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kimberly_kaye. “Because modern society has almost completely eliminated trauma and vi

“Because modern society has almost completely eliminated trauma and violence from everyday life, anyone who does suffer those things is deemed to be extraordinarily unfortunate. This gives people access to sympathy and resources but also creates an identity of victimhood that can delay recovery.” - #SebastianJunger #bigfacts #manicpixiedreamgirl #witchery #witchesofig #traumahealing #unbind #ehlersdanlossyndrome #dysautonomia #fighton #chronicallychill (candid crosswalk portraiture by @julianne_markow_photography 🖤)

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kimberly_kaye. Unless you’ve been living off-grid in sustainable yurt you already kno

Unless you’ve been living off-grid in sustainable yurt you already know #matcha is a BOSS cancer killer, antioxidant, and brain protector. What’s less discussed are matcha’s gut-healing qualities. (As an #ehlersdanlossyndrome witch I’m aaaaaall about gut healing elixirs.) Some nerdyawesome factoids: 🍵 Catechins, those anti-inflammatory compounds abundant in matcha, have been shown to improve inflammation levels in patients with #IBD like Crohns and Colitis by mitigating swelling/tissue damage. 🍵 Matcha is #prebiotic, meaning it’s a high-end buffet for those expensive probiotics you’re popping in hopes they’ll repopulate your gut with targeted “good bacteria.” 🍵 As a cancer killer, it prevents cancers of the GI tract including the esophagus and stomach. 🍵 Diets rich in polyphenols, like the ones in blueberries and matcha, can improve gut flora diversity, supporting “good” bacteria like Bifidobacteria and #lactobacillus while starving out methanogens responsible for SIBO, Leaky Gut, and IBS. 🍵 E. Coli, the virulent gut bug which causes bladder infections and acute GI illness, hates the polyphenols in matcha. 🍵 By feeding “good” bacteria, insulting “bad,” and reducing systemic inflammation matcha can support gut health when consumed at the recommended 2-5 cups per day. I like to take gut supporting to the next level by throwing in a scoop or two of grassfed collagen, digestion soothing mint, and a spoonful or two of grassfed ghee because this belly loves buttery butyrate. My go-to morning latte at the moment: 🍵 Vanilla-Mint Matcha Latte: • 6-10 sexy whole peppermint leaves • 2 tsp. ceremonial grade matcha @matchakari • 8oz. almost boiling water • 3-4oz. guar-free coconut milk • 1 tsp. organic vanilla powder • 1 scoop grassfed collagen protein • 1-2 tsp. grassfed ghee • few drops peppermint extract • pinch of cardamom to taste • monkfruit or green stevia to taste 🍵 Throw all ingredients in the blender together. Blend on medium for 10 seconds, then turn it down to low for another 20 seconds. Pour into a matcha bowl or mug and #fighton. #matchagreentea #chronicallychill #witchyvibes (Photo by @julianne_markow_photography)

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This was the first [Narrator: and almost certainly last] time I ever got dominant position on the wall of Asgardian man flesh that is @diesel_hunkomania, so I’m really happy @julianne_markow was there to capture the moment as evidence. I’ll be pulling this up and gazing at it during the many long hours in the future I’m flat on my back with an adult giant mounted across my chest, laughing at me. #gratitudejournal #toosmall #jiujitsugirls #jiujiteiras #nolaliving #grapplers #ehlersdanlossyndrome #dysautonomia #fighton #jiujitsutimes #chronicallychill

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In hindsight, expectations that a trip to the sculpture garden NOT include suplexing the art was flawed from the beginning. #gratitudejournal #takedowns #fightfamily #jiujiteiras #nolaliving #grapplers #ehlersdanlossyndrome #jiujitsutimes #chronicallychill @nola_mma @statuesubmissions

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Scott only looks like a war criminal. In reality he’s one of the kindest and most controlled giants I’ve ever met, living proof that if you can’t roll with someone smaller than you without injuring them it’s because you personally suck at jiu-jitsu. This wall of double-gold-winning man muscle wrapped in a purple belt has an easy 100lbs. on me, and even WITH Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome + nervous system damage I’ve never had to worry about coming out of a training session with him wrecked or broken. (I mean, my ego gets smashed every time, but that’s...yeah.) When the gym culture is as positive and inclusive as it is at @nola_mma, people with disabilities or chronic illnesses can train and thrive...which is a big deal, considering the mental, physical, and spiritual benefits of practicing martial arts. Big, BIG love to our coaches @nolacapoeira and @theprassassin for setting the standard all the other men follow, and to benevolent monsters like @diesel_hunkomania for exemplifying that fight family love. And thank you to @julianne_markow for capturing this moment 😂💀 #gratitudejournal #ilost #fightfamily #jiujiteiras #nolaliving #grapplers #ehlersdanlossyndrome #jiujitsutimes #chronicallychill

