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I am so tired, vocally and physically, but after going through withdrawal this week from this dream show, tonight meant everything. Seeing my new friends from this theater company and meeting new ones was just a reminder of why joining and auditioning for this was one of the best decisions I have made since moving here. The pianist, Dewey, played “21 Guns” and singing that with some of the cast, with all the harmonies and “Ahhh”s to boot, made me get so emotional. Wished the whole team was there. We missed everyone. Tonight was amazing, and I hope to have many more like it with this amazing group of friends. I feel so lucky right now. I don’t take this for granted. My saving grace for not going through serious serious withdrawal from the show ending is the fact I jumped right into Hedwig music for another amazing show. However, after tonight, I just had to clutch my binder tight (as weird as that is) because it had been since the show ended that I even picked it up. Absorbing it’s positive energy when I can because it is now my souvenir from one of the best shows I have ever done. Thank You. “Remember. Whatever. It seems like forever ago” #AmericanIdiot #NYC #GreenDay #Whatsername #AWT #AmericanIdiotMusical #Theater #TheaterIsLife #TheaterIsOxygen #Musical #PunkRock #PunkRockPrincess #AfterWorkTheatre

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