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I much prefer working on my winter body ❄️ @hrhdaytonabeach

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realtampa. 😂😂😂😂 - it’s Hillsborough Community College

😂😂😂😂 - it’s Hillsborough Community College

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What we see depends mainly on what we look for. -John Lubbock artistry|education|mentorship

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Not that anything really changes...but...Summer is sun-setting and we’ll see y’all for the “Fall”. 🌻📸: @codieannie

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Today was a pretty wonderful Sunday—we admittedly were a little dazed having woken up from a food coma due to last night’s @AbandonsChefsTable event, but we had the best recovery meal at @OnSwann (the Tomato Soup, Asparagus Soup & Gemelli Pasta were delightful!), followed by family time while we celebrated B’s 3rd birthday. My heart is happy and my tummy is full—and at the end of the day, that’s all I can ask for! 🥰 • • • • • #thisjenngirl #Tampablogger #Floridablogger #FLblogger #Tampainfluencer #southernblogger #theeverydaygirl #petiteblogger #darlingmovement #flashesofdelight #thehappynow #petitejoys #hiddenTampa #igersTampa #TampaCollective #Tampafood #Tampafoodie #Floridafoodie #Tampaeats #TampaBayeats #TBeatsout #thingstodoinTampa #Tampabae #StPeteeats #StPetefood #StPetefoodie

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“May your hands always be busy May your feet always be swift... May you stay forever young.” Bob Dylan 🎶 . . A with this #cleargram by @dananicolephotography we end our day celebrating sunsets. But also art, life, hope, and wonder. . . @jeremiahkhokhar here and I bid you all good night! ✌🏽

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I’d like to thank everyone that came out to the show today! I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know. I also want to thank everyone who showed love and support for this show and my work over the years. This is a very special show for me because of the memories I’ve created in Ybor. I have made friends here, connected with strangers and have captured moments that can never be recreated. My love for street photography began on the streets of Ybor City. It’s great to have the opportunity and platform to share it with all of you. Special thanks to @macyeatspaint for curating the show, @frikidonya for a dope DJ set, @bekkybeukes for the show prep work and the staff at @thebunkerybor The show will be up until October 20th so if you’re in Ybor stop by and check it out!

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"God is not mad at you; He is madly in love with you!" Caleb's message today was powerful and needed 🙌 If you missed it, you can rewatch it on facebook or search for our podcast TRPtampa in Spotify 😊

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We've got new hair dryers and a new flat iron in! Top quality products that we use ourselves! Drop in or get what you need at your next appointment! While supplies last! 💜💜💜 . 403 East Oak Avenue, Tampa . #stasiasorganic #stasiasorganicelement #tampabay #tampa #organicsalon #hair #downtowntampa #tampaheights #tampariverwalk #tampalife #hairlife #organiclife #hiddentampa #tampasalon #tampasalons #eco #ecofriendly #organic #vegan #noanimaltesting #healthy #florida #hairdryer #flatiron #tampalifestyle #tampaflorida #tampahairstylist #tampahair

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Meatballs with house pomodoro and parsley from @eatforbici! *also available in a vegetarian version* 😋🍝 #ThisBabeEats #eatforbici #tbeatsout

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I got the chance to try out @moleyabuelatampa Tampa this week with @yelptampabay. I couldn’t decide which one I liked better frose or margarita 🤔. Which one do you like better? #fitfoodie #yelptampabay #moleyabuelatampa #tampabaes #tampafoodie #yelpelite #downtowntampa #tampacollective #whenintampa #hiddentampa #tampaeats #naturalcurls #curls #naturalhair

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tampalaundryco. Whose got kids uniforms piling up!? Schedule your pick up and delivery

Whose got kids uniforms piling up!? Schedule your pick up and delivery and get them sanitized every week! https://www.tampalaundry.com/contact #tlc #tampalaundryco #laundromat #tampa #shopgandy #tampalaundry #southtampa #savetime #wecareaboutyourdirtylaundry #thinkcleanthoughts #whenintampa #tampaliving #hiddentampa #dostufftampabay

