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#scotland is amazing! Tag #thisisscotland to get featured © @jack_anstey

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Throwing major Rapunzel vibes... one difference, I don’t need to be saved. 👸🏼✨ • Follow these steps to unleash your inner princess right in the heart of DC - • ••> 1. Buy a ticket for Dumbarton Oaks aka a real world magic garden • 🌿 ••> 2. When your done exploring the grounds, find the Orangery, a greenhouse that was build in 1910 & houses a Ficus that inhabits both the inside and outside of the building 🍊 • ••> 3. Find one of the greenhouse’s many windows to look longingly out of 💫 • ••> 4. Have your Prince Charming (or anyone of your choosing) snap a photo of you in all your princess glory 🤣 • 📸 @snake_is_on_a_plane • • • ••> #thingstodoindc #visitwashingtondc

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#الحب .. ♥️ . . . في الحب نكون كالأطفال ، لا نحسن التفكير ولا التحمل، يفرحنا الاهتمام ويبكينا الإهمال ." . . . . #دبي #dubaimall #الامارا #dubai #ig_uae #ig_dubai #ig_europe #wanderlust #travelgram #finditliveit #igmasters #huffpostgram #letsgo #letsgosomewhere #exploremore #dubaimall #uae #everywhere #everything #lv #tomford #perfums #hermeskelly #hermes #louisvuitton

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Did you know: Smiling at people doesn't just help the self-esteem of others. It can also boost your mood and make you feel happier–just from the act of smiling. When you smile at another person–or even at yourself in the mirror–the action releases endorphins in the brain 🧠 ✨These endorphins make you feel calm, happy, and positive. Maybe try a little smile on today?? 💋😊

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You know those moments when you feel like you’re living a real life dream? This was one of them. Just absolutely and utterly blown away by this place.

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⠀ Koala piggyback rides are the cutest thing 🐨😍 Tag someone that would love to see this! Video by @colourlane Always #wondermore

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🏯‍️Bautzen. Tower Nicolaiturm. The tower was built as part of the city fortification in the 15th century next to the church of St. Nicholas. Hence its name. They tell the legend of the local clerk who intended to let the enemy into the city through this tower. But he did not succeed, was executed and his head was set up at the top of the tower to intimidate enemies and prevent betrayal. The relief of a man with a beard on the tower and personifies this legend, makes you shudder after five hundred years from those events ... ⠀ 🗼 Baŭcen. Vieža Mikalaja. Vieža byla pabudavana jak častka haradskoha pryhonnaha ŭmacavannia ŭ XV-ym stahoddzi pobač z carkvoj Sviatoha Mikalaja. Adsiuĺ jaje nazva. Raspaviadajuć liehiendu ab miascovym pisara, jaki mieŭ namier puscić voraha ŭ horad praz hetuju viežu. Alie jamu heta nie ŭdalosia, byŭ pakarany i jaho halavu vystavili naviersie viežy dlia zastrašvannia vorahaŭ i praduchiliennia zdrad. Reĺjef mužčyny z baradoj na viežy i ŭvasabliaje hetuju liehiendu, prymušaje zdryhanucca praz piaćsot hadoŭ z tych padziej ... ⠀ 📌 #iamfrombelarus #vadrouki #łužica #budyšin #bautzen #budysin #bautzencity #instabautzen #wonderful_places #findtheworld #visiting #travel #traveller #doyoutravel #travelmore #travellingtogether #travelblog #worldpic #photooftheday #lovelyday #funnyday #tourist #letsgosomewhere #placetobe #bestoftheday #welivetoexplore #voyage #discoverearth #passionpassport #whereveryuogo

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Visiting CERN

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Evenings in Zurich are best spent by the river.

