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Drew Christian Bland, you make me THE happiest woman in the world. . Even after all of the long days, the sleepless night, the endless todo list, you still make loving me and serving the Lord your number one priority. . You never seize to amaze me. . You truly make me want to be a better woman every single day. . 309 days and counting until I can finally shout from the rooftops that I am yours forever #jennanddrewsayido . . . . . #dynamiclifestylesolutions #faithandfitness #couplegoals #midwestliving #apostolicadvocate #apostolicpentecostal #serialentrepreneur #hormonehealth #couplesphotoshoot #bridalshoot #holisticwellnesscoach #myhuman #dynamicduo #relationshiptips #selflovewarrior #toxicfreeliving #panaillinois #arbonnelife

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My body is my temple 🙏🏼 . I’ve worked so so hard for this moment. For this feeling.. this feeling of deep gratitude, grace, & accomplishment. . & the fact that I get to stand here in my very own gym, that my extremely hard working honey built day in and day out from the ground up is euphoric. Talk about surreal. . Years of hard work, dedication, education, and consistency (just to name a few).. have F I N A L L Y paid off, in so many ways. . But tbh.. I’ve felt like I haven’t been able to catch my breath since our trip to Vegas in September. Life literally has just not slowed down. . However, through all of the madness, I have shifted my energy to focus on the things I can control, my training has been sporadic, but my nutrition has remained consistent. . Why? How? Because it’s one out of the two things I CAN control on a daily basis. . No matter what the day holds, busy or relaxing, workout or not, traveling or at home.. I can always control my nutrition and my faith. . I refuse to allow any outside factors to take precedence over either of those things. . Treat your body like a temple, not a landfill. . Be more selective about what you put in it and who you expose to it. Focus more on nourishing your body with nutrient dense foods and consuming less of this superficial world. . I promise, you’ll be surprised at how much your body starts working for you, instead of against you. . GOD IS SO GOOD! He was faithful then and He is still oh so faithful NOW! I can’t tell you how many times I have prayed for this. He has always given me what I needed. Maybe not always what I wanted, but always what I needed. . . . . . #dynamiclifestylesolutions #thezonepana #midwestliving #hormonehealth #toxicfreeliving #holisticwellnesscoach #faithandfitness #christianbossbabe #tampablogger #stlouisblogger #arbonne #arbonnelife #iifymwomen #womenswellness #periodprotocol #lifestyledetox

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Just 8 short weeks ago, I was moving across country to a town that only has 1500 more people than the high school I graduated from. - And to be honest, I knew what I was getting myself into... no Target to shop at, no coffee house to work out of, no “state of the art” gym facility to train in .. but I wasn’t worried. - I could feel it in my soul, that God had something planned bigger than I could imagine. - Little did I know, it would not only be a gym we were moving here for, but a coffee shop too. - After sharing my vision with a close gal friend and family member, she not only enlightened me that she had been praying about something like this, but offered to take me over to a spot she had her eye on. - Less than a week after meeting with the owner of the building, we received a message from another business owner in town, who had caught wind of our idea and offered to supply the staff for the coffee house with her already trained & state certified, special needs students. - Some say it’s too good to be true, some have asked how.. the only answer I have and will continue to give is all the glory to God. - Aside from my 2 other amazing partners, my better half @drew_christian_ , family and friends.. I couldn’t have done this alone. - I saw a need for not only a coffee shop that was comfortable to work, hang, and rejoice from, but a community that was thirsty for hope, change, and unity.. and with that @brewinhopecoffeehouse was born☕️ - Who would have thought.. 6 months after giving up coffee, I’d be opening a coffee shop!? LOL! - I sure do love our locally roasted and ground decaf blend the decompresso , as well as our organic hot teas! - I could sit here and write for hours on how full my heart is, but it’s time to go bake another 7 dozen pastries for small business Saturday tomorrow! - Thank you to everyone for all of the love and support today! I am so grateful🙏🏼❤️ - How good and pleasant it is when Gods people live in unity. Psalm 133:1✨ - - - - #brewinhopecoffeehouse #brewinhope #panaillinois #midwestliving #specialneedsministry #serialentrepreneur #christianbossbabe #apostolicadvocate #stlouisblogger #nashvilleblogger #tampablogger #coffeeshop

