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🔥This beautiful 1920s bungalow is #sold !!! After just 4 days on the market and multiple offers, we were able to find some new neighbors. . 🚨 Finding the right home, and having a great experience depends a lot on who you work with, and how they help you on your journey. Working with an experienced agent that understands the market, the trends and the homes is vital to you having an outstanding experience. . 👋Are you looking to buy or sell your home? Let’s talk, we deliver results and high levels. Give me a call and we’ll talk about how we can best help you!

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🔥Tampa Heights is moving in shaking!! There are three houses on this street that are currently being flipped! If you’re looking in TH then make sure you work with someone that knows the area, understands the market, and has an in-depth knowledge of neighborhood development (me :)) . 🏠I personally have sold 3 homes on this street, all historic 1920’s homes. 2 were my listings. The properties I listed were sold in multiple offer scenarios, that far exceeded the list price, and created outstanding scenarios for the clients I represent. If you’re looking to list your home, make sure you use an agent that gives you a competitive edge, and understands market forces, and how these forces drive competitive bidding scenarios (hi, it’s me again :))! . 🙋🏻‍♂️As a decade long resident of Tampa Heights, a community servant, and neighbor, I love making new friends and neighbors, in my neighborhood. Like Mr. Rogers said, “Won’t you please be my neighbor!”

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🔥I had the pleasure of showing this beautiful mid century masterpiece today, and it was delightful! . 🏠1014 sqft 2/1 on a 14k sqft lot. Beautifully restored terrazzo flooring, incredible kitchen with a Long Island to keep guests entertained the night through. The bathroom has been updated but retains all of the mid centruy charm you’re swooning over! . 🚨Minutes away from @jugandbottledept and all the other Heights spots you love to frequent this is a match made in heaven. . 📱Sound like a win? Call me!! . Listing courtesy Veronica Wages.

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This is Barry he’s a true champion of the bay, and a great friend!

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❤️Don’t go chasing waterfalls, or do! This home is everything you’d ever want in a sleek modern designed home! . 🏠 3/2 with a garage, incredible fenced in yard, and a kitchen to die for (kitchen aid appliances baby) especially when you see the waterfall counter tops! Bathrooms are immaculately finished with niches and incredible tile work. Tile through out the home, equals low maintenance for you! A bar are with a wine fridge will keep the entertainer in you busy! A mud room is set up off the garage to give you space to get the dirty work done! . Minutes from Nebraska Mini Mart, Southern Brewing, Independent Bar, Ella’s and all the Heights faves this is not to be slept on!!!

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This Friday join us for free food and drinks between 7-9 at @novacancystpete if you’ve done business with us this year, we want to see you there, let us take care of your night out! If you haven’t done business with us, swing through, we still want to meet you :)

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#monsteramonday for all my #plantpeople ! This new leaf just shot up over the weekend. Love seeing this guy grow!!!

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👩🏻‍💻If you’ve been looking at homes in Tampa’s urban core then you’ve probably seen your fair share of renovations. The quality can vary drastically based on the investors level of experience with flipping homes and renovations. These investors take extra time and care to leave no detail out of their designs. . 🏠3/2 in Riverside Heights on a huge corner lot, this home comes with an enormous garage and a beautifully renovated living space. The interior has a custom constructed polar hood and counter top. The master bathroom is incredible with a custom vanity made specifically for this home. Huge beautifully executed accent walls adorn both the dining and living room adding just the right amount of character. . 👍🏻Riverside Heights gives you the ease of accessibility and proximity while providing a quiet more suburban feel in a city neighborhood. . 🔥Sound like a win? Call us and we can help you find your home.

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#tampaheights has been my home now for the past ten years. Now I can never picture myself living in another neighborhood in Tampa! . ❤️Throughout my time I have served on the Civic Association board for the past 4 years, going in to my fifth. Nothing has brought me greater pleasure than having been able to serve my community. . 🤘🏻I love our diversity, our broad shoulders, our activism, our support of the arts, our small businesses, our history, our people! . 👍🏻If you think this sounds like a place you want to be, I recommend Tampa Heights. You’ll love where you live.

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#tbt to #Osaka this was my last day in Japan back in March. I wasn’t fully ready to leave, but I didn’t want to stay. The food, the beauty, the ease of commute were all clinging on to me, asking me to stay. At the same time, I was ready to come home; basically a whirlwind of life brings unexpected things your way, and you deal with them no matter where you are geographically. I had already escaped, but could not escape the clutches of circumstance, no matter how far I travelled. This was the beginning, beginning of an end; I probably should have seen coming, but staved off the reality of the truth until it could no longer be denied it’s place within my realm. This picture embodies where I was at completely. I feel that outward display of emotion in Japan is something that is not too acceptable. I was never so happy to own a pair of sunglasses on a rainy day. Your eyes give you away, sunglasses were my shield, my protectors in a foreign place where I needed to try to maintain composure while watching my sand castle melt into the sea. This photo has been proceeded by so much else that has caused me to stumble, assess, evaluate, fail, fail again, reevaluate, struggle, cry, laugh, be angry: be on a roller coaster that seems to be on a loop with only the highest and lowest points, but I just want to be on the track where you’re coasting in to home stretch, waiting for the gate attendant to let you off the ride. I’m here almost 4 months later, wading through pools of self-doubt and failure, trying to make sense of things. I’m not sure I’ve gained any clarity quite yet, those glasses still come in handy. Overall my posts are pretty positive, and I generally try to maintain that veneer on my social media, but it’s also important to recognize it’s not always rainbows and sunshine. I’m not going to lie it’s been a tough few months. If you’re struggling with life, find someone to talk to, if you know someone who is struggling, talk to them. Let them know you’re there, and they can lean on you for a listening ear. I am super thankful for all of my family and friends, that have been there to help me out when I felt that emotional hole was too deep; they threw me a rope.

