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Найдите для себя время. Потанцуйте. Это так оживляет, вдохновляет и захватывает! Когда ты танцуешь — ты живёшь‼️❤️🔥🔥🔥 . . . . #sanechka

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1..1,2..1,2,3..,1,3,4..1,5... 1,5,6..1,6,..1,7..7..7!! SEVENNN!!! *If you don't get this reference.. unfollow this account, go home, re watch friends you uneducated swine!.. and ONLY once you understand may you come back!* . Ain't this is just spit on your neck, kick you in the crotch FANTASTIC!! This tastes just like Kinder Buneo.. No! This IS Kinder Buneo!! Some magical creature has stolen the secret recipe and bottled it in a delicious jar so us mear pessents may experience some small form of joy. Honestly *and we both know autistics can't lie* this tastes as though I have died, gone to heaven and because carbs don't count and sugar doesn't make you fat in the land of Jesus I am eating it all, one beautiful jar at a time with no ramifications, complications or deliberations! . This deserves the most akwardly aggressive slut drop with two BIG thumbs in the air... I just don't care! IT IS JUST THAT GOOD!! 18/10 autistic thumbs! . I didn't expect much.. especially from a supermarket's own.. but hands down this under dog is stepping up to the plate with all the taste and all the bleeping flavour! *Puts the jar of biscoff back on the shelf and grabs ALL the Morrisons hazelnut spread.. BECAUSE JOEY DON'T SHARE FOOD!!* . Haha can you tell I am excited about the Friends anniversary coming up?! #throwbackthursday

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sukhanova_marusita. #horeo by @kramer0421 😻 Трек не новый, но люблю его давно 🔥👌 #zumba

#horeo by @kramer0421 😻 Трек не новый, но люблю его давно 🔥👌 #иркутск

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Про импровиз . Очень часто танцоры не могут отпустить свою голову и тело от заученных хоряжек и не могут выйти из зоны своего комфорта, что значительно тормозит их рост.. . Импровизация-это отличная возможность погрузиться в себя и дать себе волю во всем. Это работа с собой, своим внутренним Я) . Я безумно люблю импровиз и растворяюсь в нем. Обожаю, когда включают разные треки, не характерные мне, ведь именно в этом ты можешь примерять на себя разные маски и образы, пробовать нечто новое, новые формы, по-другому раскрывать себя и свое тело... . Танцоры, а каково ваше мнение о импровизации? Музыка @ivanga_pro #choreographer

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dasha_fomicheva_13. Сегодня был очень трудный день) Но мы справились! Впереди нас ждёт бол

Сегодня был очень трудный день) Но мы справились! Впереди нас ждёт больше спасибо подружкам за все, за помощь и поддержку, за радости и смех) Всех люблю 😘 #танцоры #детитанцоры #танцуютвсе #dance #dancespase #horeo #teensportgala #люблютанцевать #тыиядружнаясемья

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👫Моя армия Zumba kids старательно готовится к новогодней фитнес-вечеринке.🎄Для кого -то это уже не первая вечеринка, а для некоторых крошек это первый опыт выступать на таком масштабном мероприятии. 💫 Но все они с нетерпением ждут своего выступления. 🤗 ⠀ А вы готовитесь, ждёте новогоднюю вечеринку ??? #zumba #zumbafitness #zumbatime #zumbavologda #zumbarussia #zumbadance #dance #zumbafamily #zumbacommunity #zumbaparty #zumbavideos #video #dancevideos #zumbahoreo #horeo #russia #vologda #fitness #fitnessvologda #zumbakids

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themoodyautisticfoodie. Full moon...
*Big 'ungodly and frankly very unlady like' size bite bec

