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Yin and Yang 📸 @visionsofele ——————————————— Posting from this shoot again because I CAN’T 👏🏼 GET 👏🏼 ENOUGH 👏🏼

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Getting lost in Laguna 📸 @adamcgil

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I never post B&W’s... but I dig it! 📸 @adamcgil

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hair smoother than butter on a hot bun 👌🏼 Had so much fun at the #dphuehouse LOVED the entire team especially @justinandersoncolor and all of the @dphue products he used to get my hair looking healthy again!

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artsy fartsy

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Serving some side eye I guess 👀

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This weekend the country of Estonia celebrated it’s 150th Singing Festival. Not a lot of people know this but in 1988 hundreds of thousands of people gathered together and sang for freedom from the Soviet Union. This event indirectly led to Estonia’s independence in 1991. I wasn’t going to post this picture because it is of a Russian cathedral left from when Estonia was under Russian rule. But I decided to share it because to me this building no longer represents dominion. To me, this building represents the strength of the Estonian people and serves as a reminder of what people with a purpose can do when they work together.

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Got all dressed up for you Malibu Shot by: @visionsofele

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Haven’t worked out in two weeks... be nice to me @soulcycle but also... whip me back into shape please 😘 #soulgifted

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Miller lit 🔥🇺🇸 #fourthofjuly

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My heart is so full. I am overwhelmed by the amount of love, laughs, and memories that were shared on this trip. Every year I return to camp with the hope of making an impact on others... but this year it was the other way around 🧡

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blurry.. but in a fun artsy kinda way /// 📸 @adamcgil

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