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• Because some people are worth melting for. 👫🖤 Colour co-ordinated with @AashnaMalanii in @Jompers_fashion 👔 #ShivadityaBarjatya #TheGypsyRhapsody #AashnaMalani x #JompersFashion

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nunalicious28. Susahnya mendatangkan chaemistry.
#fashion #beautiful #happy #li

Susahnya mendatangkan chaemistry. . . . #fashion #beautiful #happy #like4like #followme #photooftheday #instagood #couplemodel

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9ja_youngcouple. ❤
I could not wish to be with anyone else other than you. You are perf

❤ I could not wish to be with anyone else other than you. You are perfect for me, just the way I am perfect for you. I want to make you feel like you are the only one in this world, to kiss you without reason, to hug you for warmth, to be spontaneous with you and worry about you. I want to be all that you will ever need. I love you Follow @9ja_youngcouple @ageless_osas @jiji_ejiro #lovequotes #couplesgoals #modeling #couplemodel #nigerianfood #kenya #street

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marco_nkc. 多多表情既契仔😍
👩🏻契媽同佢返去唔好拆禮物玩啦 聽日要返學喎

多多表情既契仔😍 話咁快就4歲 #17092019 搭車🚌返屋企途中 👩🏻契媽同佢返去唔好拆禮物玩啦 聽日要返學喎 👶🏻聽日唔洗返學! 👩🏻點解唔返學啊? 👶🏻因為要拆玩具! 👩🏻👶🏻最後勾勾手 即晚唔準拆 夜啦要瞓 第日先 。 。 最後契仔👶🏻老豆👨🏻 @_fungfungbb 報導 :即晚攬住成盒瞓 第二日 7 點幾起身玩 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 #生日快樂 #生日禮物

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As photographers, we have a lot going through our minds other than just clicking a button. Let me give you a little insight into what goes on into our heads while we are shooting. ​ 1) How is my composition? oh, shoot, that tree is coming out of their head let me shift a little.. wait no, the other side.  2) how is posing? That looks like a pregnancy pose lets not do that one yet... 3) Let me check my settings really quick.. and NOPE I last shot inside and you look like ghosts. (Adjusts camera settings) MUCH better! 4) I want to try something new, artsy, and something no one has tried before except everything I am thinking of is based on other photographers that inspire me. 5) Am I good enough? I am questioning all of my life decisions. ​ + 500 other thoughts ​ As all of this is going on for a solid 60 seconds we finally breathe before moving onto the next pose or location and starts all over again.

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mckinleyluciow. We tried e-scootering.. 50 seconds of it in my bio

We tried e-scootering.. 50 seconds of it in my bio

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Congratulations! You and your significant other have decided to take the next {BIG} step in your forever story, and your special day is creeping closer. 😍 Now, time to choose your photographer. Often, one of the biggest concerns that I receive is "what are your pricing packages?" Trust me, I totally understand that this is your big day and want to go all out without breaking the bank. That said, here are a few things to keep in mind if you choose to opt for cheaper wedding photography. 👇 ✦ Cheaper equipment: As a wedding photographer, we can't guarantee that on your wedding day it will be bright and sunny for those perfect candid shots. Chances are, a low-budget photographer will be limited to low-quality shots not know how to use their settings (editing can't fix everything), not knowing how to use flash poor lighting situations, or runs out of battery in the middle of your wedding. ✦ Risk of losing your photos: Life happens and sometimes we either lose our valuables or become a victim of theft. Nothing pains me more than knowing that past couples lose their precious memories to find out their photographer DID NOT BACK UP. 😱 professionals usually have 2-5 forms of backup for your day. ✦ Experience: Here's the truth: Your perfect day may take many turns and your photographer needs to be able to pivot and problem solve at a moments notice. An experienced wedding photographer can find a solution. So, take a breath and enjoy your special day! Recap: Professional, experienced photographer > than saving a few extra pennies. 📸 ​ Floral & Coordination | @bellaflorinaevents Rentals & Styling | @witty_rentals Paper Moon Photo Booth | @nicoleburbankevents Catering | @mexicocitycuisine Hair | @hair.by.jamieqrosa Makeup | @dominiquerosemakeupart DJ | @sleepinggiantmusic @djramsey Desserts | @lerendezvous.frenchbakery crown | @amaroqdesign

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#throw🔙thursday to the night before our performance for @swarovski . . This is a night we will always remember because of how TIRED we were how SORE we were lol but most of all, getting to be with our dear friends and because of their support and love we were able to get through all of our dances right then and there! . Like.... we can’t believe how great it felt to move that night and how smooth our dancing felt despite the fact that we were dead 💀😂 HAPPY THURSDAY PEEPS 🐥 . . . . . #dancetricks #dancemoves #dancecouple #coupledance #danceposee #acrodance #acrobaticdance #acroduo #duoacro #danceduo #duodance #acrotricks #performerslife #swarovskidance #dancinglife #dancerslife🎀 #wedoeverythingtogether #ohiotalent #ohioperformers #couplemodel #couplemodeling #influencercouple #socialmediamarketing #socialmediainfluencer #mediainfluencer #instagramfordancers

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Ain't nobody ever love nobody the way that I love you . . . Spray tan: @beautybylisa_leticia Photo : @catsackett MUA: @mumwithablog @alohabeautystudio

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~*-»¦«- You’re Total Top 8 Material -»¦«-*~ . . . Spray tan: @beautybylisa_leticia Photo : @catsackett MUA: @mumwithablog @alohabeautystudio

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goldisehdev16. Khuliya payiaan rehn kitaaba kamla kita tereya khwaba..

Khuliya payiaan rehn kitaaba kamla kita tereya khwaba.. . . . . . #couplelove #couplemodel #model #modellife #madeforeachother #love #photogenic @thecouplespoint

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지재부부의 여행일기. 기다리던 오스트리아 스냅사진! 흘러가는 여행시간 속 쉼표 찍기,

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ze__santana. Enchaîner


Enchaîner #2017

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dinodw94. Tidak pernah terlambat untuk menjadi seorang seniman! 👦👧#penaritradi

Tidak pernah terlambat untuk menjadi seorang seniman! #penaritradisional #penarihits #senimanmuda #senitari #penarisidoarjo #couplemodel #couplepenomenal #couplegoals

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