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daniela_keller_statistik. *STATISTIKTIPP*⁣
Bei Transformationen sind auch Kombinationen von ei

*STATISTIKTIPP*⁣ ⁣ Bei Transformationen sind auch Kombinationen von einzelnen Funktionen möglich und manchmal nötig. So müssen zum Beispiel negative Werte meist zunächst in den positiven Bereich verschoben werden (Addition einer Konstanten), um sie dann z.B. mit dem Logarithmus weiter transformieren zu können.⁣ *⁣ *⁣ *⁣ #statistiktipp #statistik #datenanalyse #bachelorarbeit #masterarbeit #doktorarbeit #abschlussarbeit #studium #forschung #quantitativ #transformation

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@shaunnaeast24 ✨ 💕✨ Another look from the @toofaced Gingerbread Spice Palette 😍✨💕______________________________________ Using @toofaced Gingerbread spice palette using lookie at my Cookie, gingerbread, Eggnog & hot toddy😍 @ardellbeauty_uk @makeuprevolution Brow pomade @nipandfab brown pencil @nyxcosmetics Black gel liner & white pencil liner @nyxcosmetics_uk born to glow, can’t stop won’t stop foundation mixed @makeuprevolution concealer @bennyemakeup banana powder @nyxcosmetics_uk Suede matte lip liner in soft spoken @makeuprevolution Rose quartz lip topper @maccosmeticsuk body and face bronzer & blush in a peach tone __________________________________________ #makeup #muaunderdogs #wakeupandmakeup #freckles #wingedliner #highlighter #anastasiabrows #everydaymakeup @undiscovered_muas #iconiclondon #makeupaddict @makeupartists.worldwide #makeupaddiction #beautygram #makeupdolls @makeupartists_worldwide #motd #makeupartist #nyxcosmetics #makeupbyme #makeupartistworldwide @nyxcosmetics_uk #allmodernmakeup #dressyourface #slave2beauty #blendwithtrend #wakeup2slay #transformation #makeupslaves #fakeupfix #makeupinspo #lincolnshiremua

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akc_hairmakeup. Hair by @luxelocks_bylex

Hair by @luxelocks_bylex

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mrssamanthawest_sw. 🌟 BOILED EGGS & CHEESY SOLDIERS 🌟
Usually I like to save my HEA Ch

🌟 BOILED EGGS & CHEESY SOLDIERS 🌟 . Usually I like to save my HEA Cheese 🧀 for tea times... but today, I went rogue and had it for breakfast 🤪 . Boiled myself two eggs 🥚 for 6 minutes for perfect yolks and hard whites, and made some cheesy dippy soldiers using a @promiseglutenfree white roll as my HEB and 30g cheese and whacked it under the grill for a few minutes ⏰ . Game changer! 😂🙌🏼 . . . . . #slimmingworld #weightloss #swuk #slimmingworlduk #weightlossjourney #slimmingworldfamily #foodoptimising #slimmingworldlife #slimmingworldjourney #weightlosstransformation #transformation #slimmingworldfood #swinsta #healthyfood #foodblogger #food #slimmingworldmeals #healthyeating #slimmingworldsupport #healthylifestyle #slimmingworlddiary #determination #diet #foodporn #dinner #slimming #swfriend

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Here are a few tips to avoid weight gain this holiday! You can still enjoy yourself without undoing all the progress you've made 😋 #holiday #weightlossjourney #diet #healthy #weightloss #transformation #christmas #somersetwest #capetown

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pap.fitness. I have been consistently working with @evidencebased_training now for

I have been consistently working with @evidencebased_training now for roughly 8 months! This year has flown by so quickly and it still shocks me that I’ve been counting calories and followed a meal plan for almost this entire time! I’ve been consistent with training at least 4-5 times a week with no break, super proud of my achievements this year in and out of the gym, keen to see what 2020 has on the cards for me! 😝💪🏽 #newyear #2020 #justaroundthecorner

