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When the new mural downtown appeals to your nerdy inner child... #muralsmakemehappy #read #sellnerdy

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Come on, give the people what they want. 🌮 #tacos #truestory #sellnerdy

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Who got to attend the launch party of the @teamgodwinfoundation last night? Yup, these girls! #wefancy 💃 It was a ridiculously amazing event, and all for a good cause! Not only did @chrisgodwin & @johnnydamon put on quite the show, but it was also the soft launch for @_projectgoat from our friends at @gradygoat. 🐐 A selection of the goat statues from the project were on display along with some of the fabulous artists! (@artcapco, @quoth_the_raven_arts, and even @jasonskeldon) . All in all it was a fabulous evening filled with good food, better people, all for the best cause! Thanks Rob for the invite and thanks JP & Vanessa for hanging out with us "cool kids." Wait....what's your name? 🤣🤣 #teamgodwinfoundation #sellnerdy

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A huge thank you to those who have served our country. We can not thank you enough for your sacrifices. . This photo is of a veterans memorial being dedicated in 1920, just after WWI. It was located at the intersection of Howard and what is today Kennedy Blvd. It was the starting point of the "memorial highway." The other end, in Oldsmar, also had a monument which listed 106 men who lost their lives during "the war to end all wars." The monument in the photo was later relocated to the American Legion Cemetery at 3910 W. Kennedy Blvd #veteransday #tampahistory #sellnerdy

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Wednesday is gonna be rough... HECK YES! 💃 Also does this mean we can wear our boots without judgement from the rest of the nation? #floridalife #isitfallyet #sellnerdy

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Downtown tampa circa 1957. The bridge is Platt St, and yes the convention center and MANY other Tampa landmarks are missing. Just a small reminder of how far Tampa has come! #DowntownTampa #tampahistory #sellnerdy

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Thanks for helping us learn everything social! 📱Our @sellnerdy girls came over from Tampa to teach us how to be social media experts. #sellnerdy @buysellrabell #buysellrabell

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Looks like they are finally getting somewhere with the old Bungalow restaurant. And look MURALS! #muralsmakemehappy #southtampa #sellnerdy

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...valid. #eminem #webmd #sellnerdy

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On November 4, 1935 the Public Works Administration spent $248,689 to start renovations on Bayshore Blvd. Work included: new seawalls constructed the entire length of the boulevard and new, much wider pavements laid. . But more importantly the section of bayshore between Platt St Bridge and Magnolia St was finally opened. First thought? What about Gasparilla? It's surprising to hear something so iconic to tampa didn't fully exist before 1935! #tampahistory #bayshore #sellnerdy

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The only thing that makes losing an hour during the Spring okay is getting it back this weekend! We still believe that daylight savings makes absolutely no sense. It's not like we're churning butter or anyting. #daylightsavings #starwars #sellnerdy

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Happy Halloween! This photo is from the Peter Pan Primary School Halloween Party, circa 1927. Love the kids, costumes, and that front porch! #halloween #halloweencostumes #sellnerdy

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🎃Happy Halloween nerds! It's time to eat, drink, and be scary. What are you dressing up as? This year I'm a skeleton! 💀 #halloween #somethingwicked #sellnerdy

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Two days, two closings! We're a little tired, but we're SOOOOO happy for our clients! #realtorlife #closingday #sellnerdy

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HAPPY CLOUDS! ☁️🌤 This Bob Ross inspired halloween decoration is THE BEST! #bobross #halloweengoals #sellnerdy

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Would it kill mother nature to throw us a cold front? #halloween #floridalife #sellnerdy

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Just a reminder that no matter how impossible something feels, EVERYTHING is figureoutable. #muralsmakemehappy #elementaryschool #sellnerdy

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Showings in Clearwater? Just another chance for us to stalk historic homes. Say hello to the Plumb House. Originally built in 1896, it started life as a paint store....okay that's a new one. After a rather unique beginning, it was purchased by Ralph & Florence Plumb. The Plumbs turned the structure into a single family home. Their daughters lived there until the 1982 when they moved into nursing homes. The new owner, Dr Charles Nach, donated the home and the funds to move the building to the Clearwater Historical Society. In 1983 the home was moved from the corner of Lakeview and S Fort Harrison to it's current location in Ed C. Wright Park. . Currently the former residence serves as a museum. Unfortunately it seems to only be open on Thursdays...😭😭 though the historic structure looks like it could use a little love.🏚 . Fun fact, Ralph Plumb's mother was Jennie Reynolds Plumb. You know the OG boss babe/nerdy girl? The lady that became the first public school teacher in Clearwater way back in 1873? The one that the Elementary school is named for? Yes that's her in the photo. Sorry we couldn't help but include her! #cleargram #archilovers #sellnerdy

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Do you know what's cool? Apparently vintage citrus labels! #nerdalert Starting in the 20s Citrus Packers and shippers would design super cool and colorful labels to entice buyers. And not just any buyers. Buyers that would resell the product in grocery stores all over the nation. There are a ton from Tampa, which will eventually share with you, but we just had to put this one out there. We might be as emotionally mature as eight-year-olds but we find this hilarious! #pirates #sellnerdy

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Mondays stink. Especially rainy, humid mondays. So to cheer you up, here's a photo of downtown from last night. Thanks @m.bird_tampa for the fabulous views! #armatureworks #sunset #sellnerdy

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