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cj_sims_. I thought for my last video at 23 I should pick a song that could best

I thought for my last video at 23 I should pick a song that could best sum up how I’ve been feeling on my journey, and I definitely felt like this was fitting. This song reminds me of places I’ve been and chapters I’ve closed but something that’s been consistently coming up is, I know my destination, I know who I want to be, what I want to be, and what I hope to accomplish the vision is still alive in my head. But I’m just not there yet, and as much as I’d love to speed up the process, to find a 12 step program for everything I want to achieve, I just gotta let things happen the way they’re meant to and do what I can. I never thought I’d be where I am, I never imagined this part, or the one before it, but I’m here, I’m in it, and I’m grateful for it. Love y’all so much, thank you for the love and support, imma be MIA for the weekend and I’ll see y’all when I get back. 💚💚💚 #24 #birthdaymonth #reconnectwithyou #love #DanielCaesar #Streetcar #LeoSeason #Grow #CJSimsSings

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cj_sims_. So for some strange reason instagram has been giving me issues, and th

So for some strange reason instagram has been giving me issues, and though i had a long beautiful typed out note to post it’s gone and i can’t get it back. But you are more than welcome to use your imagination 😜 Lol @thegr8khalid #birthdaymonth #twodaysleft #cjsimssings

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cj_sims_. I really have to thank my parents for having such diverse taste in mus

I really have to thank my parents for having such diverse taste in music and influencing who I am today. One of the moments I remember to this day is my dad and I slow dancing to this song in my living room. I love the words of this song and the pure message it holds, but most importantly I love the amazing memories I have when I hear it and all those times we danced in our home singing about how we loved each other. Those are the things I hold onto most, life keeps going, I’m in a new state and I’m a year older but no matter what when we hear that song it brings us together. #Allthislove #eldebarge #Birthdaymonth #LeoSeason #24onfriday #grow #bruceleeroy #LennyWilliams #Oldsoul #intimeyouwillseethatlovewontletyoudown

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cj_sims_. I haven’t sang this song in years and I almost got all the words right

I haven’t sang this song in years and I almost got all the words right haha. Xoxo

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cj_sims_. #cjsimssings #the1975 #covers
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Since I missed the other day i figured I’d give you guys more than one video, except this time I thought I’d give you another one of my songs I’ve been working on. The catch is I’ve actually been working on this song since 2016. Long story short I met this producer in Sydney who really helped me on my own writing journey when it seemed no one else would and changed my entire perspective when it came to music. He reminded me of what I loved about music and to be quite honest if there was anything I’ve ever been addicted to it’s definitely being in a studio. I’m still learning to this day, I only came up with two songs I was completely proud of and essentially begged him to not give them to anyone else because I wanted them for myself. But I’ll be honest at this point in my life I finally am up to writing for someone else and only keeping the songs I feel sound like Me. Hope y’all like this one and maybe one day I’ll be able to play you the full thing. Xoxo 😘 #CJSimsSings #Original #Writing #OurSongmaybe #Iseepeople #2016tonow #BirthdayMonth #16Daystill24 #LeoSeason #Life #Whoknew🤷🏽‍♀️ #Growth #Growgirl

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cj_sims_. Say what you will about Ariana Grande but the woman can sing and her s

Say what you will about Ariana Grande but the woman can sing and her songs are hard. #CJSimsSings #ArianaGrande #NathanSykes #Covers #AlmostIsNeverEnough

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cj_sims_. If I’m guna work on being myself and pushing my growth, then I have to

If I’m guna work on being myself and pushing my growth, then I have to say that I listened to a ton of my voice memos before deciding to record this...and maybe I’m just having a bad day but I thought they all sounded like shit. So I finally just opened the blinds let the light in, listened to a song or two and I opened my notebook to this song...I have the entire thing written out (which if you know me is usually rare) yet I haven’t sang it once. This is just the chorus but today it finally made sense. I don’t have a copy of every song I have written, and some I hope never see the light of day, but if I’m guna do what I said I would then it’s looking like I’m guna put up shit that makes me more uncomfortable than singing someone else’s song wrong. Xoxo #CJSimsSings #Write #BirthMonth #16daysto24 #workingonit #creativity #realness #shit