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anthony.mendolia. 1 arm Db Rows are a great accessory exercise. You can use them to isol

1 arm Db Rows are a great accessory exercise. You can use them to isolate the lower lats by dragging the dumbell in a diagonal motion to the hip or you can use this exercise to work the rear deltoids and rhomboids by lifting a little closer to the ribs. - - You see, the gym isn’t meant to be difficult. In fact, it’s not. It’s easy. Primarily straight lines. It’s understanding how the body functions, as to what to prescribe it. It then will tell you how it feels, and in turn will ultimately show you how it looks. So if you look horrible, then which out of: how you feel, how you function, how you look, are you screwing up????

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2017 vs 2019 | 🇺🇸 post, пост на 🇷🇺 в комментарии ниже 🔻 ⠀ Me vs a better version of me 💪🏻 ⠀ Why I started❓ ⠀ 😩I’ve always wanted to be fit, but as everyone else - I’ve never had time and willpower to achieve that. But apparently if you really want something - you can always find time for that. ⠀ 🚑In 2017 I got an injury in my lower back. MRI showed that I got 4 protrusions (early stage of hernias). The reason was sedentary lifestyle. So I had to start working on my health and body. Physical therapies and yoga everyday and whenever I stopped them - back pain was back. ⠀ ✊🏻In 2018 my friend @vladimir_dei took me to the gym. At the beginning I was afraid of doing anything there with weights more than 10kg/22lbs. I was doing hyperextension exercise during my workouts every time I went to the gym. Core strength made my body stronger and since that back pain has not been disturbing me at all. I’ve started deadlifts this year and already pull 150kg/340lbs. Gonna lift 200kg/450lbs in near future ⠀ 👨🏻‍💻After first 3 months I became consumed by the bodybuilding. I was reading and watching everything that was available on western internet space. In the end I made a decision to make it lifetime hobby at least for my own health and wellness ⠀ 📚So what is my approach? Actually, there are so many details and all of them affect the potential outcome, but I’d highlight 3 the most important rules: ⠀ 1️⃣Don’t miss you trainings. Wake up at 6AM and go to the gym even if you worked or partied till 2AM last night 2️⃣Eat a lot and regularly (every 3 hours). I use alarms for that so I’ll not miss my next meal because I’m busy or whatever 3️⃣Train as hard as you’re putting all of your strength and energy in every workout. After 1.5 hrs of training you must be almost dead ⠀ ‼️I’ve created this blog to share my knowledge and experience with all of you. And if at least 1 person achieves his/her fitness and health goals, then I haven’t created it for nothing ⠀ 📍That’s all for today. Thanks for reading this long post. Like and share it. Don’t forget to tag your friends, who also needs to work on his/her health and wellness. Stay with me, I’ll be posting a lot of useful stuff.

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muckaj. Thank you guys for all the support ...legends...my face speaks volumes

Thank you guys for all the support ...legends...my face speaks #ultimateperformance #transformation #happy #fitnessmotivation #snhsphoto #upfitness

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marquismuscle. This was 2 days before my last show. .

At this point the aim is simpl

This was 2 days before my last show. . At this point the aim is simple. Don't be crazy. Are you going to lose anymore fat in 2 days? Probably not. Will you get any bigger? Doubtful. Will you lose your head and ruin your prep? Highly likely 🤣... . When you're this close to a show all you need to do is relax, pose, eat and be patient. If you start to second guess or question the process it'll feel like the longest 2 days ever. . I liked this look and in all honesty the whole prep went exactly to plan. Was never chasing anything and didn't get injured lol! Itll be a while before I'm this lean again but I know when it happens the process will be exactly the same as it has been for my 5 years of competing..

