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taco_and_tuesday. 🌮🐈 Day 978 in cativity : made it the the shed. Big hoomin must have

🌮🐈 Day 978 in cativity : made it the the shed. Big hoomin must have Small hoomin on payroll // came from outta nowhere and returned me to 🏠. #putmedown #ilovegrass #freshair #lookingsad #captivity #catescape #escape #greatescape #eacapeplan #tacocat #kittygram #catstagram #thegram #gramming #cats #fatcats #britishshorthair #fml #prison #prisonbreak #oneday #freedom

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Tomorrow (9/22) evening from 6-8 pm is a protest at The Mirage Hotel & Casino on the #LasVegasStrip to raise awareness about the #dolphins who’ve been imprisoned since the late eighties. 13 dolphins have died since they were brought to the facility. 🐬**Parking at the Treasure Island and walking to the protest on the public sidewalk in front of the Mirage’s dolphin statues is suggested** The aquarium is in a breeding program with #SeaWorld which has led to the recent birth of a baby in captivity. There is an awesome group that has been advocating for the dolphins for years @mojavedolphins, but this particular protest is organized by a local activist Deborah Toro Osh (on Facebook) and @peggy_oki, longtime #vegan marine mammal advocate. 🐬 The dolphins have been documented having zoochosis (when animals in captivity slowly lose their minds and can be seen self-harming or anxiously chewing parts of their habitats) dolphin pox, sunburn as they have no shade in the areas they are exposed to (the hotel pools), a violation of the AWA act for cetaceans, and are forced to paint pictures and do tricks for guests who pay the right price. If you can, please come and represent the animals, signs will be provided! MojaveDolphins.com. #animalrights #govegan #mojavedolphins #vegasdolphins #dolphindeathpool #dolphinshow #captivity #dontbuyaticket #animalliberation #iloveanimals #vegans #veganism #vegansofig #lasvegasvegan #vegasvegan #veganinvegas #vegaslocal #vegasnightlife #lasvegas #vegas #vegasfamily #whathappensinvegas

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altitude_junkie. “Why” … .
While visiting the Los Angeles Zoo, I overheard a woman enco

“Why” … . While visiting the Los Angeles Zoo, I overheard a woman encouraging her young daughter to say “hello” to the Gorillas. “You never know, someday they might say “hello” back.” . This exchange broke my heart a little, because I knew that if I, as a Western Lowland Gorilla, had an opportunity to communicate with a human, the word “hello” would not be considered. Rather, my word of choice would be “why.” . “Why” is it that I’ve spent my entire life parading before you? . “Why” is it necessary for me to spend my entire life in this cage in order to guarantee the persistence of my kind? . “Why” are you methodically destroying my home? . “Why” do you feel the need to hunt my people to extinction, though we have never wronged you? . “Why” is your greed-induced pursuit of comfort insatiable? . … “Why”

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coldcasemurdermysteries. Available now for premium subscribers... Channeling Houdini: The Disap

Available now for premium subscribers... Channeling Houdini: The Disappearance of Sherri Papini Join host Ryan Kraus for a comprehensive psychological analysis of this baffling case. #truecrime #truecrimecommunity #truecrimepodcast #true #crime #podcasts #podcast #disappear #abduction #captivity #imprisoned #kidnapped #lies #liar #sociopath #sociopathy #freedom #escape #mystery #investigation #mentallyill #mentalillness #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #running #psychology #sociology #philosophy

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Trua, Seaworld Orlando : 🇫🇷Né à Orlando le 23 novembre 2005. Il est le fils de Takara et de Taku. C’est une Orque très curieuse et joueuse, qui interagit volontiers avec les visiteurs. Il vit actuellement avec sa grand-mère Katina, son oncle Makaio, et sa tante Malia. Il est reconnaissable à ses grains de beauté et sa dorsale qui penche vers la gauche. En 2017, il pèsait 5.500 lbs et mesurait 18 ft. Trua est très proche de son oncle et de Kayla. En 2008, il avait été placé en majeur partie avec sa mère et son grand-père Tilikum avec qui il a développé des liens très fort. Pendant des années, il était le seul à faire les représentations avec Tilikum. 🇺🇸 Born in Orlando on 23 November 2005. He is the son of Takara and Taku. He is a very curious and playful Killer whale who interacts with visitors. He currently lives with his grandmother Katina, his uncle Makaio, and his aunt Malia. It is recognizable by its moles and his dorsal which leans to the left. In 2017, it weighed 5,500 lbs and measured 18 ft. Trua is very close to his uncle and Kayla. In 2008, he was placed mainly with his mother and his grandfather Tilikum with whom he developed very strong relationship. For years, he was the only one performing with Tilikum. #marineland #zookeeper #soigneuranimalier #blackfishlies #keepthetanksfull #orca #orque #killerwhale #dauphin #dolphin #seaworld #captivity #delphinarium #seaworldcares #captivity #oceanografic #bottlenosedolphin #tursiopstruncatus #loroparque #ourspolaire #polarbear #mymarineland #blackfish is bullshit ⚠️Don’t #emptythetanks ⚠️ #peta lies

