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justinwcraig. #Repost @laviniajoneswright with @get_repost
On Friday our beloved

#Repost @laviniajoneswright with @get_repost ・・・ On Friday our beloved building burned down, kicking off one of the worst weeks of our lives. Justin and I are ok, Louisa is ok, and all of our neighbors made it out safely. So there is a lot to be thankful for. ❤️ But a lot was lost, including our home of nearly 10 years. we've spent most of the week rummaging through the wrecked apartment trying to salvage things (the musical instruments are ok, and Karl saved the vinyl, so there is a lot to be thankful for) and trying to find ways to feel normal with the help of amazing family and friends. ❤️ We have amazing family and friends. I never doubted that, but this experience has been a constant reminder that we are loved. We immediately had a place to stay, cars and people helping us lug around what stuff we could save, care packages, visits, phone calls, and messages. ❤️ It’s comforting to think about the memories we have of the Foxhole. The people who lived there, the backyard concerts, the dinner parties, the jam sessions and impromptu dance parties. The home haircuts. The albums that were made. The plans that were hatched. The Foxhole was a place of pure love. We all helped each other through a lot of life changes there. ❤️ That's what I'm most sad about, but also what gives me the most joy in this moment. We had a kind of New York real estate miracle. We took an apartment and made it a home. And we built a family inside it. ❤️ We're so grateful for the outpouring of support and generosity we've seen this week. It's easy to get buried in the day to day and forget how extremely loved you are and how when we are in our deepest hour of need, the community of people we have built around us is there to pick us up and dust us off and make us laugh and let us cry. ❤️ Everyone who knows me knows that I would rather do just about anything than ask for help. But I recognize that this time I need help. So I’m grateful that Justin’s sister set up a GoFundMe for us, which will help us get back on our feet. It’s also where we’ll post public updates. If you can, please share it. The link is in my bio. ❤️ We would also love any stories, photos and memories you can share with us.

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justinwcraig. Happy bday to my ❤️ @laviniajoneswright

Happy bday to my ❤️ @laviniajoneswright

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justinwcraig. #Repost @thejonesfamilyretroshow with @get_repost
he lineup for ou

#Repost @thejonesfamilyretroshow with @get_repost ・・・ he lineup for our LIVE SHOW 9/24 at @knittingfactorybk is OUT and it is OUT OF THIS WORLD! Hosted by THE ROLLING STONES* with sketch comedy by the OK MEATPLACE family band, a flaming hot spectacle from drag king MAXXX PLEASURE, a real-life New Years Rockin' Eve 1988!, puppetry from JENNY HANN, a cooking demo from Christopher Walken, a bourbon-soaked song by BRODRICK JONES, a lullaby from Tom Waits, and not to mention special guest FLEETWOOD MAC*. Plus The Jones Family Retro Show House Band will be bringing the hits all night long with special guest vocalists ASHLEY STRONGARM, GERMANS, and Matt Duncan as CUT-RAITT BONNIE! Also special surprise guests will be on hand and on film. Don't miss getting your pic in our Retro Show Photo Booth featuring wigs you've seen in our videos! And eye-catching sets and props by Molly Schneider! Tickets are on sale now! Link in bio.

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justinwcraig. Two Skszps at Wigstock 📸: @laviniajoneswright

Two Skszps at Wigstock 📸: @laviniajoneswright

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justinwcraig. Channeling my best @thenewmattduncan for today’s #Wigstock performance

Channeling my best @thenewmattduncan for today’s #Wigstock performance

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justinwcraig. 📷: @inlivingtechnicolor

📷: @inlivingtechnicolor

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justinwcraig. ❄️❄️❄️


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justinwcraig. Farewell, LA
📷: @lenarockerhall

Farewell, LA 📷: @lenarockerhall

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justinwcraig. Happy Halloween 🎃🎸

Happy Halloween 🎃🎸

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justinwcraig. Tech in SF

Tech in SF

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justinwcraig. Webster Hall

Webster Hall

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justinwcraig. Can I keep it, @alphaminus ???

Can I keep it, @alphaminus ???

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