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These eyes may be sleepy, but this heart sure is FULL!❤️✨ - If I had a dollar for every time someone has said this week “you have so much on your plate, I don’t know how you do it” I’d probably have a nice fat chunk of change😂 - After reflecting back on a conversation with a client last week, I couldn’t help but to think about how sad I felt. I’ve recently realize the majority of Americans are living such an empty life😔 - Which is why we turn to social media to seek validation, acceptance, and praise. - If you haven’t heard the news, @instagram is doing away with “likes” and has already started it in multiple countries... and to be honest, I could not be HAPPIER about it! - It’s about time this happened. Social media has created this fictitious highlight reel of a fantasy world, causing humans to believe they HAVE to become, look, do, and live a certain way to reach a social status / look and it is MIND BLOWING 🤯 - As a holistic wellness coach, taking mind, body, and soul into consideration with every client we coach, talk about having to constantly play damage control😣 - My hope with this new change, is that it brings more unity and transparency. - That more people are open to showing up authentically, instead of posting what’s going to get more “likes” and “followers”. - Our time on this earth is very short friends, don’t wait until tomorrow to make a change. Because at the end of the day, no one knows if tomorrow will even be promised. - - - - - #dynamiclifestylesolutions #apostolicadvocate #selflovewarrior #hormonehealth #lifestyledetox #toxicfreeliving #iifymwomen #serialentrepreneur #tedxtalk #tampablogger #stlouisblogger #midwestliving #arbonnelife #upci #apostolicpentecostal #christianbossbabe

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It’s a beautiful thing when you feel so secure in His love & confident in who you were meant to be.. suddenly, everywhere I turn looks rose gold💫 - - - - - #dynamiclifestylesolutions #shegrows #serialentrepreneur #hormonehealth #iifymwomen #holisticliving #lifestyledetox #arbonnelife #arbonnebabe #toxicfreeliving #selfloveadvocate #holisticwellnesscoach #tampabusiness #tampa #hydeparkhealthy #tampablogger #stlouisblogger

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Glow through, what you GO through!🌿 - Life.. it tends to get the best of us everyday, in many different ways. - Maybe it’s your super busy schedule, zero time for self, or lack of money financially to invest in x, y, or z... - Whichever it is, I promise none of those “things” have to hold you back from becoming the absolute BEST version of yourself. - Our goal at @dynamiclifestylesolutions is to provide a resource for every health and wellness need to every budget, big or small. - After 10 incredible months of research and case studies, I am so excited to announce that I will be launching a FREE lifestyle detox and period protocol program January 2020! - If you struggle with any of the following below, than this program is for you! - Comment 🙋🏼‍♀️ below and I will send you a message with more details! - • IBS • Acne • Hair Loss • Anxiety • Mood Swings • Heartburn / Acid Reflux • Irregular, Frequent, or Absent Periods • Weight Gain / Difficulty Losing Weight - Ladies, you are NOT alone. I was once in your shoes not too long ago. - We all go through hormonal imbalances and digestion issues. But I PROMISE, you don’t have to settle for feeling that way forever. - Through a few product swaps, all natural supplements, and a little education... you’d be amazed at what you’re body can start doing FOR you, instead of against you✨ - - - - - #dynamiclifestylesolutions #lifestyledetox #periodprotocol #hormonehealth #toxinfreeliving #holisticwellnesscoach #holisticlifestyle #iifymwomen #tampabossbabe #tampablogger #stlouisblogger #tampabusiness