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k_j_orsss. Reposted from @dolphin_project (@get_regrann) -  Sixteen years ago whe

Reposted from @dolphin_project (@get_regrann) - Sixteen years ago when Dolphin Project founder @RichardOBarry first stood on the shores of the Cove, we didn’t have the benefit of social media to shed an international spotlight on these atrocities. We do, now – by live streaming and documenting the brutal #dolphin hunts, #Japan can no longer hide their crimes against #dolphins and #whales ⁠🐳🐋🐬🐳🐋🐬🐳🐋🐬🐳🐋🐬🐳🐋 Thanks to your activism and sharing our images and live streams, much progress has been made. #Japanese activists have come back to Taiji, stepping up their fight from within. In many parts of the world, the #captivity of dolphins and other whales has been banned. Breeding bans have been enacted. Major tour operators have stopped selling tickets to attractions that keep dolphins in captivity. The tide is definitely turning – but only because of our combined opposition to such cruelty. Read more from Ric by tapping the link in our bio!⁠ #Wakayama #stopTaijihunts #stoptheabuse #internationallegislation #internationalwaters #nationalshame #SeaWorld #dolphinarium #whale #bandolphinshows #marinemammals #marineconservation #ocean #sealife #DolphinProject #TheCove #Taiji #dolphinshow #marinebiology #marinelife #bandolphinhunting @kjorsss - #regrann

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luke_ireland92. “Here's how your medicine testers are transported between cages,  prio

“Here's how your medicine testers are transported between cages, prior to torture and death in the lab, for not only your prescription drugs, but vitamin concoctions, etc. If you're unwell, in most cases there is a phalanx of solutions awaiting your good health if only you will make the time to put these guys ahead of your quick-fix. Vegan is a lifestyle, not just a diet, and if yours is all junk food, you're going to need to learn about nutrition in order to stay well & minimize this harm to lab animals.” #VeganForTheAnimals #AnimalLovers

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Today we met this precious girl Kunari which means princess in singhalese. Beside her is her elephant whisperer who can communicate with her using up to nearly 30 words. She was saved from captivity and you can still see the marks on her legs from where she was chained up 😔 I didn’t know or consider before I came to Sri Lanka how badly these animals are treated for tourism. They should never be used for a ride, they have feelings and it’s a horrible experience for them. 💔 A new friend recommended @elephant_freedom so @immaniyoung and I have come to spend the night with this family who run the project, they give elephants the best lives they possibly can after saving them. Today we fed her and visited an Elephant dung factory where they use the waste to make products that can be sold. It’s sooo expensive to look after them. Tomorrow we are gonna bathe her 💙🐘 she’s 40+ years old! Fun fact: elephants only have 4 teeth 🦷 If you visit @srilanka I would definitely recommend visiting this place and researching the animal keepers you visit as you could be helping fund the mistreatment of these lovely animals 🐘🐘

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freeganzookeeper. @pawsark2000 and @oaklandzoo are conservation partners (read as PAWS r

@pawsark2000 and @oaklandzoo are conservation partners (read as PAWS receives grants and publicity from Oakland) and have been for years. Does that mean either of these organizations has compromised morals? Does it mean the “politics of addition” (termed by Dan Ashe - President of AZA) is allowing for more transparency and, therefore, improvements in welfare across ALL TYPES of facilities to be made? I would like to believe that coming together on matters we (animal liberationists and zoo activists) agree on (improving welfare standards, fighting wildlife trafficking) allows for us to build a bond and truly focus on SAVING SPECIES. And I think you can see from PAWS’ verbiage (“rescued” from pet trade vs “retired” from AZA zoos) has at least changed to be ever so slightly less vilifying of *some* zoos/aquaria. However, the overall sentiment of PAWS is blatantly anti-zoo. They even CONTINUE to rally behind #freebilly campaigns (LA Zoo) and “saving” Happy the elephant (Bronx Zoo) - both AZA-accredited facilities.. Oakland Zoo also houses elephants - what are PAWS views on this? Are zoos (such as Oakland) simply “playing ball” in the hopes of changing these ARA organizations minds on SSPs and the like? Or, are they simply “giving in” to the idea that ARA PR is soooo far ahead of any possible damage control that moving towards more “animal rights” ideals is the only way to survive in 20-woke-teen🙄 I feel like we as activists know VERY LITTLE about these partnerships (you would not BELIEVE the amount of digging I had to do on the PAWS website as it seems they don’t love admitting such partnerships) and I for one am interested to hear all of your thoughts so please comment below if you have *educated* opinions - and you know I love a cited source if anyone has more info🥰 http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs126/1101778242429/archive/1122372396760.html https://www.oaklandzoo.org/conservation-partners/performing-animal-wildlife-sanctuary-paws

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bornfreefoundation. Cecil was the leader of two prides, and widely recognised for his uniq

Cecil was the leader of two prides, and widely recognised for his unique dark mane before he was brutally shot by a trophy hunter. He died because one man had the means and motivation to pay to hunt him. Please help us stop this happening to other wild animals like Cecil by visiting the link in our bio.

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