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And we all know that weird is a side effect of awesome! #weirdandwonderful #nerdygirls #sellnerdy

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When the beer tap handles are on point... and nerdy! 💜🤓🤓 #darthvader #nostalgia #sellnerdy @genxtampa

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When we saw the tile roof of the @columbiarestaurant being replaced today we figured it was a good excuse to post one of our favorite Ybor pictures! . Say hello to the Columbia Restaurant circa 1925. By this point the restaurant was already 20 years old. The view is looking east down 7th ave towards 22nd st. So why do we love this photo? (Besides the fact it's a burget brothers photo) Because not only does it feature a Tampa icon but it also shows what Ybor City USED to be like. . We all know Ybor for the nightlife but very few really take the time to explore past historic 7th ave. While the town is definitely making a come back, Ybor used to be THE PLACE. It was a bustling community and home to Cubans, Spaniards, Italians, Jews and more. There was a high quality of life with cigar factories, shops, schools, churches, and mutual aid societies. Tens of thousands of immigrants moved to Tampa and specifically Ybor. One visitor described it as , "a colorful, screaming, shrill, and turbulent world." Basically it was a thriving city, not just a place you bring out of towners or have a drink. So next time you're in Ybor, look around and try to imagine it how it used to be! . Okay stepping off the soap box. Sorry, what can we say we're history nerds! #yborcity #archilovers #sellnerdy

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Update on that mural. We're in love!😍😍 @mattkressart #yborcity #tampamural #sellnerdy

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⛈🌧⛈ Actually Tampa has had double the rain this year in comparison to Seattle... and we're not happy about it. Quote thanks to Bill Carl. #stopraining #rainraingoaway #sellnerdy

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When a friend *cough*@guidomaniscalco*coughcough* posts an image of the Seminole Heights charter school and reminds everyone that it used to be a teenage dance hall you're impressed. 💃 And IF you just happen to have a vintage photo of the building, you'd be a jerk if you didn't share right? Right? . Originally a drug store (and liquor store 😉) this building is most famous for being the home of Hullabaloo, a dance hall catering to teens. And apparently it's opening caused some serious drama. Because apparently no one wants "those kids drag racing their cars up and down our streets" (according to the Tampa times at least). In reality it ended up being a political problem as well spanning two mayors and lots of permitting issues. #seminoleheights #history #sellnerdy

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sellnerdy. Today's lesson. Never question your parents. Even if you're 40. If dad

Today's lesson. Never question your parents. Even if you're 40. If dad says lets go get Lawnmower Tacos, you just go. You don't ask if its a typo or make fun of his age. You go get those Lawnmower Taco's. If you are looking for me the next several Tuesdays; here's a clue "Lawnmower Taco's" 2 blocks South of Gandy on MacDill. 🤓🌮🚜 #tacothursday #sellnerdy

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"We been through every kind of rain there is. Little bitty stingin' rain...and big ol' fat rain. Rain that flew in sideways. And sometimes rain even seemed to come straight up from underneath. Shoot, it even rained at night..." . Seriously whoever's doing the rain dance you can stop. Last total we've had almost an extra foot of rain this year... #rain #floridalife #sellnerdy #forrestgump

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When you post something to avoid being beaten up by your business partner. Hi I'm Kate and I didn't post these awesome street murals for mural monday... feel free to harass. #tampamurals #seminoleheights #sellnerdy

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🚗 The tradition of used car lots on Florida Ave is long and proud. No literally, they've always kinda been there. Case in point? Say hello to Locke Motor Company circa 1951. Located at the corner of Florida and Fortune the lot is still there but is now a parking lot instead! (Insert shock at a parking lot downtown). . We don't know much about the used car lot other than it was on Florida Ave and it was owned by a Radford Locke. What do we know about Locke? Not much. He went through a rather public divorce and he is listed in an FBI investigation but not as a primary target. But other than THAT we got nada. #tampahistory #downtowntampa #sellnerdy

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Say hello to the barngalow of south Seminole heights! So what do you do when a client wants to buy a historic craftsman bungalow? Sell them the project house of all project houses that looks like a barn or the amityville horror house instead. 🤷‍♀️ . Interested in the transformation? Follow #amityheights for updates. It's going to be amazing. And let's just say Halloween will be EPIC! But more importantly, thanks for being the most amazing clients! 😘 #closingday #barngalow #sellnerdy

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Admit it, you do it too! #truestory #keepitreal #sellnerdy

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When your clients bring YOU a gift at closing! 😍😍 #closing #tamparealestate #sellnerdy

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Some days you just need something unexpected and beautiful. @miaminate @cafehey #tampamurals #mural #sellnerdy

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You're dreading summer ending. You're dreading your son entering 4th grade You're dreading "meet the teacher" . ....and then then divine intervention happens. She's the coolest teach at school. #backtoschool #starwars #sellnerdy

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It's all fun and games. #isitfridayyet #sellnerdy

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