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I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t enjoying this new wardrobe opportunity 🙋🏼‍♀️ - Not to mention these amazing new @justfabonline boots 🥾 I’m obsessed!🤩 - For $10 a month I can get a new pair of winter boots every MONTH! Like what... and the quality is amazing! - I totally thought they were going to be cheap and/or hurt my feet, but they’re seriously off the chain and I’ve been wearing them everyday for the last week!🥳 - Ladies, what are some of your favorite winter apparel go to’s?! - Comment below and let me know!👇🏼 I need all the tips I can get! - - - - - #justfabpartner #dynamiclifestylesolutions #justfab #jessiejamesdecker #midwestliving #winterootd #stlouisblogger #tampablogger #panaillinois #nashvilleblogger #tampbusiness #holisticliving #iifymwomen #holisticwellnesscoach #hormonehealth #upci #apostolicadvocate #apostolicpentecostal #apostolicfashion #pentecostalfashion #pentecostalwomen #apostolicblogger

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My amazing gal friend @kt__lyn tagged me in her most recent post to share 11 random fun facts about myself, which is perfect because this past weekend I have seen soooo many new faces on my page!🙋🏼‍♀️ - ☕️ As of November 2019, I have now started my 5th business and my very first non-profit! - 💪🏼 My amazing fiancé and better half is @drew_christian 🥰 I thank God everyday for his sweet and patient soul. - ➕ One year ago, I was baptized in Jesus name and forgiven for 27 years worth of sin! It has truly changed my life for the better! Hallelujah!🙌🏼 - 🌱 I am heavily passionate for living a toxin free, go green, organic life! - 🏆 I used to compete in bikini / bodybuilding competitions. It was a great experience, but thank you Jesus for food freedom and finding my self worth OFF the stage! - 🌽 I just moved from sunny Tampa, Florida to snowy Pana, Illinois! Truthfully? I’m enjoying the change! - 📊 Over the last 7 years I have helped over 500 individuals lose weight, gain lean muscle, heal their hormone imbalances, come off their antidepressants, correct their digestive system, and find a love for living a healthy lifestyle! - 👶🏼 On top of being a serial entrepreneur, I have also been a nanny for almost 9 years! - 🗣 I officially had my 3rd speaking engagement this past weekend and I can finally say I LOVE PUBLIC SPEAKING now! - 🚫I don’t wear ANY makeup except an all natural toxin free mascara made from black tea! - 📈 In between running multiple companies, I am also a freelance social media strategist and branding manager. I love social media and all that is has to offer; from making friendships to money, it truly is a blessing to live in this era! - Your turn! I have tagged 11 lucky ladies to join me on sharing 11 fun facts about themself today!🤩 What’s a “social” media platform without introducing yourself and being social?! - - - #dynamiclifestylesolutions #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #healtheducator #serialentrepreneur #tampabossbabe #stlouisbossbabe #tampablogger #stlouisblogger #midwestliving #hormonehealth #iifymwomen #holisticwellnesscoach #toxinfreeliving #christianbossbabe #apostolicadvocate

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As I sat on the plane yesterday, thousands of feet above reality, reflecting back on this past weekend, i couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming amount of emotion driving me to tears. - From day 1, speaking on personal branding to day 2 speaking on self love and the importance of a self care routine, I’m just moved beyond belief. - I’ve been scared to death of public speaking for years, to the point where I practically make myself sick prior to doing it. - It wasn’t until 10 minutes before I went on.. that something so magical and so peaceful overcame me. - It just clicked inside me and the nerves just faded away. - How did I do it you ask? An immense amount of prayer and @drew_christian_ & @jess.stad coaching me through the 48 hours prior. - They both literally said, “Jenna, it’s not a speech, it’s just talking about WHAT YOU’RE GOOD AT!” - Hello!? Why didn’t I think of that?! - I am confident in my education, my successes, and the person I have become.. what is there to be scared of? - Not a single thing. - If there’s one thing I can encourage you to do this month it’s to challenge you to get outside your comfort zone. - Take a risk. Make a change. Do something new that scares the daylights out is you. Start that business. Quit your job. Join the gym. Sign up for a 5k. Ask for help. - We are all in this together and I can promise you, the greatest achievements I’ve ever accomplished have come from trying something I was nervous as heck to do! - - - - - #dynamiclifestylesolutions #serialentrepreneur #tampabusiness #igniteandempower #tampabossbabe #hydeparkhealthy #southtampa #stlouisbusiness #apostolicpentecostal #apostolicadvocate #pentecostalfashion #healtheducator #iifymwomen #hormonehealth #holisticliving #fearlesswomen #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #femaleentrepreneur