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cj_sims_. Definitely have a soft spot for La La Land although I still wish they

Definitely have a soft spot for La La Land although I still wish they ended up together at the end, I can finally admit I appreciated the realness. We can be stupid sometimes and realise at the last moment that we missed our chance with the person we loved the most. I believe that if you did everything you could and it didn’t work out then it’s okay that you didn’t end up together. I also believe that you can fall for more than one person but it’s ultimately up to you in the end to choose the one you want to be with. Every ending comes with a beautiful and extraordinary beginning. Every beginning has its end. Why not make the most of it and not live with “what if’s”. #CJSimsSings #cityofstarscover #LaLaLand #Cover #LeoSeason #BirthMonth #Creativity #AllwerelookingforisLove #16till24 #lifegoesone

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cj_sims_. I’m usually one to pick any song I can belt to because that’s kind of

I’m usually one to pick any song I can belt to because that’s kind of my vocal sweet spot. I figured a good challenge for me would be to try and control myself. I think what I appreciate about songs like these is that you can’t help but feel something when you hear them. Call it sad or melancholy if you will but they’re honest and sometimes people avoid these dark places because it’s hard to let yourself feel everything but that allows for healing. If you know the words or have a moment to look them up I’m sure you have a story of your own to go with the lyrics. I’ve got a few stories of my own and sadly not many happy endings but I’m better because of it. I’m not afraid to say the words anymore but I’m more so afraid of never feeling it at all and never being loved in return. Xoxo #CJSimsSings #ILoveYou #BillieEilish #cover #grow #creativity @billieeilish I love you, and I’m inspired by you every time.

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cj_sims_. I’ve always loved miss Lauryn Hill and everything she does. Been worki

I’ve always loved miss Lauryn Hill and everything she does. Been working on this one for a while and I wanted to share it with you all for my little creativity birthday session. Been singing this song since I was a kid and suddenly people I’ve never known can hear me. Such a crazy thought but I’m sticking with it and challenging my soon to be 24 year old self. I’m attempting to set some new goals and to push myself as this new year begins. I don’t want to be the same person I was and I’m ready to grow. Love y’all thank you for the comments and thank you for supporting me! #BirthdayMonth #LeoSeason #CJSimsSings #KillingMeSoftly #Cover #Creativity #16days #letsdothis #LaurynHill

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cj_sims_. Hello all it’s been a while🙋🏽‍♀️ I’m slowly but surely finding my fo

Hello all it’s been a while🙋🏽‍♀️ I’m slowly but surely finding my footing these days. I was inspired by another vocalist I followed to do a bit of a creative revamp and post a video of me singing for the next 16 days since my birthday is on the 16th. I’m going to do my best and sing it live each time. I might need a bit of help so if you want to send a request or two and a bit of encouragement it would be much appreciated. Do what you love everyday no matter what. 😘 Love you all! Xoxo #CJSimsSings #SomewhereOvertheRainbow #BirthdayMonth #Leoseason #Cover

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cj_sims_. Shout out to @hermusicofficial & @danielcaesar for bringing this maste

Shout out to @hermusicofficial & @danielcaesar for bringing this masterpiece to life. #BestPart #Cover #CJSimsSings #LetsDoThis #BirthdayMonth

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cj_sims_. Showing some love, singing something a touch more on the positive side

Showing some love, singing something a touch more on the positive side and sharing a long overdue post lol. Send ya girl some love and have an awesome day. (: Xoxo #cjsimssings

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cj_sims_. I try to be vulnerable in my posts and this one happens to be where I

