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today was surreal. i don’t have any words other than thank you. thank you, thank you, thank you @park24hrs and @jenniferlaurathompson for everything you’ve done within these walls. my heart is broken that the last of our obc walked off the stage for good today, but what an incredible legacy you, and the entire obc, have left for us. the original cast was pure lightning in a bottle and it’ll never be replicated. i’d give anything to see the original 8 just one more time; but these replacements are out here killing it- look at who laid their foundation! #dearevanhansen @dearevanhansen #youwillbefound

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if Michael Greif is directing, i’ll be in a seat.

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meet your heroes 😭💚 #offbroadway #broadway #emilybettrickards #arrow #latergram 📷: july 24

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even when the dark comes crashing through. every single time is different and new. thank you for pouring everything you have into your evan @heymichaelleebrown i’m so happy i lucked into seeing lorna too! she’s killing it as alana. 💙 understudies rule. #dearevanhansen #broadway @llornacourtney

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i love this whole being dead thing 🖤 #beetlejuice #beetlejuicebroadway #broadway

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dream week. pt. 2. the tower of terror is my favorite, if you can’t tell. 🖤 the best people to do disney with are the ones who say, “wanna ride again?” after every ride. there’s only a few things we just did once, and tower of terror, space mountain, everest and even hagrid’s definitely weren’t one of them. ✨ i can’t wait to go back. . #disneyworld #hollywoodstudios #towerofterror #disneydream #universalstudios #wwohp #hagridsmagicalcreaturesmotorbikeadventure #voodoodonuts

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dream week. a million memories, but not many pictures. ✨ pt. 1. obsessed with everest, pandora and its tough to be a bug. 🌱 . #disneyworld #animalkingdom #avatar #magickingdom

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we may have spent a total of about 8 hours waiting in line for hagrid’s ride-when we originally planned on spending zero, but man, do we have tales to tell. 👏🏻 our train got stuck at the bottom of the devil’s snare t w i c e. we were able to get in the ada/child swap line to re-ride after the first incident, but it went down for weather again immediately and it was another two hour wait from there. finally get back on and it gets stuck there again. 🙃 hagrid’s lucky his ride, overall, is INCREDIBLE and just about the coolest thing i’ve ever ridden, and we’re so lucky we got to ride it two times just days after it opened. even though we thought we were actually going to be crushed to death at any moment. 😅 crazy times with great friends equal amazing memories. ✨ special thanks to Jeffrey at @universalorlando guest services. ❤️ . #universalorlando #islandsofadventure #hagridsmagicalcreaturesmotorbikeadventure #hagrids #harrypotter #wwohp

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thanks for the show, Mickey. ❤️ . #fantasmic #disneyworld #disney

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epcot, I love you. 🌎 . #disneyworld #epcot

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happily ever after. ✨ obligatory castle photos 🤙🏻 #magickingdom #disney

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memories, magic and dole whips. ✨ . #disney #magickingdom #travel #disneyworld

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can’t wait to be emotionally compromised again. #tightknitfamily #broadway #broadwayinchicago

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can’t wait for the tony’s 😍 my predictions are in. 🤙🏻 we had a v good week. #broadway #tonyawards

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to the world we dream about and the one we live in now. i’m obsessed. every time i watch this story is a dream. . #hadestown #broadway

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beetlejuice³ 🖤 . #beetlejuice #broadway

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a dream is a soft place to land. 🥧❤️ #broadway #waitressmusical

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i must be dreaming. this can’t be real. ✨🥧 #waitressmusical #broadway #jeremyjordan

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