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Words can’t even begin to describe how much value this woman brings to my life and I’ve only “known her” for 3 months. - Everyone needs a @jessica.stad in their life✨ AKA that one friend that believes in you so so much they will do anything to prove it to you.. including asking you to speak 2 DAYS IN A ROW... at their mastermind retreat 😭 (which was asked prior to the friendship, the friendship was just the icing on the cake!) - I have so much more to say and post about this weekend, but I truly have nothing left in the tank to give tonight because I left it all back at the Airbnb we hosted the event at! - Thank you from the bottom of my heart to each and every one of you amazing ladies who made this weekend, life changing. - - - - - #igniteandempower #dynamiclifestylesolutions #publicspeaker #healtheducator #serialentrepreneur #bossbabe #tampabossbabe #stlouisbusiness #tampablogger #iifymwomen #womensmastermind #selfcareadvocate #holisticliving #hormonehealth #holisticwellnesscoach

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Feeling uber blessed today!🤩 - Client check in day, finalizing my speeches for this weekend at @jessica.stad Ignite & Empower Women’s Mastermind Retreat, coffee tasting @joesippers this evening, & packing tonight!👏🏼 - Unplugging for the day to make sure I get ALL THE ABOVE DONE!✅ - I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me✨ - See you tomorrow TAMPA!✈️ - - - - - #dynamiclifestylesolutions #serialentrepreneur #womensmastermind #tedxtalks #bossbabe #christianbossbabe #tampabossbabe #southtampa #holisitchealth #healtheducator #apostolicadvocate #midwestliving #iifymwomen #iam1stphorm #1stphorm

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Meet my new ministry † - Who knew when we got the email about moving to the Midwest to open a gym @thezonepana .. a coffee house and 2 amazing new friendships was going to come with it. - Brewin’ Hope Coffee House.. The coffee house will be staffed with the special needs community and accompanied by their job coaches. - We have also partnered with a local brewing company @joesippers and are excited to bring our own signature coffee blend that will be ground right here in central, Illinois. - We offer FREE Wi-Fi and will be open on Fridays and Saturdays from 8am-2pm. We hope to expand those hours in the future. - Our mission is to bring unity within the community by creating an atmosphere of spirituality and hospitality. - We believe that all individuals have a unique purpose in life and are valuable members of our society and community. - As we begin our journey, our coffee house will be donation based only. - You can support @brewinhopecoffeehouse by: Praying, Attending the Soft Opening or by making a donation. - With every cup of coffee served, a little hope is brewed. - - - - - #brewinhopecoffeehouse #specialneedsministry #ableministry #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #healtheducator #apostolicadvocate #holisticliving #panail #stlouisbusiness #tampabusiness #christianbossbabe #coffeeshops #midwestliving

