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jodinelsoncoaching. Before you were taught doubt and self hate you were one with yourself

Before you were taught doubt and self hate you were one with yourself : One with the universe : One with All : This is who you were : This is who you ARE : It’s still there inside of you : It has never left you : It is YOU. : Let Joy be your guiding light

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District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro's office on Thursday (Dec. 12) secured an indictment charging a former New Orleans Roman Catholic church deacon with the rape of a pre-teen boy nearly 40 years ago. George Brignac was charged with one count of aggravated rape in the indictment handed up by an Orleans Parish grand jury. Brignac faces a mandatory lifetime prison term if convicted of the charge. "The time for this victim to have his day in court against a trusted church leader, whom we intend to prove sexually abused him decades ago, is long overdue," Cannizzaro said. "While we believe there are other victims linked to this defendant, some alleged offenses have prescribed, meaning they cannot be prosecuted because too many years have passed. But at the time of this offense, there was no time limit in Louisiana to prosecute the rapist of a child under the age of 12. "Now that victims have come forward in adulthood, with allegations deemed credible by police investigators, prosecutors and the grand jury, we will move forward aggressively to pursue justice on their behalf. This is the first such case in New Orleans to produce an indictment so many years after the offenses were inflicted upon helpless children. There may be more to come. And it is our hope that the archdiocese will continue to cooperate fully and completely with such investigations." Brignac, 84, was arrested Sept. 21 by New Orleans police investigating allegations that the former church official had sexually abused a young altar boy he began supervising in 1978, when the boy was 7. The victim, who came forward to police as an adult in August 2018, said he was sexually abused inside Brignac's home, car and classroom at Our Lady of the Rosary Parish for the next several years through the age of 12. Brignac taught mathematics and was the co-director of the altar boy program at the church and affiliated school. Assistant District Attorneys Bobby Freeman and Alicia Bennette presented the case to the grand jury.

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citysablon. 😍Hangtag baju desain cantik
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6_d30. ‏ان الله اذا أحب عبداً كشف له حقيقة الناس من حوله ‏الحمد لله الذي نطيع

‏ان الله اذا أحب عبداً كشف له حقيقة الناس من حوله ‏الحمد لله الذي نطيعه بصفاء النوايا فيجازينا بنور البصيرة ♥️ .. #ماهرالمعيقلي

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janek.kowl. To mój Świętej Pamięci Tata

To mój Świętej Pamięci Tata

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gantseva_elena. Мой испуганный полицейский😂.

Мой испуганный полицейский😂. #будущийполицейский

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shi_moon8. 息子が産まれた時に植えた記念樹のすだち。



息子が産まれた時に植えた記念樹のすだち。 6年越しで今年無事に実がなりました! こんな暑い日には冷たい炭酸にキュ!っと絞って飲んだら美味しいだろうな〜◎ #すだち #週末田舎暮らし

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