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the perfect aesthetic

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NEW video with this one just went up! (link in bio) Go show it some love!

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Me... front row at fashion week! #nyfw

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a little greenery accessory // ps you can’t tell but my hand got cut up trying to hold this palm frond! But @visionsofele got the shot... and that’s all that matters!

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a new day? or the end of one?

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dainty little details 📸 @visionsofele

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It’s been a week and quite frankly I’m having withdrawals...

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Doing what we do best and WOW can we go back already @alisha

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They said I could have two flavors... so instead of having one scoop of chocolate I got TWO scoops of chocolate 🍫

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Felt like ->💃🏼 in this dress!

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An aesthetic and a vibe!

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My outfit matches the view... cool! (peep the link in my bio and use my code!) #ad #fableticsambassador

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