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When asked of my ideal life I normally mention a small home on top of a beautiful mountain with just enough room for me and a dog (or two or three or twelve). There would be no cell phone service and my most difficult question every morning would be which mountain I want to ascend from my front door… or in the case of bad weather, the ideal number of blankets and pillows that must be compiled on the floor of the living room to build the perfect fort to tuck myself away in all day. The more I think about this life the more aware I am that it may also be the plot of a prequel to “the Grinch” - but a few mornings standing on a front porch with a coffee in hand surrounded by mountains to hike solidified that (at least) a chapter of my life will be spent in a high alpine cabin. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ My blog about the closest I have ever been to this dream life of mine is live. Check it out via the link in my bio.

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explorers.cottage.capebreton. Pre-holidaying with fall table settings already! ✨Here is another one

Pre-holidaying with fall table settings already! ✨Here is another one of my grandmother's hand embroidered tablecloths. ✨Here is a wonderful five star review from a recent guest who was so kind and thoughtful: "This is an amazing place to get away from it all and spend special times with family and friends. Andra is a wonderful thoughtful host and is quick to answer any questions you may have. This beautiful home is nestled in the woods in Kempt Head with gorgeous grounds that lead down to the bras d,or lakes.I cannot say enough about the space and unique lay out of this home. I hope to get back soon!!" #capebreton #saveur #novascotia #visitcapebreton #explorecanada

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R E D B L A C K S : It’s GAME DAY! Only 3 home games left this season, so come enjoy the last Saturday of summer at Lansdowne! RNation Block Party: 4PM-7PM (Aberdeen Square) Transit starts at: 4PM (free for ticket holders) Shuttles/Bike n Park: 5PM Kick-off: 7PM #visitlansdowne #lansdownelive #RNation #LetErRip

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aaron_carpenter_photography. \" Abstract Autumn \"
I went for a walk in the woods yesterday, as the l

" Abstract Autumn " I went for a walk in the woods yesterday, as the light was wonderful, and decided to do some abstract work, this is part of an on going body of work I've named " Wild Focus". This technique is widely known as " Intentional Camera Moment ", I focus part way into the seen and used a slow-ish shutter speed of 1/2 second and slightly panned from top to bottom, adjusted the saturation, hue, contrast, colour balance, in camera, no post production manipulation, 100% out of the camera. Pentax K200D; 50mm f/1.8 lens at f/6.3; 1/2 sec; ISO 100. #pentax #ricoh #pentaxk200d #50mm #walkinthewoods #autumn #explorenewbrunswick #explorecanada #intentialcameramovement #abstract #abstractphotography

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*caption this* •••••••••• 🎨 @trashhecticcollective in @exploreedmonton

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This bicycle silhouette just caught my eye and I needed a shot of it. 😁

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🇨🇦🌲🏔 . . . . Sap alert (not the tree kind): I am unbelievably lucky to have these 4 amazing human beings as “built-in” best friends. We navigate the hard times and celebrate the good, together. Here’s to more of the good stuff 🤘🏼

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Pictures can only do enough to get you here!! It is so beautiful and YES the water really is that blue. 😊 • • • #nofiltersneeded #morainelake #banffnationalpark #canada #explorecanada #explorebanffnationalpark #bluelakes #glaciers #snowpeaks

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Great weekend 😊☀️🤗 @Haldimandbeach

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Searching for whale murals wherever I go 🐋

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La brume sur les marais, les couleurs qui se pointent, le chant des oiseaux : quoi demander de mieux pour débuter la journée! Mist on the marshes, colors that stand out, song of birds: what a better way to start the day! #lacsaintcharles #marais #tourismejacquescartier #nature #paysage #colorful #autumn #quebec #villequebec #clicquebec #qcaccent #quebeccity #macapitale #explorecanada #canada

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☟ Life is Full of Highlights and Shadows 📸 by @teodora.gran . ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ➤ #inside_TO ➤ Selected by @alan_chakota

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w7.w_. اكتب خمس كومنتات ولك نشر

@w7.w_ @w7.w_ @w7.w_

اكتب خمس كومنتات ولك نشر @w7.w_ لايك/كومنت/فولو @w7.w_ @w7.w_ @w7.w_ @w7.w_ من الاكسبلور فولو يا حلو😞 #exploreeverything #neverstopexploring #explorejakarta #explore #explorer #explorealberta #explorebandung #exploretocreate #exploreindonesia #exploremore #exploreeverything #explorecanada

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Looking for another fun lunch place in #OldMontréal? Try @dandy.mtl. Think juicy buttermilk fried chicken sandwiches and pillowy squash gnocchi with green apples. I’m also a little biased because everything is served on @lecreusetcanada #MinimalistDinnerware in Meringue and Matte Navy! #ChuonMTL #DandyMTL #mtlmoments

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Have you ever seen something so beautiful in pictures and think there is no way possible it looks just as beautiful in person? Well I am hear to tell you that no filters are needed while picture taking in Banff National Park. The water IS THAT blue and it really IS THAT beautiful! • • • #explorecanada #explorebanff #beautifulhikes #morainelake #crystalclearbluewater

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