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drive_pt_neil. 👨🏼 TESTIMONIAL TIME👨🏼
Charlie has been working in England for the

👨🏼 TESTIMONIAL TIME👨🏼 Charlie has been working in England for the past 5 weeks and has trained 1-2-1 with me during that time. Check out his experience by watching the video 🎬💪 #results #transformation #strength #personaltraining #personaltrainer #DrivePT #yeovil #fitness #conditioning

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jay_the_fit_barber. #Transformation

#Transformation ✂✂✂✂

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No rest for the wicked! - We are open all the way up to Christmas Eve where we will be running our morning MetCon session as usual and then back in the day after Boxing Day 🥊. - If your gym is shut or you just want that extra push over the festive period why not try our 7 day FREE trial available through our website www.metcononline.com 🙌🏽

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hairbyrhiannam. S H A D O W E D 🌚 R O O T
Here’s the difference a shadowed root can

S H A D O W E D 🌚 R O O T — Here’s the difference a shadowed root can make to highlights, encouraging a gradual & seamless grow out and low maintenance colour whilst keeping the hair bright and looking soft ☁️ NO HARSH BANDS, LINES, AND WEEKS WORTH OUT OF YOUR COLOUR ✨ — The last three photos show old previous colour with a banding of grown out highlights! — #haircolourist

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anthonyfarah1. 💥💥 Triceps body press 💥💥
This is a great bodyweight variation

💥💥 Triceps body press 💥💥 ⬇️⬇️ This is a great bodyweight variation for bigger triceps. 🔸In this video you will see: ▫️how a beginner can perform it using the elastics (that will help you go up on every repetition) ▫️the angle, the posture needed, and how deep you need to go; from different angles. . . . . . . . . . . . . . @lebanese_bodybuilding #bodybuilding #fitnesslife #body #fitnessmotivation #trainhard #triceps #arms #armday #fitnessaddict #push #pushday #gym #gymmotivation #learning #howto #angle #dailyvideos #bodybuildingmotivation #alwaysforward #motivation #bodypositive #bodytransformation #transformation #better #wednesday #stayhungry #staystrong

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the_soul_doctors. It is all about the timing... parents, lovers, family, friends, materi

It is all about the timing... parents, lovers, family, friends, material things, the past, expectations of the future... whatever it is a lesson and gift is carried within... this has a purpose and reason to be in your life... there are no coincidences... let go too early and you might have to repeat the lesson... hold on too long and you might loose the gift... time it right and you can experience the bliss that lies within it 💫💛💫

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ericksonazerbaijan. Şirkət mədəniyyəti davranışımıza güclü təsir göstərir. Bəzi hallarda b

Şirkət mədəniyyəti davranışımıza güclü təsir göstərir. Bəzi hallarda bu güc zərərli hala çevrilə bilər, bizi dəyərlərimiz üzrə güzəştə getməyə və normal olmayan tapşırıqları yerinə yetirməyə məcbur edir. Təklikdə bu zərərli mədəniyyəti dəyişdirə bilmərsiniz, ancaq özünüzü onun təsirindən uzaqlaşdıra bilməyiniz üçün atacağınız addımlar vardır. 1. İşdə təsirli və xoşbəxt olmağınız üçün lazım olan mühiti müəyyənləşdirin. Özünüzdən soruşun: Dəyərlərinizdən hansı "yol kənarına" düşüb? Özünüzü sağlam və tam hiss edirsiniz? Həmkarlarınızla necə davrandığınızdan qürur duyursunuz? 2. Komanda yoldaşlarınıza arzu etdiyiniz mədəniyyət haqqında danışın. İş yerində onlara nəyin vacib olduğunu və şirkət normalarının onların davranışlarına necə təsir etdiyini soruşun. 3. Hər kəsin ortaq dəyərlərinə əsaslanan bir "mikro mədəniyyət"-in qurulması və tətbiq edilməsi haqqında danışın. Mikro mədəniyyət şirkətin daha geniş problemlərini həll edə bilməz. Lakin, komanda üzvlərinizi işlərində rast gəldikləri mənfi təzyiqlərə qarşı çıxmağında kömək edəcəkdir. Bu Harvard Business Review səhifəsindən götürülərək tərcümə olunmuş bir hissədir. Annie McKee tərəfindən "Şirkətinizin ZƏHƏRLİ Mədəniyyətinin Komandanıza Yoluxdurmaqdan Qorumaq" adlı işindən uyğunlaşdırılmışdır. Zərəli mədəniyyətin üstəsindən gəlmək və komandanızın gücünü və rifahını necə qoruya bilməyinizi bizim kouçinq qruplarımıza qoşularaq daha ətraflı öyrənə bilərsiniz. Əldə etdiyiniz bilikləri daha sonra işinizdə tətbiq edə biləcəksiniz. Hal-hazırda türk dilində keçiriləcək "Kouçinq Elmi və Sənəti" Proqramına son gün qalmışdır. Qeydiyyatdan keçməyə tələsin: 📱+994 50 268 45 65 📱+994 70 268 45 65 ☎️+994 12 310 22 82 📩 info@erickson.az ___________________ #erickson #ericksonazerbaijan #azerbaijan #coaching #kouçinq #lifecoach #motivation #inspiration #coach #life #business #businesscoaching #success #lifecoaching #mindset #transformation