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Actual footage of the consequences of my own actions appearing when I least suspect. #heygirlhey #itme #manicpixiedreamgirl #witchery #witchesofig #traumahealing #ehlersdanlossyndrome #dysautonomia #fighton #chronicallychill

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If you’ve never caught two lizards banging and then had the dude lizard flash his erect penis at you, I had that experience so you didn’t have to. #humpdayvibes #homesweethome #toxicmasculinity #nolaliving #visitneworleans #louisianalife #gratitudejournal #EDS #fighton #chronicallychill

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“Hello, yes, I’m looking for a functional full-body workout that will leave as much visible bruising on my body as pole dancing and include a high risk of staph infection? You do? Fantastic...” #outliers #gratitudejournal #nolalife #fitfam #jiujitsustyle #jiujiteiras #dysautonomia #EDS #raredisease #fighton #chronicallychill

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kimberly_kaye. Millions—honestly billions—of people have very complicated, deeply unc

Millions—honestly billions—of people have very complicated, deeply uncomfortable relationships with their mothers. We agonize over opportunities to see our own parent because the fear of potential judgements, boundary violations, or arguments are too justified. We see them love us imperfectly, want to love them back imperfectly, but can’t get close enough consistently enough to bridge the divide. Lately, I’ve been trying to get closer to my mother by being even more focused on healing the family trauma which broke and hamstrung her when it came time to be a parent. I look at photos of the two of us now and instead of just feeling a knot of guilt and resentment in my belly, instead choose to reassert that hers is the face of the last victim the abusers and bigots who poisoned our bloodline will ever claim. She wasn’t blessed with the resources, support, or information necessary to heal after people like my grandfather were done using closed fists on her, or withheld words like “I love you” for a lifetime...we were. The very least, and possibly the most, we can do some days is honor the lives and sacrifices made by parents by making sure the line they passed to us is repaired. #familyresemblance #witchery #whitemagic #chronicallychill #ancestralhealing (portrait of my mother, who I love imperfectly, and I by: @king_edward_photography)

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Actual footage of me trying to decide whether to use a microphone for good or evil. #decisionsdecisions #withgreatpower #ihaveachair #musicphoto #americana #nolamusic #nolalife @loosecattleband (Photo by: @king_edward_photography)

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Spell of the motherfucking month right here. Cast early, cast often. #doneanddone #witchery #wakethewitches #manicpixiedreamgirl #womensupportwomen

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10 Things To Do That Actually Matter. #shadowbanned #resisttrump #community #witchery #chronicallychill

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kimberly_kaye. Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by Mercury Retrog

Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by Mercury Retrograde. #gonedirect #traumahealing #witchery #chronicallychill

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What we’ll be doing tonight. Wanna come do it with us? There’s food and everything. And if you’re not in #NOLA, you can stream us and even tip us virtually. DM and I’ll send you the link to listen! 💗🐄 @loosecattleband @michaelcerveris @areyourik #localartists #nolamusic #iheartnola

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Pouring tropical rain + metal roof + lights off = beautiful, meditative sparring...until the arm bar is lost anyway. #aunaturale #namascray #movingmeditation #rainydays #jiujitsugirls #grappling #functionalmovement #chronicallychill #nolaliving #fighton @nola_mma

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kimberly_kaye. Can we agree that Death By Gourds is the only reasonable punishment fo

Can we agree that Death By Gourds is the only reasonable punishment for vegan charlatans who claim to be able to heal every women’s health issue with veganism? (Also, new #chronicallychill post on the Patreon covering a client’s experience with interstitial cystitis, SIBO, and how badly most doctors are mangling the overlap between the two to the detriment of mostly women. Link in bio.) #stoptheinsanity #healingjourney #sibo #IC #interstitialcystitis #ehlersdanlossyndrome #fuckery #fighton

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