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Being a mother is giving a birth to a child by Jeanne Uwizeye

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What if. . What if I had not looked up from the ground? From my phone? From my conversations with friends? From the enticing mishti shop to my right? . What if we had not wanted to go to a part of a country that so few foreigners venture to? What if I had not met the greatest friends and travel mates, and most incredible strangers in a country I never thought I’d visit, let alone live in? . What if I had not taken a chance to be open-minded and form my own opinions of a place that now turns out to be my 2nd favorite part of the world? . I would not have come face-to-face with this man, I would not have felt this moment, so raw with power and wonder and curiosity from both sides of my lens. He stared at me, as I stared at him for what seemed like hours. Two totally different worlds, colliding in this one moment, on this one street off the main road in a small town whose name doesn’t even show on Maps, near Chittagong. A tiny smile from me, a tiny smile from him. . I think of this moment, this shot often. . Because in 3 days, had the above all not happened, I then spotted him again … in a different part of town, miles from where I first saw him. The same man! The same rickshaw …. the same clothes, still. Sitting amongst traffic, he blended in among all the other rickshaws - I almost missed him. But those eyes, that face, that look, that one past moment … unforgettable. . When you open yourself to new experiences, new places, new mindsets … stay curious, see the micro, love the macro, revel in the serendipity. Another meaning to “clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.” .
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Family Photos. Amsterdam and D.C.

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ytheetat. Day 54

Day 54

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ghetto snow whiter

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tattooedbubble. “The Spell” by DH Dowling

“The Spell” by DH Dowling

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