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Happy to report that the Governor signed a bill I coauthored (AB 127), allowing law enforcement officers to conduct research on driving under the influence of cannabis and other substances. We need to be able to identify impaired drivers and take them off our roads. #drivesafe #SD29 #publicsafety

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Had a great time visiting Cypress College to tour the campus and recognize its successful workforce development programs. An impressive 100% of Cypress College Dental Hygiene students earned employment in their field of study! 🙌🙌 Many thanks to Dr. JoAnna Schilling, President of Cypress College, for a very informative briefing and tour. @cityofcypress @cypresscollegellrc @cypresscollege #cypresscollege #cypress #SD29

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Always a joy to provide a legislative update! Have a specific topic you’d like to learn more about? Lmk ⬇️. #SD29 #community #orangecounty

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Congrats to Stanton’s STEM Summer Camp graduates on completing this hands-on robotics and problem solving program. #STEM #SD29 #cityofstanton

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Busy day running between Senate Banking, Education, and Energy committees. Voted on 27 bills! 🏦 📚 🏃‍♀️ #busyday #SD29

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Congratulations to fellow Diamond Bar High School graduate Alex Morgan and the entire U.S. Women's National Soccer Team on their fourth World Cup Championship victory. #Diamondbar #soccer #alexmorgan #SD29

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From each Girls State program across the United States, only two delegates are chosen to attend Girl’s Nation in Washington D.C. Join me in congratulating our awesome intern, Lia (pictured right), on being selected as one of the two delegates to represent California! #SD29 #awesomeinterns #girlsstate #AmericanLegionAuxiliary @alacagirlsstate

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Glad the Joint Legislative Audit Committee approved my request for an audit of the California State Lottery. The lottery was created to fund schools and nothing more. Unfortunately, media reports over the past year have painted a negative picture of the CA Lottery as an agency under fire for wasteful spending and nepotism. Meanwhile, revenues for the lottery have skyrocketed while funds to schools have remained flat. #SD29 #audit #calottery

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Met my new best friend this week! #Anaheim #anaheimhills #fourthofjuly #SD29 #doglover

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What a great Independence Day Celebration in West Covina. Love the patriotic concert in the park. @westcovinacity #SD29 #proudamerican🇺🇸 #independenceday #fourthofjuly #westcovina

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Met this fabulous lady at Chino Hills Independence Day Celebration 🇺🇸@cityofchinohillsgov #ilovechinohills #independenceday #SD29

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Our Chief of Staff honoring Boys & Girls Club of Anaheim and Cypress. Congratulations on the merger! #boysandgirlsclub #SD29 #anaheim #cityofcypress

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Thank you to all the awesome public safety experts for sharing important safety tips at Safety First. Our community wouldn’t be as strong without you. @cityofbuenapark @ocvectorcontrol @buena_park_pd @ocwd @californiahighwaypatrol @buenaparklibrary @orangecountyfireauthority #buenapark #cityofbuenapark #safetyfirst #SD29

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Missed my recent community coffee events? Join me on July 14th to chat over a cup of joe. ☕️ #SD29 #coffee #cityofindustry

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Thanks for joining my community coffee with Supervisor @curthagman in Chino Hills! ☕️@cityofchinohillsgov #coffee #chinohills #ilovechinohills

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It was an truly an honor to recognize Mr. Filiberto Lopez Montano, a 95 year old Navy veteran who fought in World War II. Mr. Montano served in the U.S. Navy and deployed to the South Pacific. Mr. Montano was responsible for providing essential meals to more than 300 of his fellow soldiers. He also earned a Bronze Star with Oak Leaf Clusters for his heroic actions in the Pacific theater. Despite his accomplished life as veteran, family man, and community leader, he frequently thought about his missing diploma. “I see receiving a high school diploma as a final accomplishment. Taking this final step and receiving a diploma reaffirms my love for knowledge,” said Mr. Montano. Join me in thanking Mr. Montano for his service and congratulating him for receiving his long awaited high school diploma from Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District and Valencia High School. #greatestgeneration #SD29 #navy #PYLUSD

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As Vice Chair of Senate Banking & Financial Institutions, I proudly voted for AB 539 which cracks down on high-interest predatory lenders. A 200% interest loan isn’t morally sound - especially when these predatory practices disproportionately impact veterans and vulnerable families. This historic bill places an interest rate cap of 36% on consumer loans to ensure those who take on loans in desperate times are protected. Let's take a bipartisan stand to protect consumers from a heavy debt load that can turn lives upside down. #SD29 #caleg #AB539 #StopTheDebtTrap

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American Legion Boys State is among the most respected and selective educational programs of government instruction for high-school students. Truly a joy to welcome these students from my district. @caboysstate #boysstate #SD29 #students

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