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Life’s short.. and I refuse to live with any regrets. - And did you know that the majority of the time when a person “regrets” something it’s due to fear; fear of being judged, fear of being seen, fear of being heard, fear of being different. - As some of you may have seen on my stories this past weekend, my entire weekend was filled with serving and worshiping the Lord... Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday night, and yep you got it, Sunday morning too. - I’m by no means saying any of this to “brag”... but to actually be transparent with my feelings prior to this picture taking place Sunday morning. - Rewind back to Friday afternoon.. where I was ferociously trying to work as fast and as diligently as possible, because I knew I was going to be “unplugging” for the next 48+ hours. - During this time, I started feeling anxious, agitated, annoyed, and overwhelmed with the fact that I “overcommitted” myself this weekend & was going to be “away” from work. - Little did I know there was so much benefit to taking this much needed time off. - It can be so hard to stop, drop, slow down, and unplug at times, but I can’t even begin to describe how WORTH it it truly was. - My cup is now OVERFLOWING with peace, certainty, direction, faith, confidence, love, and joy. - Like the fact that I thought I had so many more important things “to do” this weekend, than to give my undivided attention to The Lord, for ONE WEEKEND.. just blows my mind. - No I’m not mad or disappointed at myself for feeling or thinking that way Friday... I’m human. - But I am praising God for stopping me dead in my tracks and reminding me what really matters! - Most of us don’t get what we want because we quit praying. We give up too easily. We give up too soon. We quit praying right before the miracle happens. - I encourage you to stop wishing and start praying. If you don’t take the risk, you forfeit the miracle. - - - - - #childofgod #apostolicpentecostal #apostolicadvocate #pentecostalfashion #dynamiclifestylesolutions #faithandfitness #christianbossbabe #jesusisking #tampabusiness #hydeparkhealthy #stlouisblogger #tampablogger #iifymwomen #healtheducator #prayerwarrior #panail #christtabernacle

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After a weekend away full of worshipping the Lord, there’s nothing more that I’d rather do.. than spend my Sunday evening curled up next to you✨ - Jenna & Drew #FakeIDo #bridalshoot 👰🏼📸 - However! Stay tuned this week for some fun behind the scenes wedding planning on my story Wednesday! I will be checking out some venues! - Ahhhhh! I can’t believe I get to marry my best friend in 348 days! - 1 John 4:16: And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them. - - - - - #dynamiclifestylesolutions #weddingshoot #bridalmagazine #bridalglam #weddingphotography #bridalmodel #tampa #southtampa #tampablogger #styleblogger #tampabusiness #healtheducator #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #panail #holisticliving #lafashionweek #nycbridal

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Dear Body, - I’m so sorry for taken you for granted the first 27 years of my life. - I’ve talked down to you, pierced you, bruised you, neglected you, consumed too much of this, not enough of that, & times I’ve even called you fat. - It’s taken me 28.5 years to love myself whole heartedly & unconditionally, but by golly has it been worth every year and tear. - Because through it all, you’re still standing, you’re still loving me, and you’re still fighting to become the best you that I can mold you to be. - Ohhh and those little rolls hey, hi, hello, I see you 👋🏼 & oh how I love and adore you too. - Why? Because you’re apart of me and I was beautifully and wonderfully made in His image. - For that I will forever praise Him and strive to be a little better each and everyday. - Our bodies are our temples, not our idols - we only get ONE body. ONE life. - Tip: Instead of spending all day thinking about how we are seen by the physical eyes, we should begin praying to be remembered by our hearts. - I know life can get busy, but as cliche as it may sound.. don’t forget to stop and slow down and remember what really matters in life.. your health and your happiness✨ - - - - - #dynamiclifestylesolutions #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #holisticliving #holisticwellnesscoach #hormonehealth #iifymwomen #midwestliving #tampablogger #stlouisblogger #tampa #hydeparkhealthy #panail #tampabusiness #healtheducator #selfloveadvocate #faithandfitness #christianbossbabe

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The update you’ve all been waiting for... I can’t handle the cold 🥶😖 - Click the link in my bio to check out my new vlog on how things are going here in Illinois!🎥🌨💨 - - - - - #dynamiclifestylesolutions #lifeupdate #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #tampa #southtampa #hydeparkhealthy #tampablogger #panail #stlouisbusiness #tampabusiness #apostolicblogger #faithandfitness #holisticwellnesscoach #hormonehealth #healtheducator #holisticliving

