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llovingleo. EW LEO WTF IS THAT


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civilworldnews. We have our week 1 Winners! Week 2 voting will start next sunday! Have

We have our week 1 Winners! Week 2 voting will start next sunday! Have a great week folks! -Cosmo #film #factsdaily #news #movies #TV #quentintarantino #Shrek #thebiglebowski

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lyfesnerdy. Bold, yet intimate. Ad Astra is one of the best films of the year so f

Bold, yet intimate. Ad Astra is one of the best films of the year so far. It's a very emotional, human story about the relationship about a father and son, abandonment, opening up about your emotions, appreciating what you have, and so much more. Brad Pitt gives a killer performance that just makes you so damn emotional. The V.O. helps the viewer understand what the main character is feeling and going through mentally (like First Reformed) and I think it works really well. The surprising world building in this movie is, well, surprising. I wasn't expecting going into Ad Astra to see the most realistic take on what the future for space travel could be. Like hot damn, I feel like all of that will happen in the near future, like near near. And I would be murdered if I didn't mention the cinematography. The lighting, the set design, and the use of when to make a character look small, which translates to the audience how alone and, well, small, they are. All of it was extordinary. I love everything about this movie. If October wasn't right around the corner, this would very well be my favorite of the year. Go see this in theaters, you won't regret it. - I give Ad Astra a 10/10

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Ingredients for a good birthday: ✔️ One (1) adorable ceramic ghost full of Halloween candy 👻🍬 ✔️ One (1) purposely awkward bestie to consume a delicious dinner and Fun Dip with, plus a dang good movie 🍝🤪 ✔️ One (1) very best boi Buster to cuddle with on your extra day off 😽 ✔️ One (1) visit from his BFF kitty friend Spooky from next door 🐈 ✔️ Skype session with one (1) special someone who is way too far away 💻💌 ✔️ Several lovely and generous presents from family, friends, roommates, and that special someone, plus some very nice messages from some of y'all 🥰🤗 ✔️ Three (3) free scoops of delicious birthday ice cream from @jenisicecreams 🍨😋 ✔️ One (1) midnight screening of Tarantino's personal 35mm print one of your favorites at the best theater in town 📽️💯 ✔️...and two (2) wonderful coworker friends who happened to be there, too! 😄🤟 . Anyway, yesterday I turned 33, so that's how I spent it. 😌 . . . #mydayinLA #losangeles #LA #hollywood #dayoff #birthday #treatyoself #birthdayweekend #MannyMann #friends #roommates #icecream #dinner #coworkers #surprise #newbev #newbeverlycinema #quentintarantino #jackiebrown #movies #35mm #midnightmovie #movietheater #blackcat #busterbagheera #nightout #photooftheday #photoaday #365photochallenge #365photos

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onlygoodsoundtracks. You just don't get openings  like this anymore. #JackieBrown

You just don't get openings like this anymore. #JackieBrown . . . 👣 | Follow us for more @onlygoodsoundtracks . . . 🎬Jackie Brown (1997) by Quentin Tarantino. 🎶Across 110th Street - Bobby Womack🎶 🎥 IMDB: 7,5 🍅🍅 Rotten Tomatoes: 87% 🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸 #quentintarantino #tarantino #onceuponatimeinhollywood #djangounchained #pamgrier #samuelljackson #samueljackson #robertfoster #maxcherry #onlygoodsoundtracks #bobbywomack #pulpfiction

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__cynthia27__. I love feeling like this. 
#kill bill #quentintarantino #moods

