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lesliegrace. So.... I’ve been trying my absolute best to put what I’m feeling after

So.... I’ve been trying my absolute best to put what I’m feeling after last night into words all day long and every single time I’ve tried I just bust out into tears. The hydrants are definitely still open and it’s really hard to breathe...😭. Language will never be enough. But I’ll try... You people have CHANGED ME forever. You’ve expanded my heart. You’ve opened my eyes. You’ve removed the veil from my face to see this world in living, breathing color. My Lord, I could not have asked for more on this journey. My first film. WHAT?! Every single day of this process I’ve learned from you all. Big and small things, but every one of them SO essential to who I am now. Things I didn’t even know existed, now I can’t live without. Like crafty on call LOL jk, but so serious. WHAT?! You were all so generous with your knowledge and patient as you watched me grow. To just sit as a fly on the wall and watch you work would have been enough for me but instead you welcomed me with open arms to come play with you. What a blessing. What a gift. What a privilege it was to play Nina and to experience the serendipity in our stories again and again as I played her. Now to know that even when the sun goes down for us as we wrap, the sun comes up again to the rest of the world who has yet to experience the magic of this story...😳😩😭 My heart is shattered in the best of ways!!!! I just cannot wait. In the Heights showed me what it is to feel, and love, and create in a way that will forever stay with me. To @jonmchu, @quiaraalegria, #LinManuelMiranda, and all my unbelievably gifted and REAL to the core cast mates, choreo team, glam fam, and crew... in the words of our beloved #joereidy - “THANK YOU.” I’ll remember this summer for the rest of my life. #YourGrace #InTheHeights #thebestdaysofmylife #special #blessed #THANKYOU

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Two years ago, almost to the day we wrapped #moneymonster at a mine just north of Johannesburg. A one day shoot with hundreds of extras. Incredibly exciting and interesting, with our director Jodie @kevinleethompson @libatique @christopherggoode #susanlyall #pierrevienings

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