I try to be vulnerable in my posts and this one happens to be where I mess up but I keep going and I tried some new things. Remember to keep going love your WHOLE self and do what you love. Lol xx #cjsimssings

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So if I had to condense what my last few weeks in New York were like I’d say this about covers it. But those first two videos I was singing to myself without realising it, and although I didn’t want to post that first one I felt it necessary because I don’t honestly let people see me cry and I’m usually vulnerable with a smile. But they were good tears and they had all the shit I’ve been holding onto in them so even though i tried to stop them I took the hard route and let them fall. — The NYC Finale: Happy/sad tears, small moments spent around people I loved, a few stolen moments of me doing the thing I love in the midst of my craziness, and taking myself on a little adventure just because. — I’ll miss those few who I got the chance to know and do life with, I’ll miss my little Aussie cafes, and I’ll miss my Vans family for sure. But I’m at peace with my decision, I’m happy to be back where I belong, and I’m ready for this part of my journey to flourish and be everything it was supposed to. Thank you for the lessons, I’m good, and I’m happy to let all that go. To whoever needs this, don’t wait for one day when & don’t wait for a new year to do something for yourself. It’s okay to move on, it’s okay to go back, it’s okay to appreciate where you’ve been or to know that something or some place is just not for you, but don’t get stuck or believe that you’re not able to start over or to do something you love. Whatever you’ve been putting off all these years it’s time to start doing it and I mean RIGHT now. There are burdens you’re carrying that don’t belong to you, and you need to give them back to whoever or whatever you picked them up from and walk forward without the extra baggage. You got this, it’s okay, and everything is going to work out just fine. #iloveDenver #Coloradogalatheart #thankunext #itstime #movingontobetterthings #ghostin #home #findyourcornerofthesky #letitallgo #dream #dontholdback #yougotthis #newbeginnings #lessgo #cjsimssings

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To my dearest @coin thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to travel more than I normally would. I’ve always wanted to see the world and tour every inch that I can. I first fell in love with you guys in Nashville TN, and I followed to Athens Georgia, then to the beautiful LA and each time I’m constantly blown away. You guys were nothing short of amazing and I will forever cherish the memories we’ve made. Also after hearing so much about Malibu i decided we needed to make the trip and i have no idea how anyone could forget about her cause she’s stunning. So thank you thank you thank you. Sweet @lilywonkuh my darling sister I couldn’t be more grateful knowing I had someone to share these moments with and I wouldn’t know who else would help me experience LA and all it’s glory. Thank you for sticking by me all these years and for singing Malibu at the top of your lungs with me. It wouldn’t be the same without you. My heart is so full and so excited for all the wonderful things that will come in our futures. I’m proud of you and I’m ready to see the rest of the world with you because it wouldn’t be the same if you weren’t there to push me and help me open my eyes to all the possibilities. I got to visit all of my favourite movie sets, meet some gorgeous human beings, and remember how much I love music. I am beyond excited to come back this summer and know that this is only the beginning. Till we meet again my love💚 #malibu1992 #COIN #californialove #travelersheart #LA #Lostboys #cjsimssings #aussieaussieaussieoioioi🇦🇺 #joy #iswearilived #Letsdoitagain #foreverfam #proud #inlove #iwantitall #talktoomuch #welcomehome2019

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Hey friends/Fam Happy 2019! Life update-ish: 1. Continuing to dye my hair every shade of blue/teal/green I fancy 2. Still singing just sadly not always able to practice the way I’d like. 3. Working for Vans which has been the best retail job I’ve had in a WHILE. 3. Freezing my ass off so staying home a lot these days but having great dance parties with Mum (she’s the bomb) 4. Attempting to get healthy both mentally and physically and drop 10lbs (well 10 more 😂) 5. Celebrating my favourite place in the world cause I’m Aussie at heart wearing my beautiful gifts and eating Vegemite/TimTams/Milo all day. 6. Trying to do something new/exciting every chance I get 7. Cleaning out every area of my life to make space for the important things Love you guys a lot. I’m guna try to post more and get my YouTube in shape too ha! Stay tuned, say hey, & watch the story to see how the day to day is going & laugh ! Xx #cjsimssings #GodisAWoman #GodblessAustralia #YoungBlood #newyearnewmenewopportunities #GetShitDone #Bringonthejoy #Jesushelpamerica #bethebestyouyoucanbe #smile #takeitonedayatatime #loveyourself #2019sofar #Onemonthdown11togo #livealifeyoudontneedavacationfrom #wegotthis #iamanartist #speakitliveitloveit #ilovearianagrande #5sos