I love feeling like this. #kill bill #quentintarantino #moods

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Song Spotlight “You Never Can Tell” (1964) - Chuck Berry I must say from the start Chuck Berry is not my favorite person, his criminal record is deplorable in case you didn’t know. However I can separate the art from the artist and appreciate his contribution to rock music. He’s even been called the “Father of Rock and Roll,” not sure any one man can be honored with a title like that but there’s no mistake his music aligns with the original idea of rock and roll music. Just look up some photos of the man, you can basically hear upbeat tunes emanating from his pictures. He’s responsible for a number of the most recognizable early rock tunes such as: Maybellene, Roll Over Beethoven, Johnny B. Goode, and Rock and Roll Music. This song sticks in my mind more than the others though as it was in one of my favorite movies of all time. “You Never Can Tell” also known as “Teenage Wedding” and “C’est La Vie” (French equivalent of the saying “that’s life”) was in Pulp Fiction. It appeared in Tarantino’s 1994 masterpiece during the dancing contest in which Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace competed. The song composed by Berry while in prison is about two young lovers and their life post-marriage. It’s arguably the most iconic track from one of the most iconic movies of the 90’s. Definitely worth a watch if you haven’t seen the movie and the song is worth a listen if you have a couple minutes. #chuckberry #berry #rockandrollmusic #younevercantell #pulpfiction #quentintarantino #tarantino #vegabrothers #vincentvega #johntravolta #umathurman #johnnybgoode #rolloverbeethoven #electricguitar #maybellene #blackhistory #1964 #1960s #60smusic #60s #chicago #michigan #stlouis #missouri #chessrecords #leonardchess #rock #theblues #rockstar #musicwithheart

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fabianandressolano. “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” (2019); Film estadounidense y británic

“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” (2019); Film estadounidense y británico de género drama, suspenso y comedia negra escrito, dirigido y producido por Quentin Tarantino y protagonizado por Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie y Al Pacino. La historia está ambientada en los Ángeles, específicamente en los grandes estudios de Hollywood durante 1969 y centra en la vida de dos personajes; el actor “Rick Dalton” y su amigo y doble “Cliff Booth”. De Dalton se narra su preocupación por ya no mantener la vigencia tanto en el cine como en la televisión como lo fue en los años 50 e inicios de los 60 y de Booth podemos apreciar su solitaria vida, aunque acompañada de su fiel pitbull “Brandy”, su adicción al alcohol, pero también su lealtad y solidaridad con su amigo Rick. Pero mientras disfrutamos de cada escena en donde están Leonardo DiCaprio y Brad Pitt (Que por cierto es la primera vez que actúan juntos en una película) y quienes lo hacen magistralmente hasta el final, también nos deleitamos con otros elementos que este largometraje brinda a los espectadores y a quienes admiran y han seguido la trayectoria del gran Quentin Tarantino y es ese homenaje que Tarantino, en esta, su novena producción cinematográfica le hace al cine, a Hollywood, a los géneros western, “espagueti western”, artes marciales, a las grandes estrellas de ese entonces, a sus propias películas y las producciones televisivas de la década de los 60. Toda la historia es narrada cuidando cada detalle, contando la historia del cine dentro del cine, con una dirección de arte, vestuario y una fotografía impecable, logrando esto que uno quede inmerso en ese período de la historia estadounidense, en el cual no todo era perfecto, ya que en el contexto de la contracultura hippie, la guerra fría, el mundo bipolar y la segregación racial también aparecen los fanatismos, como fue el caso de la “Familia Manson”, un grupo sectario y criminal que asesinó hace 50 años a varias personas, entre ellas a la actriz Sharon Tate, esposa del reconocido director Roman #onceuponatimeinhollywood #quentintarantino #leonardodicaprio #bradpitt #margotrobbie #alpacino #romanpolanski #films #hollywood

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king.of.rocknroll. \"Once Upon A Time... in Hollywood\" is an engaging fresco about Hollywo

"Once Upon A Time... in Hollywood" is an engaging fresco about Hollywood of the late '60s. 161 minutes of "atmospheric" and charming moods, very relaxing and immersive. An interesting reflection, Tarantino's intimistic perspective about a forgotten way of classic Cinema and Television productions in America, saying a lot about the ancient, lost he(art of making movies, of the ol' fashion spirit of the Golden Hollywood times. A slurp of magazines, metacinema, cult iconographies (peoples and places), storic broadcastings (TV and Radio always in background), an overview of social uses and beliefs, from an irrepetible and magical era. A pleasant vision. ⭐ #tarantino #quentintarantino #onnceuponatimeinhollywood #bradpitt #leonardodicaprio #cinephiles #filmlovers #movies #movie #instacinema #cinema #directors #60s #hollywood #filmmaking #oscar #bluraycollection

