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It was 1°F this morning, and I still made it to all my lectures and I call that a win 🤪(swipe for my main motivation to get out of bed). ✨ Do you guys like these random filler posts between my fitness and recipe content? Drop a comment to let me know 💕 ✨ That’s all for this one, folks! ✨ #itscoldoutside

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Everyone’s #transformation is a little bit different. Some people want to lose weight, while others want to gain it. Some people want to build muscle while other want to “tone”. Some people could care less what number is on the scale while others are driven & motivated by that number! • - Whether you are super into running or whether your super into lifting weights. No matter if you prefer at home workouts or gym workouts ... Whether you prefer daily workouts designed for you or you prefer winging it. Group or Solo Workouts! Find YOUR routine! YOUR happy medium. Find YOUR style! YOUR happy! • - Don’t put yourself into a “box” because Gina to the right or Jenny to the left is doing it one way or the other! Do you ladies & gents, DO YOU! • - Personally, for me it depends on the season! I change it up and prefer all of the above different times of the year & constantly redirect based on life’s never ending curve balls! • _ Make your #goals bigger than your #excuses • - For me, today’s workout consisted of a 2 mile warm up run on the treadmill and then I snagged a quick #legday {less than 30 minutes for a killer leg day}! • - Overall, my workout only took up 45 minutes of my day. Given there is 1440 minutes in a day {24 hours}, that’s an extremely small percentage of my day! My workout took less than 1 hour of my time. To be exact less than .03% of my day! • - Did I want to stay in bed this morning? Sure did! Am I glad I rolled out of bed & got in that #workout ... Yep sure am! Why? Because I have goals! • - Check this #transformationtuesday progress ! • - Left, exactly 1 year ago today! Right: First thing this morning! • - #progresspicture #workoutmotivation #transformationtuesday #gymmotivation #athomeworkouts #gymlife #momswholift #momswhorun #girlswholift #bamr #rlag #tuesdaymotivation #myfitnessjourney #werun2019 #inspiringwomenrunners #strengthtraining #igfit #igfitness #igfitmoms #igfitnessfreaks #mytransformation #weightloss #gymlife #fitlife #womensfitness #strongwomen

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bradleykuzawinski. Post workout feels. Get up and move it’s good for your soul 😌. Happy

Post workout feels. Get up and move it’s good for your soul 😌. Happy Tuesday #iam1stphorm💪🏽 #1stphorm #tuesday #alphalete #gymmotivation #legionofboom #november #chestday

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nickmcc.fitness. Had a ab day today I’m sore af

Had a ab day today I’m sore af

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NADA REEMPLAZA EL TRABAJO DURO!!! ORGULLOSO DE TU GRAN DISCIPLINA Y PERSEVERANCIA DIETA 100% SIN FALLOS EXCELENTE TRABAJO DENTRO Y FUERA DEL GYM GRACIAS POR CONFIAR EN NOSOTROS FOTO 1 PRIMEROS 15 DIAS CUMPLIDOS ALUMNA : @dulce_paria FOTO 2 PRIMEROS 30 DIAS CUMPLIDOS ALUMNA: @belly_ely REPORTE Y EVALUACIÓN DE FOTOS COMPARATIVAS ☠🔥💪 CUANDO HAY COMPROMISO CON UNO MISMO Y TU COACH EL CIELO ES EL LÍMITE TU PUEDES MUCHO MAS Y LO SABES PASO A PASO FIRME ESTO RECIÉN COMIENZA OBJETIVOS CLAROS Y GARANTIZADOS 👌💪 PROGRESO EVOLUCIÓN CONSTRUYENDO UNA NUEVA ARMADURA 😏😊💪🏻 COACH : @pecastrong @strong_and_fitness @patourzuaifbb GYMASTERPRO STYLOFIERRO ASESORÍA Y ENTRENAMIENTO +56956741446 #bodybuilding #muscle #fitnessaddicted #gym #musculation #gymmotivation #Workout #modebeast #training #transformation #nopainnogain #gohardorgohome #nutrition #focus #gymtime #preparation #couple #viñadelmar #personaltrainer #alumnos #personalizado #motivation #fitness #coach #chile #ifbb #fechiff #lifestyle #strong