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cj_sims_. How’d I do with my #10yearchallenge 2009-2019 ? Just need a tan right?

How’d I do with my #10yearchallenge 2009-2019 ? Just need a tan right? 😂 Here’s to looking 14 till I’m 60 🤘🏽

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cj_sims_. Going for it in 2019! 💚 Xoxo 
#LostStars @thevoicecastin
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cj_sims_. I think it’s easy to dress something up and make it seem as though it’

I think it’s easy to dress something up and make it seem as though it’s a grand gesture of creation, but at the same time to take that same thing strip it back till it’s bare and put it out for the world to see is something far more difficult to achieve. I’ve been trying to do this more and more, both for myself and those around me. Not that many years ago I’d sing these songs behind closed doors, very well knowing that no one would ever see or hear this. Me without makeup in nothing but a T-shirt and shorts, belting out these songs that regardless of my age I felt like I’ve experienced and let what I’ve felt or am currently feeling flow without trying to cover it up. Everyday after work I’ve been belting out as many songs as I can because I’ve yet to find the words that accurately describe how I feel and a melody that captures the emotion. And I do this in hopes that I’ll be better/ready for the day I’m not just singing to my four walls. I don’t know what you need to do to remember the dream you have and to make it feel more tangible but whatever that looks like for you DO IT. Make what’s left of 2018 count and take 2019 in your hands. #cjsimssings #AllIAsk #ChasingPavements #Keepingthedreamalive #herestothefoolswhodream #herestothecreatives #letsdothis

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Started the year with GOY (@gangofyouths) and ending it just the same. Remembering to do the thing I love with people I love as often as I can. There’s always a way and it’s always worth it no matter what. I’ll keep daydreaming of the moment that I’ll get to headline something and experience that feeling of people caring about anything I have to say or “sing” but till then here’s to another adventure. To the few of you that take the time to read this or have simply been there consistently I thank you, these unseen years are the ones that count most to me and the days frankly I’ll always be grateful for. Here’s to 2019 may I live my dreams...may we all live out our dreams. Xoxo #dreamers #cjsimssings #readyforthenewyear #Tonewadventures #Dreamof2019 #music #love #toallthethingsiveyettodo #ilovefiji #GOY

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cj_sims_. Since I’ve sang this song too many times to count and it happens to be

Since I’ve sang this song too many times to count and it happens to be one of the coaches songs thought I’d put it up for #12DaysOfVoice so here’s a video from a year ago and now. Hope you enjoy! @thevoicecasting @nbcthevoice #12daysofvoice #RunRunRudolph #CoachKelly #Thevoice #thevoicecasting

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cj_sims_. Happy Christmas(War Is Over) Cover @maroon5 #CoachAdam 
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Surround yourself with people who make you enjoy life and feel like a million bucks with every passing moment. I love the way you look at the world and especially the way you look at me. I feel more like myself with you. 😭💚 #SydneytoGeorgia #NextStopCali #Seeyousoon #Findmeanicecaliboy #Loveyou #Freakingtalentedwoman #wegotthis #Streetart #readytogo #VansGal #readytotakeontheworld

