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_stevierogers_. I’m gonna stop using the microwave cause everytime I use it, bloody ru

I’m gonna stop using the microwave cause everytime I use it, bloody ruins my food. - - #marvelrp #marvel #steverogers #steverogersrp #captainamerica #buckybarnes #stucky #stuckyrp #captainamericarp #gayrp #openrp #rp #openroleplay #rpwithme #roleplay

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james.buckle.barnes. ===> Bucky, bring your sorta boyfriend back to life
MARVEL {Witch!Bu

===> Bucky, bring your sorta boyfriend back to life • MARVEL {Witch!Bucky AU} • About a week ago, Bucky met a guy. A nice pretty guy who he really liked. There was only one problem, Bucky was uh.. he's a witch. He was scared of bringing a nice guy like Steve into that mess. One night however, fate struck. Taking the subway train to one of their dates one night, there was an accident and the blonde died. He was left in pieces, it was horrible. Bucky felt completely responsible, it should have been him! He spent weeks moping about it too, until Tony Stark contacted him. They were formally in the same coven. Tony heard about the mishap and was offering to help Bucky out. He could bring Steve back with a new spell! He jumped at the chance to fix things. When they arrived, Tony started to uh... Piece his parts back together. Bucky just hoped that were the right parts. It wasn't that bad but Bucky still didn't like watching. He frowned upon the sight of Steve on the morgue table, his big blue eyed blank and lifeless. "well," Bucky looked up at Tony as he spoke up, noticing he was practically bouncing in excitement. Bucky noticed that Tony had a tendency to geek out over new magic. Bucky stepped aside when Tony did his magic but.. Steve didn't move. He blinked as nothing happened, a sigh of disappointment leaving his lips. Tony looked just as disappointed as he started to clean up the supplies. Bucky lingered for a moment before gently bending down to kiss Steve goodbye one last time. Just as he turned around to head home, he heard screaming and then a crash. Bucky wiped around to see Steve, big blue eyes alive and panicked. He was staring at his sewed on hand, shaking. Just as Bucky wanted to ask Tony what to do, he spoke up, "oohh—yeah he's probably freaking out about having died," he glanced at Bucky, "you calm him down, he's your boyfriend." Which was an unfair assumption, because he wasn't really. They went on like three dates, Bucky just felt shitty about getting him killed! He was left panicking as Steve stumbled, crashing into tables and counters like someone who's never walked before. • ▶▶▶OPEN FOR STEVE OR BUCKY◀◀◀ • Art by: elkane

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_stevierogers_. Should I still stay on this account? Honestly maybe not, cause you kno

Should I still stay on this account? Honestly maybe not, cause you know I’m some dumb depressed bitch, who prays on people to make me happy (joking) I’m done with being here on Instagram, nothing great it’s all fucked up and just eh, the worst app (Besides the people of course) - - #marvelrp #marvel #steverogers #steverogersrp #captainamerica #buckybarnes #stucky #stuckyrp #captainamericarp #gayrp #openrp #rp #openroleplay #rpwithme #roleplay

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james.buckle.barnes. ===> Thor, scare your friends by getting stabbed and almost dying!

===> Thor, scare your friends by getting stabbed and almost dying! • MARVEL • It's just another Tuesday for Thor when aliens once again attack New York and the Avengers. Really, it was just a regular day for him. He was just busy throwing around his hammer and making aliens wish they stayed in bed, all while his friends worked on either taking them out or sending them back through whatever hole they crawled out of. He did not know however that this attack was much more coordinated than they once assumed. He was busy tangling with a rather large beast when he felt a stinging pain shooting up his back. The blonde's gaze flickered down to find a rather large wound now forming in his lower chest from a rather large blade. He fumbled, letting out a hiss of pain as he stumbled back. Everything was starting to grow dizzy as aliens around him chanted "god killer! God killer! God killer!", dancing and celebrating as if the attack was over. Everything was starting to grow dizzy as a storm kicked up, and the blonde was out before he knew it. It was scary, seeing Thor hit the ground like that. The man is one of the most determined most good-hearted people out there, they were scared to lose him so soon. Thor was rushed into Stark & Banner grade care, everyone on their team trying to make sure he pulled through. The next time his eyes flickered open, Thor found himself surrounded by his fellow Avengers with looks of worry lingering on their faces. A hazy tired smile graced his face and he looked around, confused. The Avengers gave him plenty of painkilers and meds but they weren't sure how well that affected the god. They were just all thankful he was alive! They seemed to cheer when he opened his eyes. "Am-am I in Valhalla?" he asked in the softest tone, confused and a bit loopy from the drugs. This felt like heaven to Thor, even if he was dead. • ▶▶▶OPEN FOR ANOTHER AVENGER, LOKI, OR QUILL◀◀◀ • Art by: argieartarchive #marvelrp #marvel #thor #thorodinson #thorrp #gayrp #openrp #rp #openroleplay #rpwithme #roleplay>

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james.buckle.barnes. ===> Steve, be dubbed the head of the royal guard
MARVEL {Medieval A

===> Steve, be dubbed the head of the royal guard • MARVEL {Medieval AU} • Steve grew up the son of a maid who worked for the royal family. His mother was a kind homemaker who spent her entire life serving the royal family just to keep him alive. Steve had been a frail sickly boy who needed expensive medicines to live. Almost all of his life though, he dreampt of being just like the royal guard knights. He wanted to be one of the king’s roundtable, noble, kind, and helping as many people as they can. That’s all he’s ever wanted. The king had been the one to see his determination after his mother passed, and he made him one offer. He could have his contacts get him a remedy for his frailness and sickly immune system but only if he joined the royal guard soon after. Steve didn’t have to think too hard about it before he agreed. Before he knew it, he was big, strong, and healthy for once in him life. Soon after, he was whisked away to be trained. Steve worked his way through the ranks quickly and after his commanding officer was killed by invaders, the blonde was sworn in as head knight. He was given the commander’s own shield and sent out. He liked his life and he liked his job, protecting the people who needed it. That also meant he was to protect the prince of the royal family, and as of lately he’s been a handful. With the threat of having to become king looming over him, it seems the prince has been sneaking out and skipping town to have his own adventures. It was a long day when Steve had to go out and retrieve the prince from a bar by the outskirts of the woods. He found the prince outside, nearly being robbed by some roaming bandits. It took nothing more than some shield bumps and strong words to send them scampering off, only to leave him with the prince. Steve sighed and held his hand out towards the man, a sigh escaping him. “You know my lord, you’d be safer back at the castle.” he spoke up. • [basically steve is a knight and y/c is the prince. I’d be down for stevetony or stucky so it’s open for either] • ▶▶▶OPEN FOR BUCKY OR TONY◀◀◀ • Art by: kinokino1226

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