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- Yes You Can -⁠ 💪 The hardest part of the journey is believing you can!⁠👉👊 ⁠ Here I am prepping routes for a visit to California. There are several big day routes planned that reach summits above 4000m (my wife won't camp, so we have to do them in 1 day... but that's another story!). Before I even step on the plane to fly across to another continent, my mind is already filled with self doubt. ⁠ ⁠ I am questioning if I will be fit enough, will I be able to make it, will my head be pounding so much, will my anxiety be so high that I can't do it? Or even, will the weather be bad? ⁠ ⁠ What I should be thinking is "so what, the journey will be worth it". Even if I don't make the summits, there will be lots to see along the way. In life, you might not always make your "summits", but you'll always learn things along the way which is an opportunity... so remember: yes you can. ⁠✌💙 .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #trentinotravel #gardasee #lakegarda #viaferrata #visititaly🇮🇹 #thursdaythoughts #thursdaytravel #adventurequeen #ukhikers #mentalhealthrecovery #keepitwild #letsgosomewhere #exploremore #adventureawaits #adventureseeker #placestosee #beautifuldestinations #welivetoexplore #bergmädchen #mountaingirl #gipfelstürmer #finditliveit #agameoftones #adventureawaits #dirtbagdarling #sheclimbs #homeoftravel #touchingthesummit⁠

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@jeffreyjkieffer - A slice of the Maldives in the south of Germany. Magic! #earthoutdoors

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Daydreaming of Europe a lot lately 💜 Missing the charming streets & alleyways and robust earth-toned colors of Chania. What I really enjoyed most though was the slower pace of things and how it really felt like people were just living life and enjoying the present moment. I loved the long dinners where nobody is rushing you out the door and you can just order a pitcher (or 2 or 3) of wine and talk for hours. I'm really hoping this potential semi-solo girls Eurotrip works out next month! What's your favorite country in Europe you've been to and/or what's the top place on your bucket list there? . . . . . . . . . . #letsgosomewhere

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⇣ English below ⇣ Tiergarten Parkı’nın kalbinde yer alan Victory Column, Heinrich Strack tarafından tasarlanmış. İnşasına 1864’te başlanan anıtın yapım amacı, aynı yıl içerisinde Danimarka’ya karşı kazanılan zaferin kutlanmasıymış. 1873 yılındaki tamamlanma sürecine kadar eserin galibiyetle sonuçlanan Avusturya ve Fransa savaşlarını da simgelemesine karar verilmiş. Anıt, ilk başta bugün Platz der Republic olarak adlandırılan Königsplatz Meydanı’nda yer alıyormuş. Ancak 1938’de Hitler’in emriyle bugünkü yerine taşınmış ve Berlin’in dünyanın başkenti olduğu fikrini desteklemesi için yapıya 4. kısım eklenerek yüksekliği 67 metreye çıkartılmış. Yapıya görkem katan üst kısımdaki Roma zafer tanrıçası Victoria’yı temsil eden bronz heykel, Friedrich Drake’in imzasını taşıyor. 35 ton ağırlığa, 8,30 metre yüksekliğe sahip heykelin hemen altında ise kentin büyük bölümüne hakim bir seyir terası bulunuyor. - Located in the heart of Tiergarten Park, Victory Column was designed by Heinrich Strack. The construction of the monument, the construction of which began in 1864, was to celebrate the victory over Denmark in the same year. Until the completion of the work in 1873, the work was decided to symbolize the wars of Austria and France, which resulted in a victory. The monument was originally located on the Königsplatz Square, now called Platz der Republic. However, in 1938, by Hitler's orders, he moved to his present location and added the 4th section to 67 meters to support the idea that Berlin was the capital of the world. The bronze statue, representing the Roman goddess of victory at the top, which adds magnificence to the structure, bears the signature of Friedrich Drake. Just under the statue, which weighs 35 tons and has a height of 8.30 meters, there is a viewing terrace dominating most of the city.

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𝐋𝐚𝐬𝐭 𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐩 𝐨𝐧 𝐨𝐮𝐫 “𝐁𝐮𝐭𝐭𝐞 𝐒𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐞 𝐀𝐧𝐧𝐞”.

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aiufas. posting this from my pc so if it looks weird lemme know

posting this from my pc so if it looks weird lemme know

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