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Ok, so I'm re-posting this full picture because I was being an idiot before. John Cameron Mitchell was so lovely, more so than I would even expect. He has a lot of time for everyone and was so warm and friendly. I managed to not act like the biggest idiot and I didn't tell him that every single day since 2001, I start my morning routine by moisturizing a Tommy Gnosis cross on my forehead. I did, however, thank him for coming to Australia. I feel incredibly lucky. Can't wait for the show at @atqpac! @maureenwyse and I are super pumped!

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jacquelinesansonetti. John Cameron Mitchell @artscentremelbourne. No words. See you in Brisb

John Cameron Mitchell @artscentremelbourne. No words. See you in Brisbane! #hedheadsontour

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The Origin of Love Tour, Brisbane. Sweet Jesus, this was something else! I don't make big calls like this often, but this is definitely one of the best shows I have ever, and probably will ever, see. Never have I struggled more to not sing at the top of my voice. If it wasn't for the Wig In A Box singalong, there is a very good chance I might have actually burst.

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And you're shining like the brightest star... John Cameron Mitchell. I never thought I'd see him perform live. I missed his Broadway performance of Hedwig by a month and was devastated. How does it even come about that this tour would not only come to Australia but begin here?! I feel incredibly lucky. Hedwig has been a big part of my life. I'm going to follow @johncameronmitchell's voice all the way to Brisbane and I cannot wait! #hedheadsontour

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