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Scooters everywhere, this one is a bird. #birdscooter #birdscooters

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Good Morning LA...another busy weekend ahead of us. Two open houses and then a Lord Huron concert at the Hollywood Bowl. Man in the pictures is #EdwardVillella, one of the most celebrated ballet dancers from before the internet age. We found him on a vintage magazine tear-out tucked away inside an art book while cleaning out the house... no one knows where they came from

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Bear sighting in Venice beach #venicebeach #losangeles #hairybear #dogs

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Really enjoyed this movie I saw on Amazon Prime, almost like an updated sequel to “Mulholland Drive”. #underthesilverlakemovie #underthesilverlake

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We’re finally ready to sell Bart’s house in Studio City. Great location, open floor plan, awesome price. DM me for details :) #studiocity #realestate #justlisted

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So glad we made it to our first Michael Buble concert, what an awesome show! What a lovely bear he is! #scruff #singingbear #bluesuit #michaelbublé #michaelbublefan #staplecenter

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hans_and_bart. We got a pool pet (a sea lion I think)from Costco, we named her “Versa

We got a pool pet (a sea lion I think)from Costco, we named her “Versace” to compliment our friends’ cat who was named “Gucci”. #versace #gucci

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Back in the desert #palmsprings #desertlife #snow #clouds

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Hollywood people ...

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My favorite building in Hollywood - the Emerson College

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Just sold! Cutest pool house in Monrovia with beautiful fruit trees so handy for making drinks #swimmingpoollibrary

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snow capped mountain in 103 degree weather

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hans_and_bart. Long Beach.

Long Beach.

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Desert plants can be quite dramatic sometimes #cactus

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I spent the past 3 weeks in China by my father’s bedside - he was diagnosed with cancer and had his stomach removed. The operation went smoothly and he had been recovering really well considering his many other health conditions. During my stay, two old friends of mine flew in to the city and spent two days with me, allowing me to take a break from the hospital and to remind myself that life is bigger. Here are some pictures I took of the city Fuzhou in southern China. Not a famous tourist destination but it has some nice corners. #fuzhou #china

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So happy to be back to my wonderful husband. Home is wherever he is. #homesweethome #welcomeback #gayfamily #husbandandhusband #desertlife #palmsprings #deserthotsprings

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Hozier concert canceled due to strong wind. It’s not meant for us to see him tonight - there’s always next time. I have a feeling that he’ll make it to Hollywood Bowl soon #hozier #hollywoodforevercemetery #losangeles

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Can’t afford an apartment in LA? Buy a pool house in the desert and let it pay for itself on Airbnb. #secret #desertparadise #losangeles #gaylosangelea #gaypalmsprings #gayrealestate #gayrealtor #gayinvestors #gayinvestor

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