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for_drama. Teasers for new style tvN drama, \"Big Forest\". It will be air on Septe

Teasers for new style tvN drama, "Big Forest". It will be air on September 7, 2018, 23:00 KST. #BigForest #빅포레스트 #FOR_BIGFOREST

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for_drama. [#UpcomingDrama]
🔎 : #BigForest #빅포레스트
💡: Comedy, Life, Drama
🎞️: -

#UpcomingDrama] 🔎 : #BigForest #빅포레스트 💡: Comedy, Life, Drama 🎞️: - episodes 🎬Director : Park Soo-Won 📝Writer : Kwak Kyung-Yoon, Kim Hyun-Hee 📺: #tvN 📆: September 7, 2018 🕤: Fridays 23:00 KST. . 📖 : “Big Forest” is a black comedy drama about a failed celebrity, Shin Dong Yup (he used to be a top star, but he is not anymore); a pitiful loan shark and a single father, Jung Sang Hoon; and a Korean-Chinese single mom, I'm Cheong Ah (played by Choi Hee Seo). They live in the Daerim Neighborhood of Seoul, South Korea and struggle to make a living. . 👥: #ShinDongYup as his self #JungSangHoon his self #ChoiHeeSeo as Im Cheong Ah #KimJiWon as Bo Bae #ChoiWonHong as Kim Dan #JunGookHwan #JungMoonSung . 🗒️: 1. First tvN drama series to air one episode a week on Fridays. 2. "Big Forest" a new style tvN drama series that will be a combination of a drama and variety show. 3. “Big Forest” is directed by Park Soo Won who has previously worked on “Prison Playbook”, and it will be followed by "Top Star Yoo Baek" in November 2018, that will be directed by Yoo Hak Chan who has worked more on variety shows than dramas, Yoo Hak Chan has directed shows like “The Romantic,” “Three Idiots,” “My Ear’s Candy,” and “Plus Nine Boys.” #BigForest #FORUPCOMING_DRAMA #FOR_BIGFOREST

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