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Just here to drop a friendly reminder to be thankful for where you’re at right now in this very moment 🙃 - If you’re reading this, you are alive & for that you are blessed!🙏🏼 - 3 days off from the gym, it felt so good to get a back workout in! - Physique Update ✨Stats: 5’4 | 125 | 18% BF - ✨Eating 70/20/10 👉🏼 70% plant based 20% organic chicken, turkey, or fish. 10% life “fun” and/or meals that are out of my control 👌🏼Focusing on micro nutrients more than macros and fueling my body with good whole nutrient dense foods. 👉🏼Dairy, gluten, and soy free🚫 3/4 to a gallon of water a day!💦 - ✨Training: 3-4 days a mixture between weight lifting & EPOC 🔥 The only cardio I’m currently doing is done during EPOC classes. - ✨Supplements: @1stphorm Opti Greens, Digestive Enzymes, GI Advantage, Liver Detox, Probiotic, Micro Factor, (Protein) Vegan Power Pro, & (Pre workout) AlphaCreHD + @drjolenebrighten Balance, Ashwagandha - ✨Lifestyle: Sleep 💤 5-7 hours a night, yoga / stretching 2x a week, MINIMAL cramps & pms symptoms this cycle, daily prayer and devotional. - I’m by no means posting any of these things because this is what you need to do in order to look like me or see results. - I’m posting this to show you the consistent effort it takes daily to develop a well rounded wellness routine. - Lost, confused, overwhelmed or just don’t know where to start?... Message me! Let’s chat! - I’m MORE than happy to help figure out the steps to creating your ultimate wellness routine and becoming the best you that you can be! - - - - - #dynamiclifestylesolutions #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #healtheducator #holisticwellnesscoach #hydeparkhealthy #tampa #tampablogger #panail #thezonepana #midwestliving #stlouisblogger #tampabusiness #iifymwomen #tampabossbabe #physiqueupdate #faithandfitness

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If you would have asked me 365 days ago “Could I see myself living in the Midwest?”.... - My answer would have been, no 🤫 - But to be honest, God has been doing some serious work on this soul!🙋🏼‍♀️ - I’m far from the woman I was a year ago and I can’t wait to see the woman I am a year from today. - PEOPLE! Accepting that you’re not “perfect” is okay! We are all flawed, cracked, tainted, imperfect, heck.. beautifully broken. - I use to be ... overweight, emotional, anxious, ”rude” because it was cool to be “snobby”, loud, judgmental, gosh, I even cursed a lot.. like A LOT. - But I can promise you, I’m not a single one of those things TODAY. - Why?! Because I WANTED to change. So I put in the effort to become the person I knew I wanted to be. - Change.. it’s not easy. It just starts with believing you can and telling yourself that YOU WILL. - Im far from where I know God is wanting me to be, but I am openly receptive to becoming the best me that I can be along the way. - If you’re not on FIRE FOR LIFE... take a second to sit down and reflect on things. - I promise, we were all put on this earth for a purpose... to achieve something great. Just remember, it starts with you believing it🦋✨ - - - - - #dynamiclifestylesolutions #iam1stphorm #holisticwellnesscoach #healtheducator #apostoliclife #pentecostalfashion #apostolicfashion #tampablogger #apostolicadvocate #tampabusiness #stlouisblogger #midwestliving #panail #hormonebalance #iifymwomen #selflovemovement

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Client | Friend | Sister - SWIPE TO CHECK OUT SOME INCREDIBLE PROGRESS!💪🏼🔥 - @_jaydenykole woke up at 3:00 🕒 this morning and drove 3 hours JUST to be at our bootcamp this morning😭 I seriously have no words, but thank you. - Jayde, we are so unbelievably proud of you. The progress you have made not only with us, but on your own, is second to none!😩 - I can honestly say I’ve never met another 24 year old woman with so much heart, dedication, drive, & LOVE in their hearts. You are on fire for life girl and I am just so so over the moon for you! - 2019 has been one heck of a year for you lady, not just physically, but mentally, nutritionally, & spiritually. Heck, you even just landed a new promotion, as a CHARGE NURSE... at 24... YOU GO GIRL! - A huge thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who came out for a super chiillllyyish-freezing workout this morning!🥶 - Let’s just say I’m reaaaally going to be looking forward to the new WARM gym next month!😂 - - - - - #dynamiclifestylesolutions #thezonepana #groupfitness #outdoorbootcamp #epocworkout #healtheducator #panail #stlouis #tampabusiness #tampablogger #hydeparkhealthy #transphormation #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #iifymwomen

