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One of the most incredible places to have a swim. You've gotta come in via that small ocean-facing hole.

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This kid was about 12 years old and doing flips and twists from 12-15 metre high cliffs. Not scared!⁠ Come see us at the @aquabumpsgallery from 10am to 6pm all weekend.⁠ :: uge

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Another day, another cave. But this cave blew my mind. I never thought I'd enjoy swimming without waves so much! :: uge⁠ ⁠ #croatia #travel #rovinj #travelgram #croatiafulloflife #beautifuldestinations #instatravel #luxurytravel #wanderlust #adriatic #crostagram

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This place is nuts - Hvar! We love it.⁠ Never seen so many boats, people, Italians in the one spot. Put it on your bucket list - its a stunning town and great vibe :: uge

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Oh, that blue!⁠ :: uge

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⁠ I’ve spent my life chasing waves in wild oceans. The Adriatic Sea is the complete opposite. It’s super calm with barely a ripple most of the time. It’s very different…⁠ ⁠ See my full post www.aquabumps.com

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🇭🇷 ! Stunning beaches,⁠ Don't forget the double plugs on these beaches.⁠ Those pebbles are nasty.⁠ More on www.aquabumps.com⁠ :: uge⁠ ⁠ #aquabumps #aquabumpsgallery #bondibeach #newsouthwales #croatia #hvar #vis

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Home for 7 days as we sail from Split to Dubrovnik.⁠ Have you been here? :: uge

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Welcome to Croatia! I'm sliding down the Dalmatian Coast stalking stunning beaches, ancient towns and good times. Never been here before - it's amazing. Head to www.aquabumps.com and you'll see my latest post from Croatia :: uge (links in bio)

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Pirates used to hide amongst the rocks and caves of Milos, before prancing on their prey. Aarrrr :: Uge Spiros

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Hard to access but pays dividends once you get down the cliff. :: uge

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Amazing cave exploration in Greece. Only accessible by boat. Thanks @calypso_sifnos_milos what an incredible experience. :: Uge Spiros

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