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naesvision. 💫We are here for True #Health and the #economic transfer of health #c

💫We are here for True #Health and the #economic transfer of health #career-driven professionals want when experiencing workplace inequality. 💫 ________ There’s a major problem in our nation: your healthcare options. You’re missing the most vital part, advocacy, support and education from a professional RN—by design you think? ________ The most critical area of neglect which causes the greatest medical errors is that your employer sponsored #health benefits offer no real solution to prevent diseases. ________ If, you have been following me you already know that chronic job-related stress kills hard-working #employees dealing with workplace inequality, despite seeing their doctors. ________ #Burnout #fatigue #PTSD are real signs and symptoms that will send you running to the doctor for relief. But they also suggests that you may be dealing with biases embedded in #workplace policies—you need an RN skilled in workplace equality and healthcare equity to set you straight. Make life preserving decisions. Prevent disease. _______ May I ask you a question? Do you believe that there must be a different way than victimization? Look at the people in our country—homeless on the street. They are medical and corporate waste. Injured by medications for NOT knowing how to pursue their rights. Don’t let them be you. _______ We are not looking for buy ins but rather opt outs. There are many professionals trying to help with the crisis, however, their well meaning academic suggestions wouldn’t have brought me to true health. Who’s here for True Health? ______ NAESVISION is slated to become the largest healthcare education platform with 1 vision and, 1 goal. We are the answer to prevent our nations public health crises. • • • N U R S E TIP: taking psychiatric medications, being mindful of, and or balancing injustices to keep a paycheck have NOT stopped increasing rates of mental, physical and societal diseases—-ask for the other way—you’ll learn decision-making skills to keep all the goodies you are born with and be raised. It’s scary but you win. ________ W I N N E R S: Download your Next Step Power Move today, Link in Bio.

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musicuz_official. Music ( джоззи - атомы ) PREMYERA 🔥
(Musiqani telegramdagi kanalimi

Music ( джоззи - атомы ) PREMYERA 🔥 . (Musiqani telegramdagi kanalimizdan yuklab olishingiz mumkin)✌ . . #repost #art #summer #selfie #me #follow #picoftheday #followme #like4like #tbt #cute #happy #beautiful #fashion #photooftheday #instagood #love #music #musicgram #musiclove #musicru

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This Pisces season is going to be a juicy one! Full Moon Blessings friends. We have an open circle tonight @sacredpsyche 7-9. Bring a jar for moon water tonight! Mercury, Neptune & the Sun are contrasting the Moon in Virgo to help you prioritize self work. Release energies that aren't filling your chalice. Celebrate your emotions & channel thoughts through creative expression. 🥀

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engenderhealth. We are pleased to share impact data from our last fiscal year. In the

We are pleased to share impact data from our last fiscal year. In the last fiscal year we worked in 18 countries, 7,494 health facilities, and with 17,428 healthcare providers. ➡️ Swipe to see the results of our work. . For 75 years, we have delivered innovative programs around reproductive health, family planning, and maternal and child health. . Thank you for standing with us in our commitment to improving gender equity through reproductive health access, excellence, and impact. Working together, we know that we can continue strengthening sexual and reproductive health and rights and advancing gender equity. . . . . . #ICFP2018 #familyplanning #ICFP #WherestheFP #SRHR #genderequity #reproductivehealth #reprohealth #FP2020Progress #WeAreFP2020 #EngenderHealth #ICFPYouth #impactdata

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😎Якщо ви чули про Tesla, Amazon чи Virgin Group, тоді ви в курсі хто такі Маск, Безос і Бренсон😉 Та що ми знаємо про цих людей, окрім новин зі ЗМІ? Ви ж здогадуєтесь, що вони не просто мільярдери? . 😍Ці троє мрійників і бізнесменів майбутнього, які вже зараз міняють світовий порядок, — першопроходьці в освоєнні космосу!! . «Космічні мільярдери» нью-йоркського журналіста Тіма Фернгольца стали бестселером у всьому світі! Ця книжка розповість вам, з чого та як починалися сходження людей, які підкорюють космос. Чи вже готові ми опановувати нові планети та що чекає на нас в недалекому майбутньому 👽🤖🤓 . ⭐Замовляйте «космічну» книгу у коментарях, діректі або на нашому сайті. . ⭐Діє акція Безкоштовна доставка Новою Поштою. . #космічнімільярдери #тімфернгольц #ілонмаск #джеффбезос #річардбренсон #космічніперегони #видавництвофабула #фабула #fabulabook #fabulaPRO #fabula_PROCreators #читайукраїнською

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scottbicegoat. Taffy-Totally Weird, Totally Awesome......lovin Fair life.....a Carnie

Taffy-Totally Weird, Totally Awesome......lovin Fair life.....a Carnie

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MITOS PLATENSES 🖤 ✨Perfumina textil ✨Difusor de ambiente

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_svetik_priv_sims_. Помните Милену? Она завела себе молодого человека и переехала к нему в

Помните Милену? Она завела себе молодого человека и переехала к нему в дом, вместе они пригласили нас к себе в гости, а заодно я рассказала им интересные новости🤰🏼 #симс #симсфриплей #sims #simsfreeplay

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beetskalemyvibe. Aaaaaaand dinner the night before THAT was this ‘baked spaghetti’ 🍝 I

Aaaaaaand dinner the night before THAT was this ‘baked spaghetti’ 🍝 I really just made a meat sauce and boiled some of the green bean spaghetti but then last minute decided to make it into a bake. I did 1/2 onion diced, 1 poblano diced, and 1 zucchini diced in a hot pan with avocado oil, added 1lb of grass fed beef, cooked everything until it was almost done, added a jar of truffle tomato sauce and oregano, basil, salt, pepper, etc. and let the sauce simmer. Added the cooked noodles to the sauce, gave it a twirl, put it in a casserole dish, topped with some dollops of cottage cheese that needed used up (mixed with Italian seasoning) and then an Italian mix of cheeses and popped in the hot oven to get all melty!

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