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cuttothechase_reviews. PITCH PERFECT 2 (2015) • I will admit i was looking forward to this. A

PITCH PERFECT 2 (2015) • I will admit i was looking forward to this. As the first film took me by surprise. It was something I was mildly interested in seeing in theaters and was happy when that film won me over due to quirky charm and just being plain out fun like LEGALLY BLONDE and BRING IT ON. Though I can admit I didn't have to pay to see those films. So it is a different kind of joy when you see something you pay for and your gamble pays off, unfortunately like those films. The sequel doesn't contain the same magic, but comes off better than those films sequels. Even if it is more of the same only with less a filter. That might be the problem with this film is that it feels rushed and forced. The first film moved with it's own rhythms and had a predictable story that built itself up and introduced you to characters. Here the strangeness is there just to be there and the characters try to grow, but still seem the same and while introducing new characters it also gives short shrift to returning side characters. That while they have their moments. It is a lot less and those were the character that helped push the first one to be so unique and funny. The film is still predictable and has energy and fun, yet it doesn't feel the same. It feels more marketed and designed rather then random. It tries to pour on too much as with all sequels tries to make everything. Bigger instead if a simple college competition it is a international global one. Truthfully if you are a fan of the first film, you will probably enjoy this film and see it as a continuation that is not as strong, but like an encore allows you to spend some more time with the characters, almost extra footage. The film has a lackluster storyline and seems like it is killing time, most of the time. While waiting to get to the main showdown and competitions. It also seems to have lost some of it's edge which in the first film seemed flirtatious and naughty. This film seems more innocent by comparison. I guess to more center around it's teenage audience but also a younger one. 6.2/10 #Musical #Comedy #Sequel #Elizabethbanks #Annakendrick #Rebelwilson #HaileeSteinfeld #Brittanysnow #Kateysagal

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fanofalexisknapp. ~ Day 11 ~

#alexisknapp #pitchperfect #pitchperfect2 #stacieconrad #b

~ Day 11 ~ #alexisknapp #pitchperfect #pitchperfect2 #stacieconrad #bardenbellas ~ I couldn't find a pic of @alexisknapp at a radio station

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bechloe_fic_recs. Link: https://asweetmelodytrickling.tumblr.com/post/175227953043/bechl

Link: https://asweetmelodytrickling.tumblr.com/post/175227953043/bechloe-broken Author: asweetmelodytrickling on Tumblr (https://asweetmelodytrickling.tumblr.com) Author’s Summary: “Chloe’s marriage has broken down. Her kids are asleep in the back seat. She’s packed up some of their things, left her husband, and is now parked outside Beca’s apartment but doesn’t have the guts to go up. Shortly after this set of Gifs, Beca knocks on her window, and tells her to come inside. Beca scoops up Chloe’s daughter. Chloe scoops up her son. They go inside together.” This is a super angsty (I frickin’ love angst so this is perfect for anyone like me) three parter. I recommend everything by this author because she is AMAZING. I’ve linked the third part because it already has the two other parts linked. The gif in this post is the prompt (as well as the world ‘broken’). Protective!Beca and Vulnerable!Chloe. * * * * * * #pitchperfect #bechloe #bechloefanfic #fanfiction #ficrec #annakendrick #brittanysnow #halieesteinfeld #alexisknapp #becamitchell #chloebeale #emilyjunk #stacieconrad #lgbtq

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bechloe_fic_recs. Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/672218?view_full_work=true


Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/672218?view_full_work=true Author: recallthelove Author’s Summary: “The thing about being titanium is that no one can hurt you, but no one can get close enough to love you either.” Wow. Just... wow. This fic BLEW ME AWAY. My goodness. It left me speechless and I couldn’t stop reading. It’s long (I think around 12 chapters), angsty, fluffy, and perfect. * * * * * * * #pitchperfect #bechloe #bechloefanfic #fanfiction #ficrec #annakendrick #brittanysnow #halieesteinfeld #alexisknapp #becamitchell #chloebeale #emilyjunk #stacieconrad #lgbtq

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annak47. Pictures from the set of Pitch Perfect 1 (Posted in 2019) #annakendric
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bechloe_fic_recs. Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/926856

Author: lismicro on AO

Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/926856 Author: lismicro on AO3 Author’s Summary: “On a one-way trip to Los Angeles, aspiring DJ Beca Mitchell doesn’t expect her world to change. Enter Chloe Beale, photographer and journalist, who doesn’t know how to make hers stand still.” This fic is just. So fluffy yet melancholy? It is just awesome... I’m at a loss for words. * * * * * * #pitchperfect #bechloe #bechloefanfic #fanfiction #ficrec #annakendrick #brittanysnow #halieesteinfeld #alexisknapp #becamitchell #chloebeale #emilyjunk #stacieconrad #lgbtq

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