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#Fun #Party pics .. ... from the Truly Rad #ueagency & #jonoFransisco collaborative party celebrating , their #BrilliantCareer’s 🎩✊🏽🎀 xXx #MelbourneLovesYou #jonofrancisco #katiecollins 👉🏾💘 #carltonclub #ILoveJono #iLoveMelbourne 🎩♥️😎 #MissBabyLemonadeLamarr 💅🏽 xXx

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We think we have 3 types of Juice lovers, which one are you. ⁠ ⁠ 1) The Cleanse lover⁠ 2) The hydrate me quick whizz-kid⁠ 3) The forgot to eat, body needs nutrients, I had too many coffee's and my sweater is on the wrong way around...quick fixer. ⁠ ⁠ #whizzkid #juicecleanse #juiceislife #melbournejuice #coldpressedjuice #melbournejuicecleanse #melbournefitness #melbournehealth #healthandnutrition #melbournelovesyou #jucebenefits #greenjuice⁠ ⁠

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ITS HAPPENING! A Sunday Soul Session with the one & only @thetrailblazertribe / @salve_events Happy to say that I’m adding a little extra extra to the gift bags 😏💁🏽‍♀️ I cannot wait to meet all the like minded people who want to grow as a person & bring in 2020 with a BANG! There’s still time left for last minute tickets for THIS SUNDAY if you haven’t already purchased yours - head to @sharonpakir ❤️

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Sometimes I just cannot deal with my work 😍 #selflove happening right here, right now!!! . . A friendly reminder that bookings are up for December & booking out FAST before Xmas 😱 If you have any enquires about availabilities, please message me before it gets too late as I won’t be able to accept any last minute appointments 🥳🎄

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You know you’re kicking goals when you count brushing your lashes as exercise 😂 💪🏽

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Those clients with the biggest heart have the best soul ✨

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Good news! Lash appointments are available for this week. I have also opened up bookings for the first few weeks of November. Get booking for SPRING RACING 🐎👒

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Textured volumes are my fav 👌🏽

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It’s already humpday. The weekend starts after 3 more sleeps. The perfect time to show off your fresh lashes 🙌🏽 Booking link is in the bio to book up your appointments for the remainder of October ✨

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Sometimes I pinch myself knowing I get to lash this babe 🥰💕👌🏽

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It’s Monday tomorrow. If you get bored at work, check out the link in the bio for lash availability. I have heaps more available this week due to uni holidays 🙌🏽 I’ll also post last minute apts in my stories during the week ✨

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If I ever have abs, it’s because of this young lady entertaining me every single time I see her 😂🤣🙊

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Lash tip #1 WAKE UP & DON’T MAKEUP!!! It’s amazing how far we have come in life to be able to wake up & walk out that front door without having to put on a full face of makeup because your lashes are already doing your job for you 😏

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Damn! Making my job easy with eyes like these beauty’s 😍 Short, sharp & a staple essential 😉

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Who else is watching the bachelor finally 😂🙋🏽‍♀️ PS - I have a gap tomorrow at 12:15pm for a refill or a full set. DM or message me to secure.

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