Full moon... *Big 'ungodly and frankly very unlady like' size bite because the only thing angelic about me is my youthful face* Half moon... *ANOTHER monstrous size bite.. I am a pig and quite frankly I am okay with it* *Now with a mouth full of Oreos* Total eclipse.. (biscuit crumbs flying everywhere while I sit here so chuffed with myself that I made "a funny". . Today has taught me that.. OREOS = LIFE. OREOS ARE > THEN BOYS.. ALL BOYS! MOST PEOPLE AND A GOOD PERCENTAGE OF GYM LEGGINGS.. NOT ALL.. BUT MOST! Basically I've had a crappy day because of crappy people and NOW my favourite gym leggings have ripped. BUT silver lining means that my legs have gotten bigger so.. in theory I now have massive legs that can crush my enemies, like those scary Russian girls on YouTube crushing watermelons... once see it can not be unseen. RIP to all the watermelons that have been slayen by phycotic ladies that seem to have forgotten watermelons are for eating! You're not supposed to put them there!! . Happy MF Sunday everyone 🥳

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unknown_.gir.l. привет. я девочка, у которой нет мечты. у этой девочки есть цели.

привет. я девочка, у которой нет мечты. у этой девочки есть цели. ⠀ ⠀я хочу стать танцором. при чем я не хочу профессиональное образование, я хочу всеобщего признания меня, как танцора. ⠀ ⠀я хочу полюбить себя. я уже на пол пути, а сейчас хочу продолжить этот путь с вами. ⠀ ⠀я хочу свободно разговаривать на английском. я знаю английский, но всегда делаю кучу ошибок в разговоре. ⠀ ⠀у меня есть конкретные цели, которых я хочу достичь. и я хочу поделиться тем, как я их достигаю. оставайся со мной, будет круто🔥🤙🏻 ⠀ ⠀ #танцы #танцор #хорео #хореография #dance #dancer #horeo #horeography #английский #образование #учеба #школа #study #education #school #самооценка #любовьксебе #любовь #love #lovemyself #selfesteem

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themoodyautisticfoodie. Apparently the only food group colour I eat is brown.. .
Chocolate.. i

Apparently the only food group colour I eat is brown.. . Chocolate.. it comes in many shades of brown. Lotus Biscoff biscuits.. they are also a shade of brown.. a light brown. Oreos.. you could argue, a very dark brown. Cookies.. are made up of different hues of brown. Doughnuts.. a magical rainbow of beige.. a type of brown . Morral of the story.. if it's sugary, brown and hasn't come out of a mammal.. it's on my page AND I have enjoyed it most definitely. . #flashbackfriday to one of my favourite wacky autistic creations... 'The dirty cereal'. All the fun of "dirty oats" without actually having to eat the oats.. I don't like oats. I think it's a texture thing.. or a taste thing.. or a I don't like eating things that look or taste like it's part of an art lesson thing.. who really knows. All I know is that I am hungry and I want SUGAR. FATTY WANT SUGAR! Swipe right for your perfect match.. I wish people where like carbs. Sweet, tasty, good for the soul, made you happy and never left you because a packet of Oreos can't walk.. . Hormones + cravings + rest day (so no carbs) = aggy fatty from Tub Town, that wants to eat ALL the carbs. Not today Satan! Not today!

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Guess who FINALLY found the new @lotusbiscoffuk chocolate bottomed biscuits. . Chocolate bottomed biscuits make the rocking world go round! *Air guitar solo* . The change is suttle.. like dying your hair a slightly darker shade. Your boyfriend hasn't noticed but bitch you're still beautiful so.. slay kween.. slay! . The added Chocolate is a welcome addition but a very subtle change. I'm going to stay team OG but we both know I hate change.. so I say.. Two nervous Autistic thumbs up as I liked them but I do not feel comfortable with the tides of change.. happy but unsure. Confused but excited.. . even though you know Chocolate bottom biscuits are a good change, they will make you happy. They are something new.. basically I am complicated and frightened. Like a rubics cube left in a late night screening of Dr Sleep. . A solid 9/10. But when you add them to some white chocolate Oreos, dark Reese cups and a bowl full of Coco pops.. doom digidgy the party gets started! 15/10!!

