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@winnipegfolkfestival! It was an honor to come play an event that's meant so much to Winnipeg for so many years. We're really thankful that we were able to return to the stage and play nearly our full set after that lightning delay. Thank you for being so patient and understanding while it was getting sorted out - your kindness and warmth were a reminder of why we always love playing in Canada so much. See you next time! . 📷: @jsenftphotography

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Mankato, it was our first time to your town - nice place you've got here! We had a great time, hope you did too! . 📷: @askewviewphoto

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deathcabforcutie. Tiny Changes, a cover album of the @frabbits classic ‘The Midnight Org

Tiny Changes, a cover album of the @frabbits classic ‘The Midnight Organ Fight,’ is out now. A portion of the proceeds from album sales will benefit @tinychanges, a mental health charity launched in honor of Scott to help raise awareness and provide support for children and young people struggling with mental health issues. We miss you Scott.

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St. Louis, for a Monday night you really brought the energy to a beautiful theater - thanks for lifting us up right along with you! . 📷: @minismitty

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Death Cake for Cutie tour continues. Thanks, Mankato!

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Milwaukee, it's always so fun to come down and play @summerfest and this year was no exception. And it was a treat to stick around and watch @thekillers completely melt the place down afterwards. We'll see you again soon!

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deathcabforcutie. Second leg of the summer tour is underway!
Here's a variant of the t

Second leg of the summer tour is underway! . Here's a variant of the tour poster designed by @burlydesign. Now available at the shows while supplies last.

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Last week at @fireflymusicfestival captured by @shervinfoto

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It’s been estimated that humans on earth buy over one million plastic water bottles PER MINUTE. The vast majority of these bottles are used once and thrown away. 91% of plastic doesn’t get recycled, and massive amounts of it end up in the ocean. ⁣ ⁣ In the past we, and so many other touring bands, have been a part of this problem. ⁣ ⁣ So this time around, we decided to do something differently. We have removed plastic water bottles from our rider and outfitted our whole band and entire road crew with refillable water bottles. Oregon-based @hydroflask heard about our quest and generously donated some for the cause. ⁣ ⁣ It seemed like such a big decision - after all, plastic bottles are so convenient, and a seemingly unavoidable part of modern life. ⁣ ⁣ But it has been such an easy change. And the results are clear: we are saving hundreds of water bottles a week, and tens of thousands per tour cycle. And we are just one band!⁣ ⁣ It might seem like an insurmountable problem, but every effort truly helps. We’d like to encourage other bands to try it out as well - it’s not hard, and it feels great! #plasticawareness 📷: @racheldemy

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deathcabforcutie. Thank you so much to EVERYBODY who made it out to the first leg of our

Thank you so much to EVERYBODY who made it out to the first leg of our summer 2019 Thank You for Today tour! It's been great to hit some of our favorite venues, play a couple of new ones, and gaze out over all of your smiling faces each night. We know that at a few of the stops the weather was, um, "exciting"... so thanks for sticking it out and making some soggy memories with us. We're grateful that you're still coming to see us - and we'll see you next time. . Love, DCfC . 📸: @davethephotoguy@shootsethshoot

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Thanks to @fireflymusicfestival for having us back a third time! We're always impressed by what a well-run, friendly experience we have there. We hope all of you out there (and boy, were there a lot of you) had a great weekend, drank enough water, and didn't inhale as much dust as we did (cough, cough). . 📸: @alivecoverage

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Here's the poster for our SOLD OUT @redrocksco show tonight. Artwork by @suburban_avenger. Get yours at the show!

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