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Nine years ago today I lost someone very close to me and every time this day comes around I take a moment to reflect on my life up to this point. Though I know there are something’s I wish could be changed over night, I spend everyday doing my best to be better. I never got the chance to say it to him but from that day forward I promised to cherish each day, be proud of the person I was, do all the things I said I would do, and live the life he couldn’t. While it’s good to capture key parts of your life what truly counts are the moments you were just there. Only you and maybe even whoever was along for the ride, know about those moments and still get a smile on your face just thinking about it. There will always be aspects of my life which could definitely use some work of course. I spend everyday making up for it because of the simple yet complex fact that life is too short and it’s too long to not live it the best we can. Call me crazy, stupid, or whatever word you’d like to use, the thing is I’m the one who has to look in the mirror everyday and accept the consequences or ask myself “why” I did or didn’t do something. So therefore I am allowed to be stupid, to be smart, to travel a little too much, to do what’s best for me, to not settle, and to do something that’s only going to make me happy for a day or an hour. I’m allowed to be/not to be okay, to say I love you and mean it, to say sorry, to admit when I’m wrong, to believe what I believe, and to not have a clue. He was one of those people who made me love being alive and love them so much I felt like I couldn’t live without them. This gal made me remember that, and she reminds me of him in so many ways and in the short time I’ve known her there has never been a day she didn’t get everything she could out of it. She LIVES every second and I love that about her. I didn’t take that many photos but I did laugh a whole lot, drank a little too much, danced, sang, made new friends and I cried. I got to live just a little bit more because of her from Sydney to Georgia. #toMatt #iamaGeorgiafan #AtlantaOooNaNah #ilived #doingwhatisaidiwould #living #goingwhereiveneverbeen

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So for some odd reason it’s been impossible for me to post this so I’m hoping it finally works. 1. I’m alive 🙋🏽‍♀️ 2. It’s been way too long but better late than never & 3. To Paramore, the People, and ART & FRIENDS Guna keep this one short sweet and simple. Thank you all for everything and I hope I’ll see you again next year. Ending this beautiful chapter with an amazing adventure and awaiting the next with all the possibilities that are available. Xoxo @artandfriendsnash @nightingailmusic @lizaannemusic @bullythemusic @canonblue Btw @coin I’ll see you next week in Athens! 🙌🏽 Did I mention I’ve never been to GA? 🤘🏽😉 #ArtandFriendsForever #ALart #PmoreArt #ComeOn #ExpressYourself #ILikeYourHair #YouAreBeautiful #Art #BeYourself #YouGotThis #CreativityIsBeautiful #BeAUnicorn #LoveYourself #Dance #Cry #Singoutloud #CJSimsSings #Havesomefun #Ending2018thebestwayiknowhow #Endofchapter2018 #HeresTo2019 #Thankyou #LivingmyBucketlistDreams #HappyDays

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2. To Paramore, THE PEOPLE, and Art & Friends Here’s to all the beautiful people of Nashville and the wonderful fellow fan gals & fan guys who made my trip as well as my world what it is. I couldn’t be more grateful for those perfect strangers who change your life and become your family. It’s hard to constantly be trust worthy and believe the best in people without being let down or hurt. But trusting your gut every now and then and being yourself makes for some incredible moments! I am someone who will see the best/potential within people despite who they may currently be or their situation. Most of the people in my life fall in love over night and do all the things we dare not say out loud because part of us believes it may not happen. Though I’d love to say I’m doing the same, my current state of being is more like making incredible friends and meeting my family all over the world. Cause when you know you know right? Even if it’s that you’ll be really good friends. Haha As a hopeless romantic every moment has a possibility of being something wonderful, exciting, and unforgettable. All the creative outlets I love are written about moments like these, moments where they took a chance and it worked out somehow. I reckon the reason we relate to them so much is because they manage to capture all of the emotions we experience within these small pockets of joy, of sadness, and sometimes even the emptiness. Something I believe to be true is our lives are made up of all of these experiences and emotions. And in order to appreciate the good times we must also go through the hard times because we wouldn’t be who we are without them. Not everything is what we hope, it’s not always wonderful, it’s not always what we think it should be, and it’s not always horrible...but it is worth living and worth hanging on to see the other side. #cjsimssings #saywhatyouwillbutimreadytolive #hoplessromantic #artandfriendsforever #thankyounashville #tothepeople #artandfriends #alart #pmoreart #herestoyou #ikindofwenttoireland #pleaseknowwearegrateful #itsonlythebeginning

