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From my upcoming, groundbreaking series entitled “Modeling with Trees” #findthelight

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The #wildatlanticway indeed!

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sopranostrong. A little afternoon tea in the sun. #itsthesmallthings

A little afternoon tea in the sun. #itsthesmallthings

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Took a little trip to Galway yesterday. The view was pretty terrible. #justkidding #irishtraveller #skyfordays @pixamine

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The sun came out in Ireland. #feelslikesummer #nofilter #givemethatnaturallight

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Today would have been my parents’ forty-fourth wedding anniversary. Coming so close after the one year anniversary of Mom’s passing, I sat down today to reflect and write. Click the link in my bio to read about life one year on... #livingwithgrief #lifeafterloss #gonebutnotforgotten

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It’s happening! #tomorrowland2019

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We are officially en route! #1day #soexcited #tomorrowland2019

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Happy #limerickpride to every beautiful person out there! #everybodysaylove❤️💛💚💙💜 @pixamine

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Happy Canada day, y’all! Enjoying one last day in sunny Manitoba! #canadaday

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Love me some prairie sky! #roadtrip #manitobalove

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Goodbye crew! Thanks for a fun #fledermaus run!! @yxeopera

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We all need a mirror like this in our lives! #goodvibesonly #dailyaffirmations #everybodysaylove @threetreasurestonics

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Under a bridge. Repost from the fantastic @samuelchanbaritone thanks for the cool snap!

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sopranostrong. This gem of a man has a birthday today. Send him lots of love, but als

This gem of a man has a birthday today. Send him lots of love, but also send him a huuuuuge congratulations on his successful and genius defense last Wednesday to complete his PhD. The name is Naji, Dr. Naji!!!! Love you with all my heart, Happy Birthday babe! 🎂 🎁 @pixamine

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Gearing up for tonight’s dress rehearsal of #diefledermaus with @yxeopera No one will recognize me if I wear this mask, right? #incognito #operadisguisesarethebest

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Just a little day drag for this afternoon’s media call with @yxeopera Rosalinde is definitely a lady of leisure. #fledermaus

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This morning I attended my first Hot Yoga class in over 2 years. I forgot how difficult the heat makes the balancing positions! #allthesweat

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