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Just a woman on her way to dinner after an afternoon of shopping

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Friends of Dorothy took it from Pride to Invasion and came out winnnnners crowned by @itsshangela!

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And your little dog too!

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Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in 1968 anymore. #stonewall50 World Pride 2019 Friends of Dorothy

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It’s been a minute, but it turns out doing drag makeup is just like riding a bike! I can’t ride a bike either. 🚲

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She’s back, and more glamorous than ever! #ignorethemopbucket #glamorfordays #happypride

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@dandmonium is a photoshop terrorist! I am 💀 💀 💀!!!! See you all at the Toolbox (91st/2nd) tonight 8pm Drag Race viewing party!

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I’m a very busy woman and I haven’t got all day! 🐙-inspired glamour lewk for karaoke at @thetoolboxnyc last night!

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✨⚡️Iconic trio⚡️✨ So fun performing for the first time with the loves of my life, #BambiDexterous and #LivYolife! A great night at @risebarnyc for @dupreejacqueline’s birthday. A big thank you to everyone who came out last night! 💋

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Happy birthday @dupreejacqueline! Looking forward to celebrating at your birthday show (THIS SATURDAY 7PM RISE BAR!) See you there!

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Santa came!

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Finishing off my Christmas shopping, you’ll never guess what I got you! 🎁 Had so much fun getting into the Christmas spirit at @dupreejacqueline’s first Stonewall Invasion. 📸: @flux_et_reflux

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Catch ya Sunday? #howbowdah

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My #MCM, and an early #TBT. One of my favorite photos, one of my first times out in drag, and with one of my favorite people. Without you I definitely never would have been brave enough to explore drag like I have. Thank you. For this and so much else, you’ve changed my life. @atthebeech I’m so happy you’re home!

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Is it still Halloween? Accidentally looked terrifying on Wednesday. #beetlejuicebeetlejuicebeetlejuice #whatthatmouthdo

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Serving some unintentional #PrincessLeia realness at Drag Wars!

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Opulence. I own everything! Thank you @dandmonium for this sparkling artists interpretation of me stroking my pussy. #grabherbythepussy

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You know you’re in for a rough night when you leave the house looking like this! Not true for me - had a ball winning @dupreejacqueline’s Spar of the Moment competition at @boxersnyc, then placing Top 4 at @polishthequeen. What a night! #leavebritneyalone

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