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🌃香港HK* 🎉  A N Y T H I N G . I S . P A S T A B L E 💥 ^^= ⠀⠀⠀⠀ the always satisfying pull on #tagliolini 🍝 mixed in white truffle paste @picihk*🇮🇹 layered with glorious #blacktruffle 🥰 and as always 👨🏻‍🍳Chef @davide_borin_* never fails to feed us straight to happy foodcomas!! 😋😋😋 @piratagrouphk* #picihk #piratagroup . Pici🍝 #kikikatinHK #kikikat_foodindex #kikikat_pici #kikikat_piratagroup

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🍀Happy Sunday, from Weekuri Lake with loveberry☘️ . 🍓WAYO Buah, Sayur, Sembako🍓 08175417799-08175472999 www.jualstrawberry.com www.jualstrawberryjogja.com . #weekuri #danauweekuri #weekurilake #sumba #southwestsumba #nusatenggaratimur #eastnusatenggara #happyholidays #harilautsedunia #worldoceansday #wayostrawberry #lifeisanabsurdjourney 🍓🍃

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Some people find their flock in college. For me as a young adult it was the Peace Corps where I most easily fit and found my people. It was a wild initiation: a time of anti-malarial medicine (which make you have crazy dreams), of deep language immersion, of coming to touch and taste nature in a more intimate way than I had ever experienced before. There were physical challenges too: scorpions 🦂 on the latrine seat in the middle of the night... and in your shoes if you forgot to check first. But we found our way, my cohort called Nica 26, we dug deep in our own reserves, and found comfort in the kindness of our Nicaraguan host families and in each other’s friendship. We witnessed each other’s growth and evolution. There was really no hiding. We saw each other’s best and worst sides. We held each other as we watched the news of 9/11. We organized community banks and environmental clubs and fruit tree nurseries. 🌱 We outgrew our old ideas of the world and had a chance to stretch into new ones. This afternoon I had the pleasure of reconnecting to a dear friend, in town for a conference. Jon and I have traveled some roads together. I can remember sitting in the back of a pickup on the PanAmerican Highway and shouting (so we could hear each other) and enjoying an animated conversation about the Buddhist author Thích Nhất Hạnh, a shared favorite. I treasure good friends and deep conversations wherever I can find them. They are, undeniably, the good stuff of life. And today we shared a pint 🍺 and picked right back up, where we left off. #peacecorps #nica26 #grateful #rpcv #rpcvlife

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theroyalpoincianaplaza. There’s plenty of fish in the sea. (📷: @cameron_hammond)

There’s plenty of fish in the sea. (📷: @cameron_hammond)

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#zebrina 10k #monsteraobliqua 15k

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