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Met mijn zonen, mijn ouders & zusjes & schoonbroers & neefjes & nichtjes de sporen van ons koloniale verleden gaan verkennen. #africamuseum #quarteronne #kinderenvandekolonie

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На календарі 4 вересня, початок навчання🤔 Сонні, заморяні ми йдемо на географію.. . Ну все, ось і почалися ці муки, останній рік, всім удачного навчання в цьому році 😘😅

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We’re excited to see our space transform into another month of Tangelo performances this Thursday! • Tangelo goes down the first Thursday of every month and features 4-5 literary artists from all backgrounds and focuses to share their work. Come early to grab a drink and then settle in for some literary magic! • This Thursday: 7pm! Featured artists include: Tara Betts, Leor Galil, Maggie Queeney, & Naomi Washer. • Free RSVP via the link in our bio- with a suggested donation of whatever you’re able to spare at the door! See you Thursday ✨ 📸 @jordan_m_graves

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So proud to see the flag being hoisted up in the sky Bright and beautiful. An emblem of liberty, purity, peace, faith and fidelity. Freedom🇮🇳 (It literally gives me chills when remembering the thousands of heroic patriots and braves who fought for it and fell beneath it) and I'm glad we are celebrating it. But for me, Freedom, is not a mere exit of British from India. Its much more than that. Have we got the real Freedom? I doubt. To quote Rabindranath Tagore's verses from Gitanjali "Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high Where knowledge is free Where the world has not been broken up into fragments By narrow domestic walls Where words come out from the depth of truth; ... ... ... Where the mind is led forward by thee;  Into ever-widening thought and action;  Into that heaven of freedom,  My Father, let my country awake." ⚠️I reckon that the real freedom is not yet attained. Though women empowerment is a very famous topic that has been discussed these days, Every single girl in this country has a fear of rape, sexual harassment and abuse. Though there are reservations for minorities and other disadvantaged people, mob lynchings, communalism and racism is highly prevalent now. Though our country promotes freedom of speech and expression, why do people tag a group or an individual as anti-national when they question against the government? The situation has got even worse that they threaten them with rape or murder. . Though our constitution mentions about secularism in its very preamble, we are educated in such a way where the patriotic us call the secularists as sickularists! . And to mention about the freedom of press, our country had dropped down to 140th position compiled by the RSF covering 180 countries. The hatred towards journalists is on the rise. Press is an important tool for a democratic governance and to defend the human rights . It has all the ability to make a huge lie into a strong truth and vice versa. . And the list goes on... . Complete freedom is achieved only when these cruds are cleaned and eradicated. Jai Hind🇮🇳 Continued in the comments. #TheAshedStories #124

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shizuka_ouki. 吉本坂メンバーのエハラマサヒロさんのライブ!
すごく楽しかった❤️ 脚本家として つい見ちゃうけ

吉本坂メンバーのエハラマサヒロさんのライブ! エハラさんってエンターテイナーやわーー❤️ すごく楽しかった❤️ 脚本家として つい見ちゃうけど もうちょい最後にクライマックス 1分くらい作れたら最高と思った。 テーマ性持ったライブは ワクワクする。 ユーミンとか安室ちゃんとか テーマ持ってるライブが好き。 ライブの構成とかもやってみたいな。 それにしても エハラさんのライブ たくさん笑えて スカッとする。 ほかの出演者の方も芸達者。 ひたむきで まっしぐらな 磨いた芸。 尊敬する。 #エハラマサヒロ #ミュージカルマン #吉本坂46

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