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namwaansnap. ชอบ Brandy มากกกก

ชอบ Brandy มากกกก #onceuponatimeinhollywood #quentintarantino

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tarantinoisms. Had a great time @newbeverly last night. Here is a little reel vs. rea

Had a great time @newbeverly last night. Here is a little reel vs. real from the film and the theater decorations. Seeing #onceuponatimeinhollywood here is an event and also you get an exclusive extra scene! . . . #tarantinoisms #quentintarantino #pulpfiction #killbill #theflintstones #saturday #saturdayvibes #jackiebrown #deathproof #reservoirdogs #inglouriousbasterds #djangounchained #thehatefuleight #onceuponatimeinhollywood #films #movies #leonardodicaprio #bradpitt #margotrobbie #sunday #sundayfunday

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namwaansnap. กาลครั้งหนึ่ง..🙊

กาลครั้งหนึ่ง..🙊 #onceuponatimeinhollywood #quentintarantino

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brickdeckard. Hattori Hanzo steel! 

Hattori Hanzo steel! #toycrewbuddies

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If you expect #Tarantino’s ninth masterpiece to be somewhat like #PulpFiction or #KillBill , change your expectations before walking into the movie theatre . #OnceUponATimeInHollywood is a homage to the Golden Age of cinema and to what LA in general and #Hollywood in particular were like at the end of the ‘60s. There’s a nostalgic and, somewhat, dreamy way of highlighting the symbols and characters of Hollywood in those years, which I loved: Sunset boulevard, drive-ins, fancy cars, bubblegums, cigarettes, spaghetti westerns, Whiskey Sours (with a cherry on top! 🍒) and Bloody Marys... Steve McQueen, Bruce Lee, Mama Cass from the Mamas and Papas, ...and, of course, Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate...and Charles Manson! Hours after watching the movie I’m still getting flashbacks and I’m pretty sure they will linger for a while. OUATIH, just like all other Tarantino movies, is a mosaic of references and quotations also from his previous films, so, although it lasts 161 minutes, you’ll probably have to watch it a second time 😅 (don’t mean to scare you, but...) Don’t expect OUATIH to flow at the speed of #ReservoirDogs or #DjangoUnchained . Think more of #JackieBrown . I won’t spoil the movie, but highly recommend you to relax, turn off any type of judgement and let Tarantino lead the way. #recomended #quentintarantino #moviefreak #insomniac #notonlywine

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spectaclespodcast. We have a BRAND NEW recording space for SPECTACLES A POP CULTURE PODCA

We have a BRAND NEW recording space for SPECTACLES A POP CULTURE PODCAST and we recorded a doozy today! Once Upon A Time In ( Post #metoo ) Hollywood is coming SOON!!!! #podcast #spectacles #spectaclespodcast #tarantino #quentintarantino #pixar #bojackhorseman #oscars #hollywood #movies #recordingstudio #opinion

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manuele_bisturi_berardi. Un film sullo sguardo, sull'apoteosi del desiderio filmico, sulla fibr

