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taylizlou. @evilcbs Fall Finale
#evil #makeuptutorial

@evilcbs Fall Finale 💄💋🎥 #evil #makeuptutorial

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A-dress-ing the balcony... Obsessed with this dress! @shopfrontporch 🤗 #dress #style #boutiqueshopping

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5 years ago today 🙈🤦🏼‍♀️🥰 Loved this song! It was written for Peter Pan Live by Amanda Green💚(Bring It On) to give Wendy’s journey more of a voice. You can watch me sing it in a nightgown (that fit over my harness), in a boat, to a boy/girl, on YouTube. ;) :P link in story 💚

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Happy happy happy Thanksgiving! I’m about to start my nap portion of the holiday 🙌🏻✌🏻

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This is where I made my musical theatre debut. ❤️ As I enjoy my respite from performing for a bit, I have been volunteering in marketing, props, projections, and education for this little theatre that took a chance on me almost 20 years ago! 🙈 My heart is full! 🥰 🧥👖👢👜: @shopfrontporch 📸: @daniellebrookejordan

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taylizlou. Thanks @shopfrontporch for letting me play dress up & @daniellebrookej

Thanks @shopfrontporch for letting me play dress up & @daniellebrookejordan for capturing it! ❤️ 💕

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Cheeeese 🧀 #greenbaypackers I couldn’t come to Wisconsin without bringing my dad to his favorite place! ❤️

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If your dress matches your drink...you can sip with me! 🌴🍹 My next workshops are in Wisconsin soooo I’m living through this photo memory of warmer weather ;) . . . But can’t wait for🧀 & @packers & ❄️! Aaaand spreading musical theatre magic! Taylizlou.com to schedule a workshop. 🥰💫

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taylizlou. Happy Halloween🎃 👻

Happy Halloween🎃 👻

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taylizlou. Guys! Check out @harmonyhelper 
Will change ur life! 
Note: you need t

Guys! Check out @harmonyhelper Will change ur life! Note: you need to plug in headphones to use the real-time feedback feature in the app! #harmonyhelper

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Bienvenidos a Miami☀️🌴☀️ Thx @anglershotel for making my first Miami trip 💯 #anglershotel #minnowbar

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taylizlou. Raise your hand if you’re coming on vaca with me next year! ✋🏻🌟

Raise your hand if you’re coming on vaca with me next year! ✋🏻🌟

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“A realist, in Venice, would become a romantic by mere faithfulness to what he saw before him.” - Some French Poet

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Natural Habitat #BoMo

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We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone. ❤️ This rooftop in Rome at sunset 😗👌🏻

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We did it!! #WRITEOUTLOUD2019 @54below thx to everyone who helped us make these opportunities for artists! 💕

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🎶 why not take a crazy chance, why not do a crazy dance. 🛵 🎤 Lizzie McGuire. Coming to Disney +

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Another important & amazing tune. Thanks @joriahkwame for sharing your talent & heart! Thx @mrmattrodin for capturing me without make up or a hairbrush and @brauhala for plunking my notes I kept missing. ;) & @kurtdeutsch for making this epic studio @warnermusic available to us. ❤️ I am so grateful this came to life and made waves for these songwriters! Come check out these winners and more @54below Sept. 25. 💕❤️ #payingitforward #WRITEOUTLOUD2019 #suicideprevention #littlemissperfect #13Reasonswhy

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i call this “good angles only” bc all I’ve eaten in Italy is 🥖& 🧀& 🍅 👍🏻

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Venezia 🌹 🇮🇹🎶 #venice

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Thank you @hotelindigovenice for a perfect Venice visit! 🇮🇹 ❤️ The perfect stay & the best bfast buffet!

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taylizlou. Here’s a bop!

@mackenzie_szabo & @demariusr_copes 🌟

Here’s a bop! @mackenzie_szabo & @demariusr_copes 🌟

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Thx to some angel donors (looking at you @joshcollopy & @am_collopy 💕) we are giving away two tickets to our #WriteOutLoud2019 Concert @54below on Sept.25 AND a meet & greet with yours truly❤️ Comment below & tag a friend to sit with. *must be in NYC/travel not included* Winner will be announced in a week!

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taylizlou. Hi from my emotional hangover 👍🏻
Very grateful 🥰

Hi from my emotional hangover 👍🏻 Very grateful 🥰

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