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11/21/19 my world changed. Already amazed and enamored with every little movement and micro expression and simply in awe of @andrealaxton as a mother!

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“If I Get High” by @nothingbutthieves When @johnpintojr asks you to do something with him you say YES! Couldn’t have been more excited or had more fun doing this. Hopefully more to come! Link in bio. #noyhingbutthieves #cover #acousticcover #ifigethigh #bookofmormon

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We interrupt your usual programming of baby bumps, guitar clips and softball to bring you @bongoburtonlaxton post Hudson River leap. @shanihadjianphotography was taking some shots of our growing family when Bongo went rogue and decided to go for a swim. He was clearly pleased with himself. #maltipoo #hudsonriver #greenway #proudofhimself #swimmer

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bvlaxton. When I first heard @sarabareilles sing this song, I understood everyth

When I first heard @sarabareilles sing this song, I understood everything my commercial voice teachers had been trying to teach me about emotion in phrasing, dynamic and using different registers. She’s a master. Been singing this song forever and finally decided to just turn the camera on and share it!

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Got to head back into the mountains with @jdwtieman and @thefiddlinproject today. And a clip from the concert @rockwoodmusichall w/ @andrealaxton singing some music from the show! #Johnnyandtgedevilsbox #newmusical #folkmusic #folkmusicals #nodaysoff

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bvlaxton. Here’s another one from my afternoon with the wonderful @dnphotography

Here’s another one from my afternoon with the wonderful @dnphotographynyc Same shirt, different style. Another Song by Justin Timberlake

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Soaking up these last few weeks of “just us” while looking forward to life’s new adventure! So grateful to be going through it with @andrealaxton 📷: @shanihadjianphotography

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Been recording a lot of things lately. @dnphotographynyc made my moody Nashville dreams come true. Cover Me Up by @jasonisbell - thanks @rachelapost for this song!!!! #guitar #folk #country #dnphotography #nashville

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Cheesiness because three years ago I had my broadway debut with @bookofmormon Love this family, this show, and all it’s brought. Here’s to **** more! Now it’s #showtime

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It’s my 3rd Thursday with no #broadwaysoftball so here is a #tbt of a very hard hit foul ball. #longstrike #teammormon @chaseramseyofficial looks ready back there. 📷: Bob Scofield

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@bongoburtonlaxton trying their hand at #instagramvsreality

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Happy (oh please don’t go into) Labor (yet) Day! Wonderful weekend in Indy celebrating @bongoburtonlaxton future tiny master with friends and family. This baby is so loved.

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bvlaxton. Happy 5 years to my love @andrealaxton You are responsible for so much

Happy 5 years to my love @andrealaxton You are responsible for so much joy in my life. Our marriage has taken us to so many places and I can’t wait to see what adventures we find in the next five years!!

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#tbt to singing w/ @andrealaxton @thegreenroom42 • Come see us there again this Sunday night 9:30 in “ On The Wright Track” #concert #thegreenroom42 #cabaret #singing #musicaltheatre

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So lucky to be in the 15th longest running show on #broadway (And to have @budwebs making these videos for us!). #Repost @bookofmormon with @get_repost ・・・ The Book of Mormon’s 3,389th performance surpasses the run of the original production of Grease. Congrats to the whole Mormon family!

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Pretty special to come out for my bow on Saturday afternoon @bookofmormon and see my dad @venvard smiling back at me. Great surprise. Great weekend! #family #surprise #thebookofmormon

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Caught just the right moment today. Bright things on the horizon. 📷: ME, can you believe it?! #amateurphotography #iphone #washingtonheights

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What do you mean “Winter is coming? It feels an awful lot like spring. One more with @codycobbler tomorrow afternoon on this lovely spring weekend! #thebookofmormon #onesie #understudy #elderprice #eldercunningham

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So lucky to be this amazing woman’s partner in crime. I’m constantly in awe of all that you do. Love you so much @andrealaxton #internationalwomensday

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Camera 1. Camera 2. Had a BLAST this weekend w/ these two @bookofmormon Couldn’t have asked for better companions!! #broadway #understudy #livingthedream

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Got to share the stage opposite this legend today! @codycobbler #Repost @codycobbler with @get_repost ・・・ Bout to drop the most 🔥 album with my 🌟 companion @bvlaxton !!! Let’s go on a mission, buddy! . . . . . #broadway #musical #musicals #broadwaymusical #actor #actors #broadwayactor #theatre #bookofmormon #musicaltheatre #companions #missionpartner

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