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One thing I am excited about since moving, is making more time to slow down and READ more🤓📚 - I was never much of a reader growing up, heck .. who am I kidding, I wasn’t a reader at all 😂 - But recently, I’ve really been enjoying it! - I’m currently reading 👇🏼 • LIVE FEARLESS by @legitsadierob (a call to power, passion, & purpose) • The Circle Maker by @markbatterson - Two completely different books, but both written by hearts that love and live to serve the Lord and are absolutely amaaazzing! - Live Fearless is currently my “bathroom book” and The Circle Maker is @drew_christian_ and I’s morning devotional! What to the what?! Knocking two books out at the same time! - Comment below your favorite book!👇🏼👇🏼 - I would love some recommendations of good books (business, personal development, or faith based) to add to my list when I finish these! - - - - - #dynamiclifestylesolutions #apostolicblogger #holisticliving #minimalisticstyle #holisticwellnesscoach #healtheducator #bookrecommendations #tampablogger #hydeparkhealthy #oxfordexchange #pentecostalfashion #faithandfitness #christianbossbabe #stlouisbusiness #tampabusiness

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There can’t be growth in a state of comfort. We have to have faith to step out into the uncomfortable💫 #repeat - I don’t know about y’all, but I am feeling & digging this MAJOR shift in life.. like don’t get me wrong, it is UNCOMFORTABLE, but it is happening ready or not! - Moving, heartaches, job changes, deaths, eating disorders, adulatory, life altering health issues, just to name a few of the things my clients are going through on a daily basis. - I am no doctor, therapist, psychologist, or nutritionist, but I am a health educator, coach, and friend to every single one of them. - How do I do it you ask? To be honest.. my job is effortless. I am so passionate about helping others and wanting to make a difference in this world, I feel so privileged people pay me to do this for a “living”. - I don’t say this because it’s by any means been easy to get here, but to hopefully encourage someone to do what you’re passionate about. - Every challenging step life has brought me lead me to this.. lead me to you. - Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding - Proverbs 3:5 🦋 - - - - - #dynamiclifestylesolutions #iam1stphorm #holistichealthcoach #tampabossbabe #tampa #southtampa #hydeparkhealthy #tampabusiness #stlouisbusiness #panail #lifecoachforwomen #iifymwomen #serialentrepreneur #faithandfitness #christianbossbabe #christianspeaker #apostoliclife #apostolicfashion #apostolicadvocate #pentecostalfashion

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365 days until we say I do 💍😭 Save the date🍂📆 👉🏼 10/10/2020✨ - In case you haven’t heard, we were asked to be models in a bridal shoot days prior to our big move. - And I mean come on, what girl doesn’t want to have two sets of amazing magical photos from this moment in her life?!😭 - Drew Christian, you are the sweetest, kindest, most loving, God fearing man I have ever met in my entire life. It’s no wonder all of my girlfriends want to clone you. - You have helped make this move so effortless, easy, and peaceful and I can’t thank you enough for that. - Loving you is truly the definition of home is where you’re heart is. - You are forever my everything and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us. - Click the link in my bio to check out our wedding website!☝🏼 - We will be having an OPEN ceremony and reception for family, friends, clients, church friends, & neighbors.. anyone and everyone is welcome! - However, the only thing that we ask is that you RSVP through our website ahead of time! So if you want to attend, please COME, we’d love to have you!❤️ - We will also being have a private dinner for immediate family / friends later in the evening. - Thank you to everyone for all of the amazing support, messages, phone calls, and gifts through the engagement and move! I seriously feel like I am STILL on cloud 9!✨ #jennanddrewsayido - Photographers 📸 @reverycompany Dress 👗 @thewhiteclosetbridal Event Planner 📝 @eventswithbrianna Location 🗺 @theedisonbarn - - - - #dynamiclifestylesolutions #bridalshoot #bridalmagazine #bridalphotoshoot #theedisonbarn #theapostolicwife #apostoliclife #faithandfitness #shesaidyes #engagementshoot #tampabusiness #tampablogger #stlouisbusiness #iam1stphorm #apostoliccouple #couplegoals #relationshipgoals #serialentrepreneurs #panail #reverycompany #reverycollection

