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A few days late, but this week we had an EPIC holiday part with the @buysellrabell mothership in Gainesville! There was wine, christmas cheer, plants/gnomes being stolen, presents, and Star Wars sheets! A HUGE thank you to everyone who made us feel so welcomed! It was quite the shindig! #christmasparty #starwars #sellnerdy

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🤓 yes we're nerds! Like you'd expect anything less... #fridaythe13th #nightmarebeforechristmas #sellnerdy

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If lil Jon wrote Christmas music... #christmascarols #keepitreal #sellnerdy

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Slowly decorating for the holidays so we decided to share what we think is the oldest photograph of a Christmas tree in town... . Ever wonder what really vintage Christmas in Tampa look like? This rather interesting looking Christmas tree is from 1895. 🎄 The parlor belonged to the Haya family in there home at 605 Magnolia Ave in Hyde Park (which sadly no longer exists). The Haya family were kinda a big deal back in the day in Tampa. They had a cigar factory, a real estate company, and were involved in the creation of Centro Español. #tampahistory #christmastree #sellnerdy

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People need to step away from the filters... just saying. #babyyoda #nofilter #sellnerdy

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Happy Repeal Day my thirsty Tampanians! Yup, that's right, December 5th, 1933 is the day that prohibition was repealed. Which for Tampa wasn't AS big of a deal as it was elsewhere in the country. . We Tampanians have always enjoyed our beverages. 🍺🍸 And we certainly didn't let prohibition change that! During the 1920s/30s Tampa was one of the wettest cities in America. By 1930 Tampa had over 130 retailers selling adult beverages. Between local stills, corrupt law enforcement, and our perfect geography for rum runners & their black ships, we're pretty sure no one in Tampa even noticed there was an alcohol ban. Well except for these officials posing with their confiscated stills that is! #tampahistory #drinklocal #sellnerdy

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Why is it that as an adult I find myself relating more and more to the grinch??? 🤔 #grinchmas #thegrinch #sellnerdy

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At dinner tonight, with some out of town family, we found ourselves sharing a bit about @uleletampa history. This 1918 photo shows the site in its original hey day. Hard to believe that this building was once abandoned. The spring that runs near by? Used to be filled in. Water works park next door? Used to be the Tampa police fuel depot. It's amazing what 5+ years can do for an area, a neighborhood. . Little bit of history, just because... you know it's us. Originally Ulele was built in 1906 as... you guessed it, the local water works. Aka Tampa's old water pumping station, owned by a private company. A company who liked to reduce the water pressure during events like the Ybor fire of 1908... because they could? 🤦‍♀️ . In 1923 the city purchased the Tampa Waterworks Co for $1.35 million and began construction on a brand new water pumping station and treatment facility. By 1925 there was no need for the old pump station and the site was closed. And SOMEHOW the building survived, without being demolished or redeveloped until just a few short years ago. Pretty amazing if you ask us! #hillsboroughriver #floridahistory #sellnerdy

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Happy Thanksgiving nerds! Hope you have a fabulous day! #turkeyday #thanksgiving #sellnerdy

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Even the sky was getting into the Thanksgiving/fall spirit tonight. . Glowing sunset ✔ 80° weather ✔ Wonderful city ✔ . We're incredibly thankful to call Tampa home. And also thankful for all of our amazing friends/family/fellow nerds. We are beyond lucky to have you in our lives. Safe travels and happy Thanksgiving everyone! #sunset #thanksgiving #sellnerdy . Ps thanks to @j_m_gavin for the stunning photo!

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🦃 Seriously, please don't use that word...PLEASE #thanksgiving #turkeyday #sellnerdy

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🦃Carving a turkey while underwater? Welcome to Florida...🤦‍♀️ Our random search for a historic Thanksgiving photo turned up this gem. While it's not Tampa, it IS in Rainbow Springs, a little spot in between here and Gainesville. Turns out people in 1953 really celebrated Thanksgiving this way. Yeah we don't get it either, but hey at least it made a good shot? No matter how you celebrate, just be sure to be safe this Thanksgiving week! #floridalife #thanksgiving #sellnerdy