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cj_sims_. To Paramore, the People, and Art & Friends! 
In 2003 I was an 8 year o

To Paramore, the People, and Art & Friends! In 2003 I was an 8 year old kid who had a love for music and who was about to move and have her life changed. At this time a band that would not only be an inspiration but also an escape from reality was being born. There are very few things I can say I’ve been consistent with since childhood, they’re technically my childhood friends and what the world knows as Paramore was one of the first bands I fell in love with and felt like helped me find my voice. But what I didn’t realise was how much they’d change my life, open my eyes, and spark something within me I never saw. Even all these years later they’re still making a difference in my life and for that I will ALWAYS be grateful. Though the career I still believe will one day flourish into all I see in my heart of hearts and in the depths of my soul has yet to truly take flight, what I can say is I’m even more passionate to see it come to pass because I recognise what it can do and what music has done for me. I hope there will only be more Arts and more Friends and more masterpieces created in the years to come. And because I’m a hopeless romantic who believes that dreams come true, I pray I’ll be part of such a beautiful thing. To Paramore my dearest friends. I love you! Let’s do it again same time next year 💚 ! #ArtandFriendsForever #cjsimssings #Paramore #inevermeanttobragbutigottohearitforthelasttime #herestomisery #ToParamoreThepeopleAndArtandFriends #ArtandFriends #Nashville #DreamsComeTrue #HoldOn #ForAPessimistImPrettyOptomistic #RIPMisery #OneDay #ibelieve

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Learning to in the words of @jessiej I love my Body, and love my Skin. Like anyone else people telling me that I’m not that bad, or that their issues are much worse, or that things could be worse never makes me feel better. It doesn’t make the self consciousness go away it just makes it worse, and more so because I’m the one who has to live with it. I know what my body looks like healthy, and I know what it could look like if I was consistent and if I did better with my day to day life. I embrace my curves and my body for what it is at the moment. I also recognise that I don’t want to stay here just because it’s comfortable, and that I’m not the “healthiest” version of myself. As a way to slowly work towards my goals I decided that I’d pay more attention to what I put in/on my body no matter what, and how much of it I put in there. I bought new clothes some to fit me where I am and some that are a bit tight or a size smaller than what I am to force myself to get comfortable. I’m no longer giving myself room to grow in the wrong places/ways. I’ve been working for it, and one of my mental exercises is to go without make up or to wear an outfit I don’t think I look good in or am “skinny” enough to wear. Like today I walked around in a crop top and shorts (last picture) all day and even though I had an extra shirt and sweater I didn’t wear them. Here’s the thing I’m doing it at my pace, I’m loving myself in EVERY moment, and I’m encouraging others to do the same. Not comparing not taking away from how they truly feel just loving and supporting. The baby steps are truly what make all the difference. In the first two pictures are all of my tattoos. One of the many reasons I love tattoos is because they always look beautiful no matter the canvas and that’s why I’m never afraid to show them off or to get more. Cause I “LOVE MY BODY, I LOVE MY SKIN, I AM A GODDESS, I AM A QUEEN” #inkedandproud #embraceyourcurves #embraceyourcurls #embraceyourskin #loveyourself #loveallofyourself #loveothers #herestoahealthyyou #takeastepforyou #actlikeit