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Bob: Jenna, I need some advice.. Sally came to me and said she’s eating 1200 calories, burning 600 calories, only eating 5 grams of carbs a day, and still isn’t losing weight. - Me: Excuse me.. she said she’s only eating how many carbs a day? - Bob: 5 grams... - I seriously wanted to FALL OVER and run after the lady who’s mouth this came from. - I don’t care what magazine article, Facebook post, TV commercial, or Instagram account says that’s OKAY to do because it’s a new “diet” it’s absolutely NOT okay. - AND if you’re not losing weight while doing it, what in the world are you doing STILL trying it. Any “weight loss” protocol for that matter. No one should ever feel like they have to live on a diet to lose weight or to live a healthier lifestyle. - I personally eat around 150-175 carbs a day and have female clients who are eating in the upward 200 carbs a day. (A few male clients up and over 500g/day) - 5 grams of carbs.. so you’re telling me you’re not going to eat fruit? Or vegetables? Guys come on, if something sounds crazy.. it probably IS crazy. - Our bodies NEED carbohydrates in order to function. Carbs provide our body energy. Fruits, grains, and vegetables are essential to the foundation of a healthy diet. - I can’t ever imagine eliminating FRUIT in order to “lose weight” let alone only have 5 carbs a day. - I’m so sad in my heart that information like this is even being put out. Let alone consumed by a 60+ year old women who didn’t even need to “lose weight”. - Everyone deserves to learn the basic fundamentals of nutrition. It’s no secret, but it is science! - If you want to learn how to lose weight or how to life a healthier lifestyle for LIFE.. I’m yo’girl!🙋🏼‍♀️ - - - - - #dynamiclifestylesolutions #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #healtheducator #iifymwomen #iifymcoach #holisticwellnesscoach #hormonehealth #womenshealthcoach #apostolicblogger #tampablogger #tampabusiness #flexibledietinglifestyle

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Hi hi from Pana, Illinois!🍂👋🏼 - Good gosh we have only been here 48 hours and my heart is just overflowing with joy! - From neighborhood gifts, to hand me down kitchen tables, wedding planning, and unpacking I couldn’t be happier with our decision to move here! - Not to mention, the second day here and we’re already getting down to business with our new gym! We are beyond excited for the new repairs and renovations to come! Stay tuned for more behind the scenes on my story for that! - I seriously feel my eyes filling up with tears as I write this. I’m just so so grateful and besides 2 days last week of feeling anxious and nervous, this entire process has been so easy and peaceful. - I’ve never felt more at home and happy with our decision and direction in this season of life. - I prayed for this. We prayed for this. And I know some of you prayed for this. We’re all in this together. Drew and I live to serve and educate. - We are so humbled and moved at the warm hearts and open arms from the people of Pana, our Christ Tab friends and family, all of our local Dynamic clients, and soon to be Zone members! - I’m so excited to get settled and back to business! - - - - - #dynamiclifestylesolutions #thezonepana #panail #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #holisticliving #apostolicblogger #faithandfitness #tampablogger #hydeparkhealthy #holisticwellnesscoach #serialentrepreneur #christianbossbabe #tampabusiness #stlouisbusiness

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