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🎄That moment when they force you to be "festive" before Thanksgiving... aka when @hydeparkvillage has their Christmas tree lighting before we've had turkey🦃. 😠 And yes those ARE reindeer antlers, because we want to join in all those reindeer games?🤷‍♀️ 🦌 #holidayseason #itsnotthanksgivingyet #sellnerdy

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These lovely guys were one of my very 1st clients over 4 years ago. This will be the 3rd transaction and probably the last. But hey you never know? 😂🤓💜 Congratulations Tammy and Eddie! . #sold #sellnerdy #closingday #realtorlife

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We're getting our fat pants ready! 🍗 #thanksgiving #mashedpotatoes #sellnerdy

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Can we just take a second and express how excited we are about the progress over at @flybarandrestaurant ? Fly Bar has always been one of our favorites, but back in Sept of last year they sold their building on Franklin St. 😭😭😭 while we love @moleyabuelatampa that replaced them, we still miss good old Fly Bar. . Fortunately, they always planned on relocating not closing... SCORE! We've known for a while that they were moving in this space across from @uoftampa and Snow Park, but it's exciting to see some actual progress being made! #tampaeatsout #tampafoodie #sellnerdy

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Today we got an amazing piece of news for all the Tampa nerds out there: Jeff and Penny Vinick are donating $1 million to help save the Jackson Rooming House on Zack St downtown. That donation will make a huge dent in the estimated $1.5 million that they need to save the building. . So what is the Jackson Rooming House? Check out the write up we did a few years ago: . If you've ever been driving downtown only to surprised to see this rather "worn" looking building, you aren't alone. This is the Jackson Rooming House, and it's the last free standing residential dwelling in down town Tampa. Built in 1901 by Moses and Sarah Jackson (we're oh so creative when naming buildings here in Tampa!) It was the only place African Americans could rent a room during segregation. During its heyday (and because of its proximity to the train station) it was the place to be! Famous performers including Count Basie, Cab Calloway, James Brown, Ella Fitzgerald, and Ray Charles all stayed there. Even Jackie Robinson was there! The rooming house was open until 1989. Currently the house is owned by a non profit and recently has been stabilized. Restoring it will take about $1.3 million, though some county commissioners think that the property should be demolished and rebuilt from photos and salvaged wood. The building is currently on the national registry of historic places. #downtowntampa #oldbuildinglove #sellnerdy

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When the new mural downtown appeals to your nerdy inner child... #muralsmakemehappy #read #sellnerdy

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Come on, give the people what they want. 🌮 #tacos #truestory #sellnerdy

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Who got to attend the launch party of the @teamgodwinfoundation last night? Yup, these girls! #wefancy 💃 It was a ridiculously amazing event, and all for a good cause! Not only did @chrisgodwin & @johnnydamon put on quite the show, but it was also the soft launch for @_projectgoat from our friends at @gradygoat. 🐐 A selection of the goat statues from the project were on display along with some of the fabulous artists! (@artcapco, @quoth_the_raven_arts, and even @jasonskeldon) . All in all it was a fabulous evening filled with good food, better people, all for the best cause! Thanks Rob for the invite and thanks JP & Vanessa for hanging out with us "cool kids." Wait....what's your name? 🤣🤣 #teamgodwinfoundation #sellnerdy

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A huge thank you to those who have served our country. We can not thank you enough for your sacrifices. . This photo is of a veterans memorial being dedicated in 1920, just after WWI. It was located at the intersection of Howard and what is today Kennedy Blvd. It was the starting point of the "memorial highway." The other end, in Oldsmar, also had a monument which listed 106 men who lost their lives during "the war to end all wars." The monument in the photo was later relocated to the American Legion Cemetery at 3910 W. Kennedy Blvd #veteransday #tampahistory #sellnerdy

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Wednesday is gonna be rough... HECK YES! 💃 Also does this mean we can wear our boots without judgement from the rest of the nation? #floridalife #isitfallyet #sellnerdy

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Downtown tampa circa 1957. The bridge is Platt St, and yes the convention center and MANY other Tampa landmarks are missing. Just a small reminder of how far Tampa has come! #DowntownTampa #tampahistory #sellnerdy

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Looks like they are finally getting somewhere with the old Bungalow restaurant. And look MURALS! #muralsmakemehappy #southtampa #sellnerdy

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