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missjasmincruz. Happy birthday to the woman who gave me life, who taught me how to lov

Happy birthday to the woman who gave me life, who taught me how to love and care for other people, who showed me so much love and devotion my entire life, and who I love more than life itself. I wouldn’t be who I am today without my mom. I feel like maybe I’ve said that before, but now I know what it really means... I am her in so many ways. Thank you mami. I love you. ❤️ @monsecruz1208 #bestmomintheworld #ilovemymom #happybirthday

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Holding down BGVs for @camila_cabello with the lovely @norelleiam#jingleball2019 #jingleball #camilacabello #camilizers #theforum

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Hieeee 🥰 Wishing you love and light on this lovely hump day! 💋 📸: @aj_cast

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Ella es intensa 🌶 📸 @kabiraffonso

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All my summers been hot tho 🤷🏻‍♀️ #hotgirlsummer Photography: @kabiraffonso

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dare y’all to underestimate me 😜 #studiotings

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Zoom in to see my scar 😘 #summer2019

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Had a blast performing with @pharrell today! Thanks @itzmzmunchie for the rec and voice notes. Love you. ❤️ And thank you @rheasings for being so awesome and teaching me everything!! Had such a great time. ✨ #bottlerock #bottlerocknapa #bottlerock2019 #pharrell

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In her prime and she know it 💋 📸 @bellaphy

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Happy birthday to the legend that is #StevieWonder. I stopped singing for a few years before I met Stevie, and little does he know, he inspired me to follow my dreams, to live with passion, and to do what I love and makes me most happy. I moved to LA because of him, I’ve met lifelong friends because of him, I’ve written so many songs I’m proud of because of him, and I’m now working on my Spanglish project because I met him. I’m eternally grateful that the universe brought us together, and he will forever hold a special place in my heart. #legend #happybirthdaytoya #happybirthday

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Swipe to hear some ish I translated and sang in #Spanglish... 😁 Wepaaaa!!! Love you. 😋🇵🇷🔥

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Proud Moment: My first time time working with @beyonce was in 2007 when @rudyperezmusic brought me on for her BDay Deluxe album!!! She kept my background vocals on the album (go check em!) and I also sang the demos so that she’d know the Spanish pronunciation to her songs. Little did I know, in 2015, I’d be on stage with her (this pic) for the magical performance for Stevie Wonder’s Grammy Tribute... (If you didn’t see that performance, you MUST WATCH!) I would then sing for her epic Grammy’s Goddess performance, and most recently, Coachella! I dunno y’all, but I’m PROUD of myself lol. Hard work and dedication really does pay off... P.S. I know my style is real smooth and mellow, but I have another side of me that I bring out to play when it’s time lol!!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 #fbf

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Love translating songs to Spanish... This is my interpretation of From Time. 😘🇵🇷✨

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Sunshine filter ☀️ #nofilter #noedits

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missjasmincruz. My first language was Spanish. I didn’t learn English until I started

My first language was Spanish. I didn’t learn English until I started school. I picked it up quickly and soon I’d be in the limbo that I found myself in for much of my life. When I heard Beyoncé say that as a black woman people always wanted her to stay in a box, it resonated with me because as a Latina I felt like people wanted me to do the same. So much so, I rebelled in not wanting to focus on Spanish music so I could “prove” something to myself. And I did. I proved to myself that I could be great by just being me. I’m just as much Americana as I am Latina. BOTH CULTURES ARE ME EQUALLY, UNEQUIVOCALLY. I don’t have to be in a box. I won’t be in a box. With that said, I’m gonna let y’all listen to my Spanglish shit and work on so much more. Stay tuned!! Happy 420!!! 🤗😜✨👊🏽 🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷 ********************************************************************* Mi primer idioma fue español. No aprendí el inglés hasta que empecé en la escuela. Lo aprendí rápido, pero después me encontré en un limbo por mucho de mi vida. Cuando escuche a Beyoncé decir que siempre la gente trataba de ponerla en una caja porque era de la raza negra, me impactó porque siempre me sentí igual siendo Latina. Incluso, hasta fui rebelde hacia la música latina porque quería comprobarme algo a mi misma. Y lo logre. Me comprobé a mi misma que yo puedo ser increíble con solo siendo quien verdaderamente yo soy. Soy tan estadunidense como Latina. Soy de LAS DOS CULTURAS IGUALMENTE. Así que no tengo que estar en una cajita. No me voy a contener en una cajita. Y con eso, voy a enseñarles mis canciones en “Espanglish” y componer muchos más! Manténganse al tanto! Feliz 4/20!!! 😘✨🙌🏽🔥🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷

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Sooooo I gotta post this one more time for the two time cause everybody is hitting me up about the #homecoming special on #Netflix❣️Such a dope, incredible experience that came with a lot of hard work. Forever grateful and thankful to have worked with these talented folks and to be on stage with the one and only @beyonce. Check ya girl out on Netflixxxxxx 🥰❣️😍❤️😘💋

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Good times, good vibes, & livin our best lives! ❣️🤸🏾‍♀️✨ #bootsybellows #pacsun #jeremyscott #moschino #zoeasis #sephora #nylon #coachella #coachellaparties

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I wanna scream HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my soul sista @itzmzmunchie... There’s so much I can say... Beautiful inside and out, an incredible soul, and an amazing friend who I’m so grateful for everyday. Munchieeee, I can’t wait to see you! I miss you and most of all I LOVE YOU BISHHHHHHH!!!! LOL! My Girla... Happy Birthday. ❤️✨💕🥰😍❣️💋💋💋 #bestie #bestfriends #myfriendsaredopeaf

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Chella glistenin #coachellaparties #coachella 📸 @chull06

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This touched my heart so much... I needed to see this. I am an artist. I create music. And I will let it go, especially in the name of those who aren’t here to create their art anymore. ❤️ @garyvee #ripnipsey #longlivenipsey

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Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary to my earthly creators, who I love more than anything... Relationships come with ups and downs, but like Sade says “Love is stronger than pride.” I’ve seen the way they have been able to renew their love after so much time together, and it really inspires me and gives me hope. Mami and Papi... Love you both so much and I always will... ❤️✨ #latinlove #boricua #myparents #40years #loveisstrongerthanpride

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The journey of knowing yourself, accepting yourself, and loving yourself is both beautiful and #grateful #unbothered #primetime Wearing: @houseofcb 📸: @marskoz

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I’m so lucky to have friends that I know are here for a lifetime. So proud of the women we have become... TOGETHER. ❤️ #brunch #birthdaylove #miamigirls #305forlife #20yearsplus #friendsforlife

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