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That night we met up with a French man and a Spaniard through couch-surfing and went bar hopping through the city. After a bottle of wine and some Belgian beers, we wound up on a bench overlooking the city and the porcelain white basilica that watched it all from atop the hill. . At this point I was definitely past being tipsy, and I can tell you this because I spent the next hour ranting about how I felt photography was an art and how the instant gratification of smartphone cameras cheapens it. The French man beside of me, who was also a photographer didn’t really appreciate the nuances of my drunken rant on art in the digital age, because the look on his face clearly said “I have no fucking clue what you’re saying”. . At some point we all said “adeu” and Luis and I walked back to our hostel across town. I remember that the walk back was quiet. . . . #lyon #france #france🇫🇷 #travel #travelgram #travelstories #travelphotography #worldtraveler #adventure #erasmus #myerasmus #erasmuslife #studyabroad #isepstudyaborad #streetphotography #architecture #discovereu #interrail #europe #cities #travelblogger #explore

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Day 18 - Trondheim 🇳🇴 __________________ After a little bit short night in the train we arrived early in the morning in Trondheim. 🚇 Together with @maipieschi (who we got to know on the train 🤗) we met @mikkjal_dk and Simon again and started discovering Trondheim. 🌁 We climbed the Kristiansten fortress 🏰 (-> pic no. 1), saw the beautiful old and famous houses on the river 🏘 (-> pic no. 2) and last but not least the gothic Nidaros Cathedral⛪(-> pic no. 3) In pic no. 4 you can see all of us looking very happy even if the weather wasn't very good today. 😊☔ #interrail2019 #discovereu #elisaundfranziontour #trondheim

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Feeling cute might wanna delete later idk #discovereu

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Von Briançon nach Nizza und schon wird ein neues Klima und Lebensgefühl erlebbar. Enge Gassen prägen dabei die Altstadt und Kakteen, Zypressen sowie Aloen das Bild der Landschaft. Besonders der Place Masséna ist seit dem Bau der Straßenbahn, und der damit verbundenen Verkehrsberuhigung, ein besonders attraktives Fleckchen Nizza geworden. Einen besonders schönen Ausblick auf die Stadt bei Abend hat man übrigens von den Aussichtspunkten beim Fort du Mont Alban. #discovereu #interrail #nizza #nice #frankreich #castle #provence #kultur #vacation

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#DISCOVEREU 🇪🇺🚂🚄🚆😍 I am happy to announce that one month ago (18th of August, 20:15), I have finally finished my DiscoverEU journey by coming back to my second hometown Bedihošť (Olomouc Region, Czech Republic). 🇨🇿 😊 🇪🇺 🇦🇹 🇸🇮 🇮🇹 🇨🇭 🇩🇪 🇩🇰 🇸🇪 (🇦🇽) 🇪🇪 🇱🇻 🇱🇹 🇵🇱 🇨🇿 🇪🇺 In the end, the time of my 25 days lasting journey passed very fast. I can't still believe I spent almost one month out of my Fatherland. 🇨🇿 This journey brought me loads of unforgettable experiences, personal skills improvement (especially in foreign languages - Slovene, German, Danish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, English), knowledge of geography/history/culture/politics in wider European context, I have to rate everything positive because it was. But one thing on my journey was above all: the friends! I am very glad I met plenty of people during my DiscoverEU. Not only those whom I've already got to know (such as from E+ youth exchanges) but I also made new friendships with peers connected to DiscoverEU. It was a pleasure to share tips or experiences about the trips and for me also an opportunity to discover a place with a local. If I wrote a name of everybody it would be longer than my essay about ‚Fake news‘ at my "maturita" exams 😂, therefore I thank EVERYBODY whom I met. 😊 At least using all the languages: Thank you very much for everything! Hvala lepa za vse! Grazie mille per tutto! Vielen Dank für alles! Mange tak for alt! Tack så mycket för allt! Suur tänu kõige eest! Liels paldies par visu! Labai ačiū už viską! Dziękuję bardzo za wszystko! Děkuji moc za všechno! 😊 Dear European Union institutions, once more thank you very much for this opportunity for young citizens of the EU! I hope plenty of younger citizens of the EU will be interested in this amazing initiative thanks to its publicity. I don’t regret any minute I spent abroad with my Interrail ticket. I had the most culturally various holiday in my life. Never have I ever visited more than 10 countries during 1 month. I could discover different "lifestyles" in ~1000 km radius. According to my personal division: Alpine, Southern, Switzerland (always neutral 😂), Nordic, Baltic and Slavic. 😄

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🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Day 22: spend my last travel day mainly in trains (obviously), but also got the chance to walk around LONDON again for a short time before I got back to COLOGNE. I don’t want this trip to be over yet... #london #bruxelles #brussels #brüssel #cologne #köln #england #belgium #belgique #belgien #germany #deutschland #interrail #discovereu @youdiscovereu

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Kamala museo, hirveen hyvät hampparit, tissiflekin metsästys, pummi matkat ratikalla, pankkiautomaatille juoksu, bilis ja sidukka bisse, siitä oli tämä päivä tehty. #discovereu #interrail #ostinnaisennytvieläpitäälöytäämies

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europe_braganca. Tens 18 anos e és cidadã ou cidadão europeu? Agarra a oportunidade de

Tens 18 anos e és cidadã ou cidadão europeu? Agarra a oportunidade de partires à descoberta da Europa com o DiscoverEU! + Info sobre o Programa #DiscoverEU em https://europa.eu/!xy87xq #IstoéEuropa

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La Défense 🏙 #ladefense

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immmnnnn. Zurich 🇨🇭
#discovereu #zurich #switzerland

Zurich 🇨🇭 #discovereu #zurich #switzerland

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Angekommen 🥳 Fazit des Tages: •DB ist so semi-zuverlässlich •unser Hostel ist supi •das Bier kann man trinken (süßlich im Nachgang, erinnert etwas an Pale Ale aber nicht ganz so ekelhaft aber dennoch ein Genuss, teuer) •die Pizza war ****geil •wir freuen uns auf morgen Liebe Grüße 😗 F&F #amsterdam #interrail #discovereu

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just wanted to let you all know I sat on the world’s longest bench #discovereu

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paris day 3 got lost somewhere 😂 Louvre again, Montmarte & Père Lachaise, also I cant do horizonts🌅 . #discovereu #interrail #paris #louvre #montmartre #solotravel @youdiscovereu

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Monachium 🇩🇪 @p.darka @p.darka #backpackingthrougheurope

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