приятно, что помним об эт

А у нас с мужем "три года отношений" 😁 Как приятно, что помним об этом вдвоем 😊😇 Милый,я оставила выбор зала для занятий за тобой)) Октябрь должен быть продуктивным!💪 #солнечнаясемьясинкевич #семьясинкевич #риммасинкевич #арсенийсинкевич

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loud_live. #repost @loudlivesports
In just two weeks,

#repost @loudlivesports #athleterepresentation ・・・ In just two weeks, @tiaclair1 will defend her back-to-back #CrossFitGames titles. Tia is #NOBULL. @nobullproject

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Los oficiales y sub oficiales de la Polucia Nacional, asignados a la DNCD cancelados por poner drogas en una barbería de a Villa Vázquez.

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hounacenter. July
Timeline table
& Fees *Starred classes  requires previou

July Timeline table Teachers & Fees *Starred classes requires previous reservation* Please Follow our daily posts on fb for updates Call or text 03676285 for info & reservation Classes timing & instructors: #yoga Monday 7 pm Yoga Joy with Joumana (beginners/intermediate) Tuesday 6 pm Dynamic Vinyasa flow with Wafaa (intermediate, advanced) Wednesday 9:30 am Rise & Shine Yoga with Layal ( beginners, intermediate) Thursday 6 pm Power Yoga with Oksana (intermediate, advanced) Friday 7 pm Hatha yoga flow with Mona (beginners, intermediate) Saturday, Vinyasa flow with Layal , 9:30 am (beginners to intermediate) (Reservation required) Sunday 11 am Yoga Therapy with Zena (all levels) #kidsyoga Thursday 5 pm with Sarah (reservation in advance) #pilates Monday 6 pm with Nazih #Soulbodybarre Friday 6 pm with Meray (reservation required) Wednesday 7:30 pm With Heyam, #taichi Wed 6pm with Amira/ Munir , #zumba Tuesday & Thursday 7:40 pm with Tita #zumbakids Friday 5 pm #capoeira Tuesday & Thursday 8.30 with Faisca (Reservation required) #orientaldance Monday & Friday 8:30 pm with Pierre pm #contemporarydance with Ali Wed 8:30 pm (reservation required) #Drawing Class Wednesdays, 6 pm with Nadine (reservation required) Piano Private lessons. #Spacerental for Workshops, private groups, classes & events Main Hall 45,000 ll /hr Small Hall 22,500 ll /hr #saturdayworkshops #hounacenter #hamramainstreet Fees: Yoga/Pilates/Zumba/Barre/ Capoeira: Drop IN session 20,000 ll 4 classes/ month 60,000 ll 8 classes /month 100,000 ll 12 classes /month 150,000 ll Contemporary Dance/Baladi Dance Drop IN 25,000 ll 4 classes 75,000 ll 8 classes 120,000 ll Kids Yoga Drop IN 22,500 ll 1 month (4 classes) 75,000 ll 2 months (8 classes) 120,000 Kids Zumba Drop IN 20,000 ll 4 classes /month 60,000 ll (Special discount for Siblings) Art class/ Piano private sessions 4 sessions $100 TAI CHI Drop IN 25,000 ll 4 sessions/month 75,000 ll #studentsdiscount 10%

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Oh hey! $135K bmw with impossible to maintain finish - but MAN! You are gorgeous!

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driftstockholm. Star producer Robin Ahnlund visiting the Ugly Elevator Studios for our

Star producer Robin Ahnlund visiting the Ugly Elevator Studios for our next single "In the sun" that we're doing together with Anderas Wangärd Robin Ahnlund Andy Lindh and Chris Widinghoff. #uglyelevatorstudios #driftstockholm #studio #prologic

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