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today is my last time seeing @heymichaelleebrown as Evan. i can’t be here for his last weekend. 💔 Michael was the first Evan I saw after Ben’s last show. He’s the one I go out of my way for and he’s the one I’ve seen more times than I can count. He brings SO MUCH to his version of Evan and I’m forever grateful for his time here. I’m soaking up every second of today. I know it’s not the last time I’ll ever see him, but it’s the last time I’ll see my favorite version of Evan. Thank you Michael. I can’t wait to see what’s next. 💙 . . . . #dearevanhansen #michaelleebrown #youwillbefound #broadway #wayitusedtobe

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sara.weddle. best birthday surprise baked by @divedeep118 👌🏻⚡️ thanks for the bir

best birthday surprise baked by @divedeep118 👌🏻⚡️ thanks for the birthday wishesss. . . . #happeebirthdaeharry

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early morning solo wanderings 🌥 . . . #travel #harvard #boston #solotravel

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i finally got to see (half) of my favorite show in the entire world from a different angle. 💙 also so incredibly thankful, grateful, lucky that i finally saw @nicolevangiesen as cynthia!! it was a long time coming and worth the wait. so much love and respect for all of you. 💙 . . . #dearevanhansen #broadway #nyc #youwillbefound @dearevanhansen

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the king and queen of kindness and goodness. ✨ so thankful i was lucky enough to see tyrone again. nothing makes me happier than seeing understudies bask in their moment. ❤️ jordin continues to leave me speechless. you’re the best. . . . #waitressmusical #broadway #nyc @tyronedavisjr @jordinsparks

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i owe it all to you, @leakycon this convention has been in my life for more than 7 years now and i can’t imagine going through life without the people i’ve met here. harry potter forever. ⚡️ . . . #leakycon #boston #harrypotter

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everyone at home: “what kind of convention are you going to again?” . HARRY POTTER ⚡️✨ lets do this. for the TENTH time. . . #leakycon #harrypotter #boston #travel #harrypotterforever @leakycon

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loved this spooky town. 🍂🧙🏻‍♀️ . . . #travel #salem

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in the clouds will forever and always be my favorite place to be. 🛫 . . . #wanderlust #travel

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don’t feed them plants. 👀🍃 . . #littleshopofhorrors #offbroadway #broadway #audrey2 #jonathangroff

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cant imagine my life without you, evan. . . #dearevanhansen #broadway #youwillbefound @dearevanhansen

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“it’s a sad song, but we keep singing even so. it’s an old song. and we’re gonna sing it again and again. we’re gonna sing it again.” @hadestown, i love you. thank you for all the dedication and work you put into. each. show. it doesn’t go unnoticed. see you next time. ✨ . . i’ll learn to smile properly in a photo one day before i die. #hadestown #broadway

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i never want this diner to close. wishes: to see @tyronedavisjr as ogie again for @drewgehling to come back again 😭 . #waitressmusical #broadway

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last night was easily one of the best nights of my life. no one puts on a show like @reevecarney 🙌🏻 and thank youuu @livevamaria for hanging out with us afterwards! you both are made of magic and the reason 3 strangers who each came alone to the show, instantly became friends. i love this city and it’s music, magic and people. #greenroom42 #reevecarney #hadestown #youthiswasted

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h o w do their minds work that fast. i’ll never know. there’s some insanely talented, creative geniuses inside those doors. don’t miss it! also got to see MY president for the first time since my first time at hamilton, years ago. 😩 . 📷: sept. 21 because i’m bad at instantly instagramming. #freestylelovesupreme #broadway #nyc @freestylelovesupreme

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fully thriving for the rest of my life after hearing @aarontveit sing come what may live. ✨ #broadway #moulinrougebroadway @moulinrougebway

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(latergram because this sat forgotten in my drafts for weeks) don’t sleep on plays. don’t go for the big names. go for the stories. but i’m so glad these two are here to tell this one. 📷: aug 5th. . . #broadway #seawallalife #jakegyllenhaal

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today was surreal. i don’t have any words other than thank you. thank you, thank you, thank you @park24hrs and @jenniferlaurathompson for everything you’ve done within these walls. my heart is broken that the last of our obc walked off the stage for good today, but what an incredible legacy you, and the entire obc, have left for us. the original cast was pure lightning in a bottle and it’ll never be replicated. i’d give anything to see the original 8 just one more time; but these replacements are out here killing it- look at who laid their foundation! #dearevanhansen @dearevanhansen #youwillbefound

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if Michael Greif is directing, i’ll be in a seat.

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meet your heroes 😭💚 #offbroadway #broadway #emilybettrickards #arrow #latergram 📷: july 24

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even when the dark comes crashing through. every single time is different and new. thank you for pouring everything you have into your evan @heymichaelleebrown i’m so happy i lucked into seeing lorna too! she’s killing it as alana. 💙 understudies rule. #dearevanhansen #broadway @llornacourtney

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i love this whole being dead thing 🖤 #beetlejuice #beetlejuicebroadway #broadway

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dream week. pt. 2. the tower of terror is my favorite, if you can’t tell. 🖤 the best people to do disney with are the ones who say, “wanna ride again?” after every ride. there’s only a few things we just did once, and tower of terror, space mountain, everest and even hagrid’s definitely weren’t one of them. ✨ i can’t wait to go back. . #disneyworld #hollywoodstudios #towerofterror #disneydream #universalstudios #wwohp #hagridsmagicalcreaturesmotorbikeadventure #voodoodonuts

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