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dasha_fomicheva_13. Ребенок всегда способен преподать взрослому три урока: он весел безо в

Ребенок всегда способен преподать взрослому три урока: он весел безо всякой причины, всегда чем-то занят и умеет любой ценой добиваться желаемого. Марк Твен #воспоминания❤️ #детки #танцую #танцор #красивыедети #dancer #teamsportsgala #team #horeo #люблютебя #москва #лучшийребенокнасвете

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tanjusyafitisova. Первый день аттестации!! Основы классической хореографии, просто 🔥🔥�

Первый день аттестации!! Основы классической хореографии, просто 🔥🔥🔥@ukrainian_psf #аттестациятренеров #polesport #power #classic #horeo #тяжеловучении

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Пятница 🔥 Сегодня танцуем , ребят 🔥 #танцы #дуэт #жарко #dance #dancers #horeo #top #hot #beautiful #tancy

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juliana_antonenko. Победитель проекта «Танцуют Все» Талантливый Ильдар Гайнутдинов сегодн

Победитель проекта «Танцуют Все» Талантливый Ильдар Гайнутдинов сегодня поразил не только хореографией и пластикой, а именно мудростью, примером для своих ровесников, которые не верят в себя и свои силы. Правильные слова, уютный мастер класс и море позитива! Спасибо организаторам за возможность сотрудничать и прикоснуться не к просто таланту, а победителю телепроекта «Танцуют все» Ильдару Гайнутдинову. @ildaryoung.workshops.belarus Ему 18(🤪) #звездысошлись #мастеркласс #хореография #танцуютвсе #танцы #победитель #winner #Ильдар #ИльдарГайнутдинов #dance #todes #танцы #танцынатнт #тнт #belarusdancers #dancer #dancing #horeo #jazzfank #contemp #танцор #тодес

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universe.cover.group. Вы ждали нас? 💞
Were you waiting for us?
#kpop ; #kpopcover ;

Вы ждали нас? 💞 • Were you waiting for us? ~ ~ ~ #kpop ; #kpopcover ; #kdancecover ; #kdance ; #cover ; #korea ; #kmusic ; #horeo ; #dance ; #한국 ; #한국어 ; #covergroup ; #kpopfashion ; #covergroupkpop #redvelvet #joy #comeback

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themoodyautisticfoodie. When the @marksandspencer shop floor lighting is 🔥🔥.. you have to ge

When the @marksandspencer shop floor lighting is 🔥🔥.. you have to get a selfie with bae. . I have found a love for spreads.. I like to spread them on things. I spread them on things like bagels, cookies.. all over my face in a glorious and slightly unnerving re-inaction of the lion king.. *takes biscoff spread and smears it on my forehead.. SIMBA* . This autistic's TOP 5 face smearing spreads.. because if you ain't wearing your food.. well you where probably brought up better then me.. . Number 1 @morrisons white hazelnut spread AUTISTIC RATING 18/10 OH HELL TO THE DAMN! WHY THANK YOU MA'MA! . Letter 2 @lotusbiscoffuk crunchy biscoff spread AUTISTIC RATING 17/10 BECAUSE CRUNCHY BISCOFF IS LIFE. . C @marksandspencer cookie spread AUTISTIC RATING 15/10 (would have given more if it was ALL white chocolate) . Number 4.. @lotusbiscoffuk the original spread AUTISTIC RATING 14/10 (1,2,C,4..) . FIVE.. and oldie but a goodie Nutella. 13/10 *because it has no crunch.. I like to crunch.. when I munch.. while I have lunch.. . Number F the Maltese chocolate spread.. *I could have possibly counted wrong..* AUTISTIC RATING 11/10 #alltheyumandallthefun . All spreads are autistic approved and are lick the jar clean testest!

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universe.cover.group. I'm fine, fine, fine, fine! ~
#kpop ; #kpopcover ; #kdancecover ;

I'm fine, fine, fine, fine! ~ ~ ~ #kpop ; #kpopcover ; #kdancecover ; #kdance ; #cover ; #korea ; #kmusic ; #horeo ; #dance ; #한국 ; #한국어 ; #covergroup ; #kpopfashion ; #covergroupkpop

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themoodyautisticfoodie. Does anyone have food memories. 
Not the looking back at food thinking

