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Not in the mood. Freakin' Friday. 🐒

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minhduongngocnhat. UNCERTAINTIES 
Uncertainties, a feeling of incomprehens

UNCERTAINTIES ______________ Uncertainties, a feeling of incomprehension and doubt. You crave confirmation, you want to be seen, be heard, and maybe even be understood. There was a time when I felt insecure. The uncertainties were caused by a lonely feeling, a piece of misunderstanding. For a while I have done my best to meet other people’s expectations, to get confirmation, recognition. I thought it was important how other people saw me, what they thought of me. I was your comfort, your help and your distraction. I was there for you, but where were you for me? I wanted to help you, see you, listen to you. Was it my mistake to expect the same from you? In my uncertainties, I wondered, what can I do, to be seen, to understand for once? And it remained silent. I felt used. I felt inferior and unimportant. My insecurities faded when I realized that I have always remained myself. I was there for you, I had respect and understanding. I let myself be used. And you showed me how I do not want to be. I found my strength where I lost it. The uncertainties are a thing of the past. I have found enough respect in myself, pride and understanding. I am here for you, always. But I no longer doubt myself, because of your shortcomings.

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They said “Don’t go chasing waterfalls”. I’ve never been one to follow the rules 🤷🏼‍♀️

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Autumn sea. #wonderful_places

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Certainly enjoying this cold weather. 📸 @kristin_jaggers

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ejsandwick. Want to know more about The Thrive Experience and the Thrive Experienc

Want to know more about The Thrive Experience and the Thrive Experience plus Sculpt???? Dial in and listen!!! Lines are muted!!! This is going to be Great!!!! #levelup #thriveexperience #thriveexperienceplussculpt #rawstories #realliveschanged #bcaas #livelevel #dialin

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Autumnal earthworks.

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For as long as I can remember I’ve had memories.

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Liverpool Tomorrow Will be at @popuppalmhouse Saturday & Sunday selling prints. Come say good day. #menthatloveflowers

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Two fantastic @trackbrewingco brews 👍🏻🍻

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“Dreary days are often best spent not really knowing where it is that you’re going.”

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fatimaszehra. \"Courage, courage. To never settle, to see with new eyes, to expland.\"

"Courage, courage. To never settle, to see with new eyes, to expland."⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ — Virginia Woolf, from a diary entry written c. October 1918

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Do you believe it’s 90cents ($0.90)dishes. Nepal is very affordable I many ways. The great corn made dumplings is must be something to notch. the veg momo where corn and veggies blend in well making it light. consuming corn has its own benefits like improving digestion health, helps to lower cholesterol levels, source of protein and tons. 
Post courtesy: @nepal.food Location: Jhamsikhel left side of Big Mart and in Chabahil complex #awesome_earthpix #agameoftones #discoverglobe #worldtravelpics #worlderlust #huffpostgram #wonderful_places #amazingplaces #cbviews #worldplaces #searchwandercollect #livelevel #stayandwander #exploremore #openmyworld #earthfocus #beautifulmatters #travellingthroughtheworld #guardiantravelsnaps #roamtheplanet #passionpassport #traveldeeper #athomeintheworld #beautifuldestinations#

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Tell me your location, let’s focus on communicating

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It’s tall and has very little flow, but it’s still a waterfall. #nylovesfall #iloveny

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Looking back on summer photos before shovelling the sidewalk

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