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Church to god, god to the universe, universe to art, art to drugs, drugs to sex and sex to the DEVIL 🔥

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TRIFECTA 🔥 Thank you to everyone that came out, let’s keep this ball rolling.

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TRIFECTA 🎈 2 Weeks ago we celebrate my 1st bday, tonight we are celebrating @theonlymadd 151 bday. Come to @therosemontnyc to celebrate with the #houseofhatter with special guest @evahdestruction and beats by @itsickarus at 11

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Happy Birthday @theonlymadd Before my drag mom she was my friend. As you all know being part of the house of Hatter you don’t show emotions, but you get a pass once in a while and this is my pass. I love you, you are such an amazing friend and drag mom, super happy for everything that is happening for you, and I cannot wait for the rest of it. I don’t have the words to tell you how happy I am to be part of your life. You are an amazing human being, except when you are a cunt, that when I love you the most lol. HAPPY 157 birthday bitch love you 💕

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MADDELYNN HATTER BIRTHDAY 🎈 Come to @therosemontnyc this THURSDAY for TRIFECTA with the house of HATTER and extra special guest @evahdestruction from @bouletbrothersdragula and music by the Tia @itsickarus and on Thursday’s we wear RED🎈

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COINTADAS BRUNCH 😽 Come to @sugarburgbk for brunch and shows NOW!

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Thank you Dr. Ricky 📷: @rob.gagnon.ny

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BUSHWIG 💕 The 1st wave of performers is out, and I am part of it, go to @papermagazine for the details. I want to say thank you to the @bushwig family for giving me this opportunity, this is my 1st year and I can’t wait to make an impact on stage.

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la.zavaleta. “He estado recordando los momentos que te di
Cuántos tú me diste y por

“He estado recordando los momentos que te di Cuántos tú me diste y por qué ahora estoy aquí Sentada en el suelo pensando que te quiero Que te quise tanto, y que tu amor me es necesario” CM 💔

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365 days ago I decided to go out and perform in my local bar, with my mother, sister and my partner at the time in the audience 💕.Since I was a little boy 👦🏻I dreamed to be 18 so I can go to the bars in Mexico City and turn a look, I always knew I wanted to be in nightlife 🌌and now that I am actively working I am happy🦹🏻‍♀️ I’ve met wonderful people 🤡down the path and also awful but I keep moving forward and growing as a new queen. Within a year I traveled the country and I can’t wait for my next step.

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Are you coming to my B-DAY PARTY? Edit: @megaminyc

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Zavaleta’s 1st Birthday Party 🥳 Come this Thursday to celebrate my 1st Birthday 🎂 in drag @therosemontnyc ,it’s our party Trifecta and the House of Hatter will turn it out with beats by @itspeptodismal Edit: @megaminyc

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Yuh Thank you @venacava.a for having me one more time at Cover.

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Stormé DeLarverie

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la.zavaleta. Me, Myself and I 👑

Me, Myself and I 👑

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