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🔥Holy historic hotness Batman!! Going live next week in Tampa Heights! A beautifully restored and immaculately maintained bungalow! . 🏠 3/2 | 1800 sqft plus | natural gas stove and grill hook up. . 📱Wired with cameras, and smart home devices! . 🔥Beautiful hardwood floors! Built-ins and original doors and casings. New windows. Huge rooms, with a separated floor plan for the master suite, complete with private access to the back yard. Impeccably landscaped yard. Open concept living space with incredible kitchen and island. . 🚨minutes away from downtown, Armature Works and accessible to the majority of the major transit corridors. Enjoy urban living at its finest in Tampa. Tampa Heights is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Tampa. Enjoy a home that exudes character and charm, while reaping the benefits of accessibility all urban life in Tampa has to offer. Sound interesting to you contact me on my bio.

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🌴Looking for your outdoor oasis? Look no further! We have this beautiful 3/2 in the Citrus Park area coming on the market soon! If you are looking for a home that screams entertaining guests, look no further. . 🏠3/2 at over 1900 square feet, this hole sports a beautifully remodeled kitchen, updated bathrooms and a separated master suite. Tons of living space, and a garage. . 👍🏻All major systems have been updated, and in outstanding condition. . 🔥Don’t miss your opportunity to own your own tropical paradise!!

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🏠 I don’t get to se this style of home often so when I do, I’m always interested to see how they treated the interior flow of the house. . 😎 The space opened up into a huge living area with incredibly tall ceilings and tons of natural light. The kitchen had incredible butch block counter tops with an island, and additional living space. . 🛏Bedrooms were all upstairs all with ample space and incredibly unique finishes. The mater is sprawling! Huge bathroom with an incredible closet. A second story porch spans the front of the home giving you an outstanding view of the surrounding neighborhood. . 👍🏻Check out my story for more photos!

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🔥Walkability doesn’t get much better than this! This condo in Skypointe is right in the heart of downtown Tampa. . 🏠1/1 with a sweeping view of downtown, you’ll never get tired of morning coffee on the balcony. Beautiful, modern and sleek finishes, exposed concrete and huge windows make life that much more enjoyable. . 🤘🏻Skypointe has incredible amenities, club house with a theater, gym and pool, you’ll never have to search for somewhere else to go!

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🔥This #tampaheights beauty is beyond belief. An immaculately maintained 3/2 bungalow, at over 1800 sqft, it is perfect for someone that is looking for a spacious open living space. . 🏠Hardwood floors run throughout the home with an open kitchen that has incredible storage options and a pantry. For those of you that cook - a gas stove!! . 🛏 Large spacious bedrooms, two with walk-in closets. The master suite is separated from the guest quarters to give you the extra area of privacy when you have guests. . 🌴Gorgeous Front and back porches. The front porch stairs were recently updated to a Chicago style concrete stair case. The rear deck accessible by both the main house and the master open up to a beautifully landscaped back yard. Find your serenity now right in your own back yard.

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I picked up this beautiful little baby @fancyfreenursery I can’t wait to grow it out to a mature plant. I love the texture of the leaves and the dark rich green color. #piperparmatum

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This morning I put my daughter on a plane. Usually she just stays over the summer, but she’ll be staying for the school year this time. It’s been a long journey over the past year, to be completely honest gut wrenching. For the first time in almost 10 years she won’t be with me for the school year. Today I feel like I lost a small piece of myself. My house is empty now, except for my dog and my plants, it’s going to be a huge adjustment. I won’t see her for 5 months now. The days of getting up for school and grabbing breakfast at Armature Works or riding our bikes to school are over. I’m not really sure how I’m going to handle the whole thing, as a parent you just want to try to do what’s best for your children, even if it means a little pain for you and a learning experience for your child. It’s not even a little overwhelming, it’s a lot to try to parcel out, and figure out how I’m going to navigate my own life for the first time not having to be responsible for the daily care of someone you love so much. The past 3 months have been oppressively difficult, life has thrown some for real curve balls in my personal realm, but I just keep waking up and dealing with things the best as I can, given the circumstances.

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😎The subtle balance between keeping original architectural features and installing trending design finishes takes a very skilled and talented team. I see tons of renovations every week, most are mediocre at best, so walking in to a home like this is a breath of fresh air. . 🏠The beautiful enclosed entry immediately gives way to and incredible open kitchen/living floor plan. The sleek modern kitchen has clean modern cabinets with an amazing contrast of white upper cabinets and cool grey lowers. . 🤘🏻Windows adorn every wall, a common feature of most bungalows allowing natural light to pour in to the space. . 🔥The master bedroom is huge, with an incredible cleanly designed master bath. . 🎁As common with most bungalows, storage is a necessity! This bungalow has the perfect shed, the investor took the extra time to replace the exterior siding with hardee cape cod shingles. It’s the perfect gardening space, or office, if you put AC inside. . 🚨Last but not least: it’s located in Hampton Terrace! Not far from Lake Roberta, a short walk to Publix, and Hampton Station; it doesn’t get much better than this area! A quick drive to downtown and a few short minutes to 275. Tons or local bars and restaurants frequent.

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