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It seems beyond unfair that I had no lines and received an award for acting...but the guy who sang lead, had every line, danced in 5” heels, improvised live comedy, and legitimately stripped from full drag to nothing but tears and underwear for 95 minutes center stage didn’t. @edwardcartersimon wasn’t just our shooting star. He shot/designed all our #Hedwig art, designed+built the set, ran the fundraising which allowed the show to donate $1000+ to the #LGBTQ Center. He had no dresser, no one to wig him, washed his costume after each run because no costumers; the two of us did his makeup together in the shittily lit closet which doubled as a storage space and, sometimes, a bathroom when we took turns peeing into solo cups. When the show recouped, the FIRST thing he said was, “So if we turn a profit we’re paying the entire team more than they’re contracted.” When we turned a profit he did, because he doesn’t just talk big about artists in this city being compensated for their hard work, he delivers. I am stunned and overfull of gratitude for receiving a win for #hedwigandtheangryinch. Directing/performing that show was one of the highlights of my life, and I’m so lucky to be alive! But without Hedwig, Yitzhak doesn’t exist. Edward asked me to do “Hedwig” at a time when no one else anywhere would even give me an audition, let alone hand some disabled chick who hadn’t worked in 2 years a show to direct. He believed in me when I did not. He built a team of people exactly like him: stupidly talented, kind, compassionate, insightful, funny, skilled, and passionate. @ainsley_matich, @majorbabysitter, @overallpro, Clare Marie, @sergiogonzalezpagan, @christo217, @firebrassband, @michaelcerveris, yes, really, that is genuinely what y’all are all like to work with. We’ll just have to keep making shows until the world rights itself. (If we don’t, the Flat Earthers win.) I can’t wait until these people inevitably get the kindness I was shown by The Big Easy Awards as well. There’s zero way I deserve it and they don’t. #hedwignola #glamrock #nolalife #aboutlastnight #misfits #losers #supportlocalart #lifesadrag #tribe

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How we dress up for fancy events #bigeasyawards #hedwignola

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couldn’t be more happy to be a side...misfit in the #hedwignola band tonight at the #bigeasyawards #bigeasyentertainmentawards #hedwig #hedwigandtheangryinch #rainbowcarnageproductions

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Our “internationally ignored song stylist” #Hedwig was noticed—she’s been nominated for Best Musical, Best Leading Actor in a Musical, and Best Supporting Actress in a Musical by The Big Easy Awards! Make things with people you love...then glitter, stud, wig, tease, and tuck all those things, it’s worth it. Thank you to the many many maaaaaany people who made this show possible, it has been one of the highlights of this short life and I love and admire all of you. 💖💋👨🏼‍🎤🧖‍♀️🌈 #gratitudejournal #hedwigNOLA #hedwigandtheangryinch #makesomething #genderfluid #genderqueer #girldrag #boydrag #musicislife #nolalife #followyournola #nolaart #fighton #CIPO #IBD #AIP #dysmotility #dysautonomia #chronicallychill (Photo by @artworx5150)

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**UPDATE: Hospital called to explain I can't have scan on Monday unless I show up with $225 in full. Paying in manageable increments for basic tests is not an option available.** This is not a woe-is-me-post. This is to continue being transparent about the cost of being ill in the USA, even with health insurance. Below is the bill I just received for an emergency check-in with the specialist currently saving my life + the list of bloodwork and tests I need to get and pay for by January 15th. We spoke less than an hour. Cost: $400 due in full. On January 15th I’ll fly to Chapel Hill, the closest facility that can handle my case, and stay several nights while tests are evaluated and more are added. The cost of that stay and North Carolina, with doctor fees and rental car, will be around $3600. I’ve been vomiting several times a week for 3 months, lost 10lbs., am dealing with unspeakable butt stuff, which means I cannot delay or just “watch it.” Stuff has to be done ASAP. Life is pretty great—I’m able to feed myself, tour with my beloved Loose Cattle brethren from Nashville to New York. I puked my way through #HedwigNOLA but stood on stage every night no problem, get to write for @jiujitsutimes from bed on days when my belly revolts, go to school via the interwebs no matter how sick I am, and have awesome tribe members who keep me giggling when gut stuff becomes tedious. Puking, pain, and butt stuff do not prevent me from living an awesome and productive life. But when you wake up at 8am and by 12pm are staring at a $4000.00 bill, on top of the $1500 a month in medicine+feed supplies you need to live, it is crushing. This big shopping weekend, please consider buying ONE less thing for yourself and donating that money to any patient who is being denied access to care due to money. We pay taxes, we work, we have insurance, we did everything we were asked right, and we’re still dying or drowning because our care is used to line the pockets of already rich men. We need help so badly. #givingback #blackfriday2018 #givingtuesday2018 #thisisamerica #healthcaremanagement #heavenhelpus #chronicillness #raredisease #CIPO #IBD #EDS #dysautonomia #crohnsdisease

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“Until I wake up and turn back to myself.” || The show was a dream, but its really time to put the sideburns back on the shelf...Post-Hedwig #makeover courtesy of sweet @patriciamichiko and @the_bohdizafa 🖤🖤🖤 #doitforthegram #hedwigandtheangryinch #hedwigNOLA #pixiecuts #pixiepalooza #hairmodeling #androgyny #tomboystyle #makesomething #followyournola #showmeyournola #supportlocalartists #musicislife #fighton #CIPO #dysmotility #wellness #recovery #IBD #AIP #dysautonomia #raredisease #strugglewell

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Last Hedwig show. @hedwigonbway #hedwignola #hedwig

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Last Hedwig show. @hedwigonbway #hedwignola #hedwig

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Pensive @ainstube . Last Hedwig show. @hedwigonbway #hedwignola #hedwig

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Goodbye wicked little town (but come back soon) #hedwignola

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majorbabysitter. One last chance to catch #hedwignola 💕 This one was special y’all. I’

One last chance to catch #hedwignola 💕 This one was special y’all. I’m beyond sad to say goodbye to her. #likethebrighteststar

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🔥 Lots of moist steamy fun 🔥 New venue for this closing weekend #hedwig #hedwignola #thesearenotmypants

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🔥 Lots of moist steamy fun 🔥 New venue for this closing weekend #hedwig #hedwignola #thesearenotmypants

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happylandtheater. This weekend only at the Happyland Theater !! #hedwignola

This weekend only at the Happyland Theater !! #hedwignola

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TNP photographer @edwardcartersimon looks (& sounds!) pretty good on this side of the 📷. Don’t miss Edward, @kimberly_kaye & the rockin’ #HedwigNOLA band in their final/extension weekend at @happylandtheater!

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