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mazementor. We all have been given free will to choose and our choices determine o

We all have been given free will to choose and our choices determine our results. . Begin today to will yourself towards expanding your world🌍 . It’s all up to YOU. . . Pass on this message 🔥🔥🔥 - 🎯Follow - @mazementor 🎯Follow - @mazementor . . . #leadership #happiness #will #coach #transformation #lifecoaching #lifestyle #inspire #hustle #consciousness #empowerment #businessowner #entrepreneurlife #health #abundance #leadershipdevelopment #successmindset #education #anxiety #spiritualgrowth #affirmations #healthylifestyle #millionairemindset #entrepreneurquotes #depression #wisdom #faith #manifestation #positivevibes #instagood

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Take me to church ⛪️ 🌈❤️🙏 Hold and appreciate what you have- enjoy every day! #loveislove A million stars up in the sky. One shines brighter - I can't deny. A love so precious, a love so true, a love that comes from me to you. I put faith and trust into our foundation and whatever will grow, will grow 🧜‍♀️ 🧜‍♂️ 🌊 🙏❤️ Laughter and happiness ... And a super sexy Elvis cause all you nee is #love ❤️ ALL I NEED IS YOU!! #werbung #couplegoals #mylove #wife #elvis #wedding #lasvegas #baby #transformation #trans #ftm #married #hochzeit #teil2 #sexy #chappel #yesido #liebe #princess #meinleben #instagood #couple #mermaids #goingtothechapel @alinavonschaum

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It’s been months and still NOT ENOUGH sales are coming in. ⠀ You invest more and more... ⠀ More time. ⠀ More faith. ⠀ More hard work. ⠀ Yet what you see is merely the same plateau. ⠀ “What must I do to break this damn cycle?” You think to yourself. ⠀ This happened to me when I was writing copy and doing sales over the phone after retiring from competition in 2018. ⠀ I knew that if I could apply the same principles I did to achieve the same success I had in fencing and Jeet Kune Do, there HAD to be a breakthrough. ⠀ So I challenged myself to put together a Master Plan and achieve it at all costs. ⠀ Little did I know what was I tapping into my doing this. ⠀ You have tried every method and you are spent... ⠀ There is one more weapon you haven’t tried, and you are sitting on it right now. ⠀ We all have access to it. ⠀ It is the Force of Mind. ⠀ Advance your Mind, it makes you who you need to Become, you get what you Deserve. ⠀ If you want to play this game right and upgrade your income, your status, your life... ⠀ Then do it right. ⠀ DM me if you are coachable, determined to win and willing to do whatever it takes. ⠀ Procrastinators put themselves on a very different frequency, so beware. ⠀ Send me a private message and let’s talk. ⠀ Speak soon, SS

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