Un film sullo sguardo, sull'apoteosi del desiderio filmico, sulla fibrillazione incostante ma volitiva della passione artistica, in un momento storico e culturale di frenetico mutamento come il 1969. Anno cardine non solo per il buon Quentin, checché se ne dica, ma per tutto un movimento cinematografico e sociale che da desueto tornò ad essere vivo e vivace nell'immaginario collettivo. Cadono i vecchi archetipi, mentre nuove colonne verranno tirate su nell'immenso luna park hollywoodiano. Qualcuno, come i due protagonisti, sembra cedere il passo, mostrare il fianco, arrancare, inciampare, raggomitolarsi ai margini dell'industria pur di continuare a respirare il sogno. Il 1969 di Tarantino è puro romanticismo, è musica (tanta), auto veloci, esagerazioni, è la favola nera della redenzione e dell'amicizia, della volontà e della cialtronaggine. Un lungo giro di boa su cui fare leva per tramutare, anziché il sogno in chimera, la chimera in un sogno. Siamo su livelli altissimi di narrazione, di immagini, di volti, di corpi, di prove attoriali maiuscole e commoventi, non c'è trucco e non c'è inganno, c'è solo questa Hollywood trasognata, nel gargantuesco calderone di puro stupore. "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" è quel film che (ci) mancava, una stella cadente capace di creare un bagliore talmente grosso da stordirci e incasinarci i movimenti motori. Un po' come quando Cliff decide finalmente di fumarsi quella sigaretta intinta nell'acido. Ecco, ci siamo arrivati. Quella sigaretta. Espediente curioso, quasi poco annoverato fra le trovate di un film già di per sé esagerato. E pure, mi ritorna in mente Robert De Niro che sul finale di un altro "C'era Una Volta", quello in America, fuma il suo oppio e ci lascia con un dubbio logorante ma straordinario. Chissà che...be', se così fosse, io, mi commuoverei ancor di più. Tanto quanto su quella scritta finale che ci fa capire quanto le favole siano ancora possibili. #onceuponatimeinhollywood #quentintarantino #review #instareview #cool #instacool #followforfollow #picoftheday #like4likes #love #cinema #instacinema #instagram #hastags #instalike #magnificent #cult #lovecinema #instapicoftheday #awesome #sixties #1969 #topfilm

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"Computer: define #Summer." "Sum·​mer: the season where you never know what day it is; a period of fulfillment, discovery, strength and happiness." ☀🌊 × Looking for just 10 of the best moments lived in the past 3 months ain't easy, but it's a challenge. ⏩ Swipe next, and you'll have a look to the finest situations occurred in the brightest of the seasons. ⚠️ Be aware! Travelling was the main theme, laughs were the best #Soundtracks ever and friends were just the most perfect of the actors in this (short) story. ⚠️ 1: 6.29.19 - #AMidnightsSummerDream (even though it was just the beginning of the season): it's always a good idea to fly to London for few days, especially if there's #Shakespeare involving the visit, some #Pimms and hot days. 2: 7.14.19 - #TheStrikeThatDidntStopThem, or the story of how we reached 2600 Mt, no water, no food, no trains to get back in Milan, a bla bla car and a massive summer rainstorm. 🗻 3: 8.3.19 - #LaDolceVita, aka being silly at a 30th (birthday) while visiting friends in Roma. Always w/ @silviatoscano91 ❤️🎊 4: 8.7.19 - #TheTourists, or how we visited a temple dedicated to my sister, on her birthday. Super #inception mode. #8plus1 5: 8.13.19 - #FromRussiaWithLove1, or how to fell in love with St. Petersburg (city, people, travelling system and mostly FOOD 🍲). 6: 8.16.19 - #FromRussiaWithDisagio, or how @silviatoscano91 and I visited #Peterhof in the only day that showery rains weren't forecasted. Fools! 😂 7: 8.20.19 - #FromRussiaWithLove2, travelling w/ style from Moscow back to #Milano. Heavy hearts, but it had to be done. Goodbyes aren't farewells. 😉 8: 9.8.19 - #RifugioVittorioEmanueleII (AO), or how we reached the 3300 mt above the sea level, walked on the snow, and saw how things can change deeply in 20 yrs (a glacier doesn't exist anymore) 9: 9.19.19 - #StesBDay, or the joy to gift him false presents giving him hopeless experiences. 10: 9.21.19 - #JovaBeachParty19 + #ManusBDay, or how I survived a week full of appointments (new #quentintarantino's movie included, in preview) and I arrived at the end of it w/ the flu. Welcome back #autumn! ❤️ × × #travelling #friends #trip #writing #russia #greece #italy #hiking

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✨The San Gennaro Feast✨ Written and Directed by Quentin Tarantino • • • #sangennarofeast #sangennaro #nyc #newyork #manhattan #littleitaly #killbill #quentintarantino

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cinemalore. Quentin reading a draft of Kill Bill to Robert Rodriguez

Quentin reading a draft of Kill Bill to Robert Rodriguez

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