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Choose people. Choose yourself. Choose to see the positive. Choose to connect. Choose to be kind and generous. Choose to speak up. Choose to understand. Choose to make a choice boldly even if it is scary and might be wrong. And, when all else fails, dance in the sunshine until a choice leaps out of you that you can no longer ignore. Then make it and dance on. {📷: @jasonmoodyphoto }

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These past two months have taught me so many lessons. Too many to count. Honestly universe, I’m exhausted from all the lesson learning. The number one lesson being, how you fill your space impacts everything in your life. REAL TALK, my old apartment was making me sick. It was making me tired and angry and devastated and weak. So it was time to let go and fight for my sense of self. I had to let go of so much in my old apartment. Stuff, sadness, baggage, self-doubt, hurt, and so many actual tangible items that represented all of it. Piles and piles of STUFF. I had surrounded myself with things that were trapping me in place. I needed to be in a space that had windows and light and no excuses for extra stuff. So we did it. We fought for our new space. Then we donated and sold and tossed and thanked and moved on. And now there is solace and simplicity. And — just in case —a roomba to clean up any crap that might start to pile up. {First 📷: @jasonmoodyphoto }

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CONGRATS for booking that show you have been working so hard for. You DID THAT! CONGRATS for finishing that book you’ve been reading. It’s hard to finish what you start. CONGRATS for getting out of bed this morning and showing up for yourself. CONGRATS for staying in bed this morning and for knowing when to take care of yourself. CONGRATS for getting the dream job. CONGRATS for having a dream. CONGRATS for saying yes, saying no, saying maybe sometime, and maybe never. CONGRATS on pushing through your negative self-talk and trying something new. CONGRATS on listening to that negative self-talk and learning something about yourself. CONGRATS on this life. You are a human and being human...is a lot of work. Here’s the deal: you are where you are today and exactly where you are deserves to be celebrated. No matter what. Don’t look left. Don’t look right. Stay in your lane and be proud of the people around you. You got this. •••• 📷: @findthelightphotography

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Things this summer has taught me: •Never underestimate the power of your words. They mean everything. •The quest for self-understanding and realization never stops unless you let it. •We learn more about ourselves the more we claim to be teaching others. •Teaching the art of communication is one thing. Practicing it, is another. We must keep in practice always. •Speaking up is never easy. Standing up is never easy. But when you know you have to, you won’t care about easy. •Being publicly vulnerable is exhausting work. But when you see its direct impact, it is beyond worth it. •We are all so anxious and rightfully so. We must support each other. •The next generation is full of such wonderful humans. I’m ready for them to teach me how to be a better person and artist.

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Hey you. You never know how your life is going to turn out. You never know how your goals might shift, or how the world might change you, or how time will warm your heart towards something new. But here is one thing I know for sure: you have permission to spend your days doing what YOU want to do without fear of letting someone down. Changing your mind does not mean leaving who you are behind. Trying something new, does not make you a quitter. Admitting you have multiple passions does not make you ‘less than’ in any way. You are allowed to grow and shift and BE without worrying that someone will think less of you. To thrive, you must first survive. Only when you admit what you need can you truly find your way to success, happiness, and personal best. 15 year old Kate never thought she would be living this version of a life. But damnit, I’m here and so happy I gave myself the freedom to learn, let go, grow + glow up. And with that permission, who knows what else this life will look like in the years to come. I love that I have no idea and no expectation! {📷: @findthelightphotography }

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Is there anything more thrilling than a blank canvas and the ability to start again? There are some very big changes coming my way in the next few months. And often I find when big changes come, I don’t take the time to appreciate the work it took to get there, or the fact that I was prepared for the opportunity, or the joy in making the changes my own. So this time, I’m taking it all in and celebrating. How do you celebrate big change? How do you take the time to remember how you got where you are today? {PS: I can’t wait to show you how this place looks when I finally get to decorate it!}

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Find the joy. Seek the second star to the right. Believe in what you can’t see. Ask why 1,000 times a day. Then, and only then, will you find the magic.

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Happy Anniversary. I am still in awe of your capability for love, growth, patience, and understanding. And I vow that for the rest of our partnership, I will do my best to match those qualities that I so cherish in you. I promise to love you AND like you for all of our days and to always say yes to whatever adventures lie ahead.

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You cannot please everyone. For the people in the back: YOU CANNOT PLEASE EVERYONE. {But pink pancakes at the @royal_hawaiian please most people!}

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A love letter to my body: My dearest body, thank you for everything. Thank you for letting me hate you for years at a time, but always sticking around for the apology. Thank you for allowing me to move through the paces of this life. Thank you for showing me grace in moments of weakness. Thank you for teaching me how to take up space and not let anyone tell me I’m not worthy of it. Thank you for my strong thighs. Really thank you for them. They allow me to lift really heavy things and I’m beyond grateful. Thank you for allowing me to nourish you and for teaching me how to nourish you better. Thank you for persevering during the really low points. Thank you for giving me the freedom to tell stories, create new worlds, explore this planet, and connect with other bodies. Thank you for our time together. It’s been the most challenging and rewarding relationship of my life. And I’m so so grateful. I love you. Just as you are. 🥐

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Good morning: You look great. You have a good head on your shoulders. I think you have a kind heart. Also, you seem pretty sweaty today and that's ok --- there is a heat advisory. We all smell a little. I'm glad you are here sweating through it all with me.

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The things you ask of others you must also demand of yourself.

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When in doubt, head to the ocean. Kick your legs in the salt water, watch the waves go past, and remember that there is so much out there beyond your life and all the baggage that comes with it.

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You are allowed to want to hear "thank you." You are allowed to want to hear applause. You are allowed to want recognition for the work you are doing. {It's the best.} However, if that is what you are doing it for...maybe reconsider? Because 9 times out of 10 you aren't going to hear it and hopefully the work was still worth it. If it isn't, take the time to find something else that gives you that recognition or makes you feel the way that applause does. You are worth it.

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Things I know for sure: - Even if it is hard to see all perspectives, you should try. It will always help you solidify your own. - You are allowed to have a public persona that is heightened. Just make sure it has a connected through-line to your actual truth. Otherwise, you will be seen through I guarantee it. And there is a difference between being seen and being seen through. - Choosing love really isn't that hard. It takes a whole lot more energy to be a jerk. - Coffee truly does make most things better in life. So do drinks with little umbrellas in them.

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Be appreciative. Be loudly appreciative. Be boldly appreciative. Because we are not guaranteed kindness, loyalty, or even existence. And those people who stick by us and stand up for us deserve to know they are loved. Do me a favor, tell someone they are seen and valued today and do it with purpose. I promise it will make this scary world a better place — even if only for a moment.

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If you were to ask someone in Hawaii, “What does aloha mean to you?” you may receive a variety of answers. Aloha is an essence of being: love, peace, compassion, and a mutual understanding of respect. Aloha means living in harmony with the people and land around you with mercy, sympathy, grace, and kindness. When greeting another person with aloha, there is mutual regard and affection. This extends with warmth in caring for the other with no obligation to receive anything in return. Today, share a bit of Aloha.

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Some days do not go according to plan. Some days, you do not feel like a fit. Some days, it is vital to take stock of what you have because every external force is trying to remind you of what you don’t have. But here’s the real friends — You are here. You matter. And the world spins madly on.

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