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ff10henderson. Bring friends or family with our VIP membership to help you stay motiv

Bring friends or family with our VIP membership to help you stay motivated! Join for only $10 and your 1st month's dues are free when you join our VIP membership! #fitness #gymmotivation #fitnessmotivation

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cheer.routines. World Cup Starstruck 2015-2015💛
✨Tag someone who cheers at World Cu

World Cup Starstruck 2015-2015💛 - ✨Tag someone who cheers at World Cup!✨ -

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It’s been a while since I posted an abz workout 🤪 4 rounds, here we gooo! 👊🏻 Weighted crunches x30 Leg lifts x15 Reverse crunches x30 Mountain climbers x1 min

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littlefitnessbunny. #transformationtuesday 
𝗶𝘁𝘀 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝘃𝘀. 𝘆𝗼𝘂

Most of us are bus

#transformationtuesday 𝗶𝘁𝘀 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝘃𝘀. 𝘆𝗼𝘂 Most of us are busy people who make countless commitments to others before ourselves. You can’t pour from an empty cup. Do one thing you need for YOU today that leaves you feeling happier & healthier. 🌿

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It’s way more than lifting weights and building muscle for me it’s my mental and physical therapy. Remember greatness isn’t born it is made! Be humble, be hungry and ALWAYS be the hardest worker in the room. - Dwayne @therock Johnson

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Last week, a fat loss coaching client sent me her morning weight, upset that it was so high. She couldn't believe how much weight she gained after only ONE weekend of a few too many drinks and cookies. 🥂🍷🍪🍪🍪 She may not have accomplished that week's goal, but that morning weigh-in reminded her that she couldn't keep pounding wine and cookies AND expect to watch the scale drop. That's just ONE reason we use daily weigh-ins in the Nick Deacon Fat Loss and Weight Loss Coaching programs. 👉 Weighing yourself daily is a reminder that everything you put in your body DOES have an effect towards (or against) your body composition goal. But it's not just good for keeping you accountable... How do you know your plan made any progress this month if you haven't measured anything? "I've been really good this week! I FEEL like I've lost weight so I MUST have lost weight..." I've got bad news... I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, but your body lies. The FEELING of progress doesn't mean much. You can't draw meaningful conclusions from feelings. And fat loss from week to week isn't something that you can really feel. 👉 Weighing yourself daily will give you stone cold PROOF that you've made weight loss progress (or not) over the last month. And even if you've NOT made progress, that's okay. The data is STILL valuable. It's simply an indicator that something in your approach needs to change. But don't be hasty! Sometimes if you're only weighing yourself once a week (or less), you won't have a good idea when to adjust your program. You might have caught that one weigh-in on the highest day of the week, but that doesn't mean you should scrap your program! Your body can easily fluctuate 5-10lbs just in water weight and food volume. That can make infrequent weigh-ins confusing. 👉 Weighing yourself daily provides context and reveals the ebb and flow of your numbers If you're ready to take your weight loss goals seriously, do yourself a favor. 👉 Weigh yourself daily. Keep it simple. Don't agonize over it and weigh yourself later... Get a measurement and get on with your life.

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D U B 🌛 J arrive à tout les coup à 4 pattes maintrnant comme @dorian_dr Le mime🤣🤜🏾🤛🏾 Les 2 tour sont là : Bossons sur l axe maintenant☻

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mateusz.miklas. Plecy zrobione pod moim skromnym okiem z @sebastian.czlapinski, za to

Plecy zrobione pod moim skromnym okiem z @sebastian.czlapinski, za to on odwdzięczył się konkretnym treningiem klatki piersiowej, natomiast Pani @koziolkowa93, której niestety nie widać na zdjęciu zaproponowała nogi na sam koniec, gdzie tutaj mogę śmiało powiedzieć, że to była wręcz wisienka na torcie 😂 Trening był udany, a w takim towarzystwie to nawet dobra zabawa 💪😂 @yama_750r @mateusz.miklas #fitness #gym #fit #workout #motivation #fitnessmotivation #bodybuilding #training #fitfam #health #love #lifestyle #instagood #healthy #gymlife #muscle #follow #like #sport #fitspo #fashion #fitnessmodel #instafit #crossfit #photooftheday #photography #gymmotivation #exercise #fitnessaddict #silownia

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