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Do you need dreamy florals for your big day?

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Plant fam the weekend is here! Come by this weekend and let us help you green your space! #hoyaaustralis

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Sometimes you find more than just plants at the plant shop. Can we talk about how cute her dress is too!? Book your Photoshoot with us and get the whole shop for all of your perfect, dreamy and creamy photos! 📸 @sarakaephotography

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Sometimes the best of both worlds happen. We cleaned up our #philodendronmexicanum and could not see these beauties go to waste!!! Shop is lush and waiting for you!

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It’s the freakin’ weekend and we have got a freaky lineup ready for you to come get freaky with. #anthuriumpedatoradiatum #freakyplants

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The shop is full of green goodies! Can’t wait to see your smiling faces tomorrow! 📷 by @stillsbyhernan

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Move over #MonsteraMonday , #philodendronmexicanum needs some elbow room and we just couldn’t wait to post her. #ilikebigplantsandicannotlie

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Just a tease of this #rhaphidophoratetrasperma hanging basket that stole my heart ❤️

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How my #plantdaddy looking like a whole greenhouse snacccccc. Tag your best zaddy and show him some love! 📸 @stillsbyhernan

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Coo coo for #coccoloba who else is dying for these Florida vibes at home? #seagrapes 🌊 🍇

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When a wild hunty appears in its natural habitat! Throw back to when @plantkween paid us a visit and scooped up a beautiful #raphidophoratetrasperma to take home! Who else travels for the plant hunt? 💚💚💚

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Lollipop fiddles are back, and you should see how lush these babies are! 🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱

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What’s on your list of things to do today? #plantshopping

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long daddies!!! Back in stock and in an assortment of colors and sizes! #neonpothos #hangingplants

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Plant lovers, we love ya right back! Can I just say how happy it’s makes all of us over here when we see someone light up once they find that one special plant? Good stuff. 💚💚💚

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🎶 “You know how to go and get a *plant* don’t you?” 🎶 #philodendronpastazanum throwing all sorts of textures and greens out!!!

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How often have you brought a plant home with an extra surprise tucked into it? We often see loads of Cuban tree frogs and brown anoles, but today my buddy is this super sweet green anole. Swipe to see him in action!

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Love this couple and couldn’t be happier for them! It was an honor hosting and creating for you on your special day! 📷by @amandazabphoto

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