Does anyone have food memories. Not the looking back at food thinking "omg this burger was lit!" memories.. we ALL have those! I'm talking about the kind where, every time you have a chicken waffle you remember falling in love for the very first time. . When you smell a 5guys burger and remember laughing so much it made your belly hurt. . That one time you shared an Easter egg in a car park and it was the best day.. like ever! . That Ice-Ice Bae doughnut that you kept safe.. because it simply had to make it home in one piece. It wasnt your favourite but it was mine. . The taste of white monster at six in the morning.. that did not end well but all I did was laugh. . It's weird how we do that.. isn't it. How we connect our senses like smell and taste to people, memories and feelings. That's what I love most about food, it's like a form of time travel. You might not ever get those moments truly back BUT you can visit them, over and over again just from something as simple of a smell. That's how this account started, I wanted to remember, to document all those memories and create some new ones along the way. Share my love for writing, being silly and weird combination. Bringing an experience to life, to make people think and feel and using this god give talent I have for being weird all at the same time. It was originally going to be a YouTube but I lost my co-star.. I'll get him back.. one day. Until then it's Saturday tomorrow which means only one thing.. well two things but remember I can't count *probably should learn as it's kind of an important aspect in my job description* 1) Gym 2) cheat meal.. . What do we think.. a dirty bowl of cereal or should I try something different.. suggestions welcome however sharing is not!

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unknown_.gir.l. ʕ•̫͡•идеальные люди ʕ•̫͡•ʔ
⠀ ⠀ идеальная кожа, фигура. идеальные друзь

ʕ•̫͡•идеальные люди ʕ•̫͡•ʔ ⠀ ⠀ идеальная кожа, фигура. идеальные друзья, семья, дом, школа. идеальная жизнь. ⠀ ⠀'глянцевая сторона обертки сгорает заживо' ⠀ ⠀ идеальных людей НЕ СУЩЕСТВУЕТ. пожалуйста, запомните. ⠀ ⠀ в наше время каждый сравнивает себя с 'идеальными людьми' это очень глупо. во-первых за этой идеальностью скрываются сотни часов, проведённых в спорт.зале. десятки отсиженных диет. во-вторых на фотографиях 'идеальных людей' очень много фотошопа. эти люди НЕ выглядят абсолютно так же в реальной жизни. ⠀ ⠀ пожалуйста, не сравнивайте себя с 'идеальными людьми' помните, что они такие же, как и вы. абсолютно. идеальных людей не существует. ⠀. ⠀. ⠀. ⠀. #танцы #танцор #хореография #хорео #танец #dance #dancer #horeo #horeogaphy #самооценка #любовь #любовьксебе #комплексы #selfesteem #love #complexes #complex #питание #зож #food #life #жизнь #healthy #helthylifestyle #психология #psychology

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themoodyautisticfoodie. It's time for Sunday service boys and girls.. it's time to give thanks

It's time for Sunday service boys and girls.. it's time to give thanks to the lord of all things delisous. A time to thank sweet baby Jesus for CAKE! Oh.. and not just any cake.. oh no no no.. no no..NO! I am taking about @homesweethomeuk cakes. . We thank you for the endless possibilities of cake for breakfast, cake for lunch and more cake for dinner and desert. . We thank you lord for providing delisous flavours AND moist sponges. Oh sweet baby Jesus we thank you for NO soggy bottoms! They feed anyone.. no discrimination.. vegans and meat monsters alike can share a table and enjoy a slice side by side. . Your cake has not ONLY brought happiness to my belly but you have brought vegan/gluten-free/the people who will eat everything *I don't know what to call us.. meat monsters will do* Have brought vegan/gluten-free/meat monsters together in peace. And if that's not god like I have no bloody clue what is!? . I thank you for your Chocolate flavours. I thank you for you peanut butter sponge. Oh my lord I am very thankful for this flavour!! I thank you, sweet lord of baked goods for the Oreo slice, the Nutella slice AND the vanilla too! I thank you for the ratio of icing to sponge *icing is life and so many places get it wrong. Insert sad face here* Now I know I go on and on and on.. and possibly on about how important icing is to me. It's something I am VERY passionate about. Some people have hobbies like jogging or cricket.. I have icing! Bad icing will wruin *10 points if you guess that hidden gem* the best of cakes! Okay enough moaning.. And for all the hidden flavours I am yet to try. . I bleeping LOVE CAKE!!! I want cake for breakfast!!

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