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Life Update:\\\-Month 7-/// I realised I’ve never posted this picture and as “nice” as it look there’s so much that happened behind the scenes, but what I loved about it was, I felt good so I took a picture. That was it. The crazy part is this is probably one of the few moments I managed to capture my own joy. There’s something special about being somewhere you love, with people you love, creating art, and getting out of your comfort zone to try something new. All that being said, since being back in America I’ve been going out of my way to find and truly enjoy moments like these. I can’t say I’ve quite captured everyone of them, but I was there. I’d love to say I have them everyday but I don’t. I’ve been depressed, exceptionally lonely, and feeling like I’m at the end of my rope. It’s felt like everything hit me at once, and so much so that all I could say was, “Well things have to turn around now cause they really can’t get any worse than this.” And then I’d pray for a miracle to happen cause I don’t know if I could find the strength if things went any further down hill. I still write songs, at the moment out of desperation because I don’t know how to express how I truly feel. I sing when I have decent days, I sing a shit ton of sad songs, and I watch cheesy romantic movies because I know they have a happy ending. But the one thing I’ve yet to say to myself was it’s okay to feel that way. I can’t stay there but I am human and this is more real that my few “peak” moments. Cause everyday isn’t great, I fail all the time, I hope “that guy” I met the other night is going to call but he never does. I want people to hang out with me, and I’ve reached out to ask them but “life” (aka insert excuses good & bad) happens. I live far from most of the people I know, and I can’t say I know who would definitely go out of their way to come to my house. Yes I have made some friends and I did manage to hang with them. I FaceTime people, and I just recently got a job, but it hasn’t made life any easier. I still have to take it one day at a time. Here’s to the lowlights they’re just as important. They’re real. They’re like Monday’s.

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This is the first time I got to see you live and in living colour, and it was one of the greatest moments of my life. Hopefully we’ll have a proper photo together one of these days but until then this will do. In all honesty we all have a Magnolia Day and as much as it is a struggle it also makes you appreciate every aspect of life that much more. Thanks for saying yes to life @slayerpepe , wouldn’t have it any other way, and I promise I’ll continue to do the same. Just like this day has changed me for good I hope that it will continue to do the same for you. Love you big brother ! I believe in you and I’ve always got your back no matter what! Xx

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cj_sims_. So what exactly makes us so great again? 
#Repost @oldmanebro with @ge

So what exactly makes us so great again? #Repost @oldmanebro with @get_repost ・・・ We are a sick country. 🙏🏽🙏🏿🙏🏾

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cj_sims_. “Too Good To Say Goodbye” 
@brunomars I love the way this song makes y

“Too Good To Say Goodbye” @brunomars I love the way this song makes you feel! There’s something so beautiful and nostalgic about it, yet relatable and hopeful. Yes I love this song,and man I can’t say I’ve done it justice. But I gave it my best. Needless to say it was not my day today, but you can’t take yourself too seriously. I added in a few of my mess ups and my first plus last take because I’m really good at cutting people slack but when it comes to myself I seem to have no mercy whatsoever. Though i can’t say it’s my best attribute I have slowly but surely learned to be kind to myself. I aspire to give myself the same grace I show others. And I think we all could use that reminder since we are our worst critic. This is simply me taking small chances everyday to continue to develop and grow. The dream is to work with some of these incredible people, the hope is that with each of these videos I’m getting better and better. The idea is that I will be the type of artist I not only look up to but also one I’d be proud of, and the vision is to be closer to the person I believe I am meant to be. In everything we do we must set a proper foundation in order to build something that will last far beyond our own existence. Therefore if I get nothing else right may I have a solid foundation worth standing on. #cjsimssings #TooGoodToSayGoodbye #Lovethatoldschoolfeeling #BrunoMars #24kMagic #Keepon #BeKindToYourself

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cj_sims_. Starbucks definitely got me feeling some kind of way... but the intern

Starbucks definitely got me feeling some kind of way... but the internet has no mercy or chill 😂 #sorrynotsorry #butactuallythough #Repost @oldmanebro with @get_repost ・・・ ... 🤔🤣

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