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There are many facets to food in Ayurveda, one facet I didn’t give much attention to until learning more in my training, was experiencing the SIX TASTES! Ayurveda teaches that the moment we ingest food, saliva initiates the sense of taste through the taste buds on our tongue. In Ayurveda, the taste buds have a direct connection to specific organs of the body. When we eat a balanced diet that includes ALL of the tastes, our organs are positively affected. * How are you experiencing the SIX TASTES? * * Sweet - Thyroid Sour - Lungs Pungent - Heart & Stomach Bitter - Spleen, Liver & Pancreas Salty - Kidney Astringent - Intestines * * photo from @unsplash - Markus Spiske * * #ayurveda #balanceandbliss #mindbodysoulspirit #hiddentampa #livinghealthy #selfcaredaily #naturalglow #greenbeauty #spatampa

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Many Tampa Home Buyers tell us they struggle to find a modern or contemporary home. With limited inventory, there are not many to choose from. And finding a new home in the 400s that looks modern throughout is difficult. What you may think is modern when you look further may have carpet or traditional features inside — which takes away from the contemporary lifestyle & modern appeal. That’s why we started building homes like #3712WestElrod. If you’re looking for an open-concept, 4 bedrooms, modern home in the South Tampa area look no further. Elrod offers you a stunning modern home that is only in the 400s. For more details 🔗 visit our website @arjenhomes

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Enjoy 50% off our famous Frosé during our Daily Happy Hours! 🍷🍓 . 📅 Happy Hour is EVERY Monday - Friday from 5pm - 7pm and EVERY Saturday & Sunday from 3pm - 6pm!! . #Frose #HappyHour #DowntownTampa #DrinksWithFriends #MoleYAbuela . 📸 Photo Credit: @brunchbubblyandbrew

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nebraskaminimart. Hi. Meet our chicken wings. These guys are tossed in malaysian chili p

Hi. Meet our chicken wings. These guys are tossed in malaysian chili paste and sprinkled with fried garlic.... grab a napkin and come DIG IN.

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anthonymareo. If you had a penny for every time you gave your heart away 🏀

If you had a penny for every time you gave your heart away 🏀

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When you go all-out on your All-In Bowl! 😋🙌🏼 #TacoDirty

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Yesterday’s Holistic Health and Hormone Clinic was such a success! Thank you for everyone who attended. 🌱 • • Huge thank you to Jillian Warwick @livewellbeyond and @back2normalpt for providing us with priceless knowledge. Topics included: nutrition🍎, supplementation, water sources 💧, regulating cycles, balancing hormones , nutrition plans, where and how to grocery shop, sugar, alcohol 🍷 and so much more! 🤯 Also, a huge shout out to our awesome vendors: @wholebodyfuel who is merging with @freshpreplife and will be our go-to meal prep company that we recommend to our members. 🥦🍅🥒• • @sfh and @suzie_sfh for offering samples and exposing our members to even more of the quality products that you offer. 💪🏼 • • And @motherkombucha for the refreshing teas. So happy we got to try your new flavor, Goji Grape! 🍇😍 We’ll be hosting more of these types of clinics in the future. So if you weren’t able to attend, keep your eyes peeled for the next! 😉 • • BIG shout out to @mooremediacompany for this awesome video!! 📸 #holistichealing #nutrition #holistichealth

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shibuitampa. We hope that you are ready for the AMAZING flavors that we are going t

We hope that you are ready for the AMAZING flavors that we are going to be introducing to Downtown Tampa with @ShibuiTampa! 😎🔥 . #ComingSoon #ShibuiTampa

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realtampa. Gasparilla ‘94

Gasparilla ‘94

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realtampa. 2000s View from University Mall

2000s View from University Mall

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realtampa. My View👀

My View👀

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realtampa. 2004-2005: Tom G [@TomG813] saying “#Cappin” In Hottest in the South f

2004-2005: Tom G [@TomG813] saying #Cappin” In Hottest in the South ft. @davidbanner.. I still love this song

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