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Come by and take a stroll. We love putting smiles on faces! 📷by @maddiefender

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🌿15% OFF ENTIRE STORE🌿 We couldn’t do this without you guys! Come through and say hello today!

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It’s the day after thanksgiving so if you catch your plant bae doing this, you’re not alone. Some of us have a hard time wrapping lights around things that won’t grow and thrive 😂 #hatiorasalicornioides

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The shop will be closed today in observance of Thanksgiving. While we are all with friends and family and food that makes you wanna go nite nite remember that although today is a day we give thanks, showing gratitude should be an everyday occurrence. Gobble Gobble!

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Just a few of these bad boys left! #mountedplants #whatshangingwednesday

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Want a Monstera this perfect? Better hurry in! Our homie @shoelayces scored this beauty from the shop and you can too! After all, weekends are for plant shopping...

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Throw back to this big thicc boi. Heaviest lift I’ve ever done for the gram. #philodendronpastazanum

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“Listen I really don’t like saying rhaphidophora out loud, k?” Does anyone else out there use cute memes or plant puns to help them remember plant IDs? Example: “hey Gina, can you pass me the “doras the exploras” and I promise you she’ll pass me one of these bad boys. 😂

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—10% OFF ALL PLANT PURCHASES— —MUSICAL GUEST @notsosubtleband —TACOS BY @wakamoletrulymexican —DRANKS BY @hubtap ——————-

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Let us translate your love for plants into florals. These anthuriums were to die for, don’t mind we are a little bias over these peachy tones 🍑

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We frickin love Florida all year around, cause the plant daddies are out, coffee can still be served cold, and your monsteras grow like this. #ilovetampa just ask @heightshomestampa

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Love working with these colors this time of year! More florals like this please!

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Let’s all take a moment to appreciate baby Benson driving on the right side 😍😍😍 where would you like to see the FFN squad pop up next?

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How cute is this awesome artwork by @cutandpaste._ shop is getting some awesome goodies for the weekend!

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It’s a beautiful day in Tampa Bay today! Come by and let us help you make your sweet little Sunday just a bit sweeter! #plantshopping

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The weekend is here! Come hang with us and let us help you find the perfect plants for your space.

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See you all tomorrow. 📷by @stillsbyhernan

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How far would you go to take this giant baby home? Peep that new bb leaf unfurling!!! #philodendronpastazanum

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Couldn’t save this #monsterasubpinnata for #monsteramonday - one available in shop!

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BIG PLANTS TINY CARS. The FFN squad just got some new rims, giving riding dirty a WHOLE new meaning. #itssoilnotdirt

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🎶 Golden rain, Golden raaaaain 🎶 I mean why not because these terra cotta tones have always been a classic with any shade of green.

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Alocasia frydek one of our top favorites when it comes to velvety green goodness!

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Sunday vibes.

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The weekend is upon us! Wanna make your happy little Saturday a little (or a lot) happier? Come take a stroll and see what speaks to you!

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