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natgeo. Photo by Jasper Doest @jasperdoest | White storks have always been int

Photo by Jasper Doest @jasperdoest | White storks have always been intertwined with humans. Who doesn’t know the mythical stories about these large birds bringing babies to new parents? In Ancient Egypt, the stork was associated with the soul. Greek and Roman mythology portrays storks as models of parental devotion. In Chinese wisdom, the stork is a symbol of longevity. In Christianity, the stork is linked with purification, and followers of Islam revered storks because they made an annual "pilgrimage" through Mecca on their migration. However, since the mid-1980s, increasing numbers of white storks have chosen to stay on the European continent all year, rather than migrate to Africa in winter. The reason: the guaranteed, abundant food supply from landfill sites, like this one in Portugal. While it is clear that the stork population has benefited from the large quantities of food, you don’t have to be a scientist to see something is wrong. Confronting the enormous amount of waste we produce on a daily basis is truly horrifying. Walking through fields of empty bottles, plastic bags, food leftovers, and toys brings me to tears. I'm embarrassed to be part of our consumer society. We have to turn the tide. This story is not about storks—it is about us. It's time to make a decision: #planetorplastic? Follow @jasperdoest for more images of the human-wildlife relationship. #bethechange #notimetowaste #zerowaste #plasticfree

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natgeo. Photo by Dina Litovsky @dina_litovsky | Students at Kiev’s School 232

Photo by Dina Litovsky @dina_litovsky | Students at Kiev’s School 232 wait in anticipation of the last bell ceremony. It traces its origins to the Soviet Union era and is still observed in many post-Soviet cities. For many teenagers, this is the beginning of a new phase in their lives—a summer where choices about the future have to be made. But for the day, Kiev turns into a playground for students celebrating the last day of school. For more images, follow me @dina_litovsky.

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natgeo. Photo by Muhammed Muheisen @mmuheisen | A man tends to his horse as he

Photo by Muhammed Muheisen @mmuheisen | A man tends to his horse as he and others wait for customers to rent a ride on a horse-drawn carriage by the sea in the Greek island of Spetses. For more photos and videos from different parts of the world, follow me @mmuheisen and @mmuheisenpublic #muhammedmuheisen #Greece #Spetses

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natgeo. Photo by Cory Richards @coryrichards | Every autumn Hindu families acr

Photo by Cory Richards @coryrichards | Every autumn Hindu families across Nepal worship the fearsome goddess Durga during the Dashain festival. Durga demands a blood sacrifice, and on the main festival day an uncountable number of goats are exchanged for prosperity, safety, and a good meal. Buddhists celebrate their own festival on this same day, lighting butter lamps and saying prayers so that the animals may have safe passage through the afterlife and a more fortuitous rebirth. We are #onassignment in the Mustang region, looking at how traditional practices are adapting to modern-day pressures. Roads, Buddhism, monarchies, climate change, and goat herding are all connected. Text by Ben Ayers @jetbutterflies. #followme @coryrichards @jetbutterflies and our expedition team Kyle Daly, Above The Clouds, and Abiral Rai for more real-time images from #nepal

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natgeo. Photo by Trevor Frost @tbfrost | Happy International Sloth Day! The wo

Photo by Trevor Frost @tbfrost | Happy International Sloth Day! The world's slowest mammal? The three- toed sloth! I was in Cuyabeno National Park, in Ecuador, looking for anacondas with the nonprofit @tropicalherping when we stumbled upon this individual. And I have to say, for an animal that barely moves when you're observing it, it truly moved me to finally see one after years of traveling to the Amazon. To see more photos of animals from the Amazon, including an anaconda, head over to @tbfrost #InternationalSlothDay

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natgeo. Photo by Tasneem Alsultan @tasneemalsultan | Attendees from 42 countri

Photo by Tasneem Alsultan @tasneemalsultan | Attendees from 42 countries and more than 10,000 racing camels flew in to the city of Taif for the second annual Crown Prince Camel Festival. As a rookie, I wasn't aware of the amount of work and emotional investment in breeding a winning camel. For more on the camel racing industry, follow @tasneemalsultan #taif #camelrace #saudiarabia

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natgeo. Photo by Jimmy Chin @jimmychin | Wall climbing on a 4,000-foot fang of

Photo by Jimmy Chin @jimmychin | Wall climbing on a 4,000-foot fang of granite in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica, with Conrad Anker. Ambient temperatures in the sun hovered around -20°F. After over a week of climbing, we finished a new route on the mountain. If you look below, you can see our high camp perched on the ridge. I’ve faced some of my heaviest mind riots on big walls...many of them with Conrad. But walls also represent some of the best shared experiences I’ve ever had. Lucky to do what I do and to do it with friends like Conrad. For more images from mountain adventures around the world, follow @jimmychin

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natgeo. Photo by Anastasia Taylor-Lind @anastasiatl | Tatiana Batskalyova care

Photo by Anastasia Taylor-Lind @anastasiatl | Tatiana Batskalyova cares for her 90-year-old mother-in-law, Lira. Prior to the war, both women used to live in a family house in the suburban village of Opytne, between Donetsk and Avdeevka, in eastern Ukraine. They had to flee when their street became a front line—a powerful explosion buried Lira alive under the wreckage. Altogether the house got three direct artillery hits. Now they live in Tatiana’s daughter’s apartment in Avdeevka. This apartment was also damaged by shelling and repaired by the women on their own. “My daughter has a real talent! She has fixed it so nicely you could never tell there was a huge hole in this wall,” she proudly tells us. Her husband, Aleksander, chose to rebel against the war’s indignity in his own way: like many people in eastern Ukraine, he refuses to leave his demolished house. He continues living in the basement–the only surviving part–and cultivates the garden. Every day he takes a bike ride through the minefield that separates Opytnoe from Avdeevka to visit his wife. Tatiana prepares him a meal to take back, as he has no kitchen left in the ruins. Tatiana lost a court hearing over compensation for her house. She felt humiliated by the attitude of the hearing members: “They would ask me questions like, why do I think that my house was shelled? Then they turned to a witness and began interrogating her about what brand of refrigerator I had and how many burners there were on the gas stove. They were talking to us like they assumed we were lying and it was their job to catch us out.” Ukraine’s official position is that Russia is to blame for the war, and so all claims should be addressed across the border. Words by Alisa Sopova, from the series #5Kfromthefrontline, an ongoing project about the everyday consequences of the war in eastern Ukraine.

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natgeo. Video by Bertie Gregory @bertiegregory | Male polar bears can weigh mo

Video by Bertie Gregory @bertiegregory | Male polar bears can weigh more than 700 kilograms, or 1,600 pounds—a potential problem when hunting seals on thin ice. Their solution: massive paws. Their paws can be 12 inches wide, allowing them to spread their weight. Their rough foot pads and short, sharp claws also give them extra traction. Follow @bertiegregory for more wildlife adventures #wild_life #wildlife #animals #ice #snow #bear #teeth #polar bear

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natgeo. Photo by Drew Rush @drewtrush | Sugarloaf Mountain stands near the top

Photo by Drew Rush @drewtrush | Sugarloaf Mountain stands near the top of the Snowy Range, in southeastern Wyoming. Fall is sweeping across the Rockies, and soon lakes that seemingly just thawed will freeze again with the onset of winter. To see more from across the West, follow along with photographer @drewtrush.

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natgeo. Photo by Hannah Reyes Morales @hannahreyesmorales | A young man fishes

Photo by Hannah Reyes Morales @hannahreyesmorales | A young man fishes off the coastline of a fishing village in Oriental Mindoro, Philippines. I worked with Nat Geo explorer Nicola Sebastian (@nicolaseabass), who studies marine biodiversity. She writes: In the Philippine archipelago, life is deeply interdependent: the survival of all is inextricably intertwined, not just with the sea but also with the deepening climate change crisis. Philippine fisherfolk live with the devastating paradox at the heart of the Anthropocene—the communities who are least responsible for causing the worsening climate crisis are also among the most vulnerable. #Followme @Hannahreyesmorales for more stories from the Philippines, and beyond.

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natgeo. Video by Babak Tafreshi @babaktafreshi | With the end of summer, darke

Video by Babak Tafreshi @babaktafreshi | With the end of summer, darker nights return to the Arctic latitudes. Here the Big Dipper stands high in the Iceland sky. The unusual light is known as a pulsating aurora. Although it’s faster in this time-lapse video, even in real time they shift and brighten in patches every second, rather than the typical arcs and streaks. Auroras are caused by energetic electrons speeding down into Earth’s atmosphere and colliding with the thin air on the boundary of space and our atmosphere.⁣ Down on Earth is the iconic Skógafoss waterfall. Explore more of the World at Night photography with @babaktafreshi. ⁣The soundtrack is "Red North" by Ali Raini, Tonelabs. #saveournightsky #astrophotography #aurora #spaceweather

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