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still got it @johngallagherjunior

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Shout out to all my codependent people on @bondingnetflix — streaming (and trending!) RIGHT NOW. #netflix #bondingnetflix

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theo_stockman. take me out tonight
because i want to see candy canes and want to see

take me out tonight because i want to see candy canes and want to see life 📷: @matthewcyee

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This Wednesday, April 24th, @netflix brings the mad & beautiful visions of @rightordoyle to the WORLD. Tickled pink to be a part of this fantastic show. Watch & ENJOY! *whip crack* @bondingnetflix TRAILER IN BIO! #netflix #bondingnetflix

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To taking care of one another forever in NYC

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theo_stockman. Dear friends for 10 YEARS. Can still get in to some @lykkeli tunes & t

Dear friends for 10 YEARS. Can still get in to some @lykkeli tunes & the realness/laughter never stops. Love you @patinamiller #friends4life #realone #warmyourhandsbyherTony

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💫Protective halo by Hilma af Klint💫

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I watch an ungodly amount of ⁦‪Netflix‬⁩ shows-it’s time I was in one! Pleased to join the @netflix family and ride the brilliant coattails of @rightordoyle 💫Link in bio! 💫

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theo_stockman. Contemplating the 2018 void ⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️ 📷: @themichaelkushner

Contemplating the 2018 void ⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️ 📷: @themichaelkushner

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Asbury Idiots

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To celebrate our final weekend of shows, here’s Rubell. Incredible work by @billbernstein who truly captured the spirit of #DiscoATC. Working with this cast, creative team, & crew has been one of the true joys of my life and career. Trask told me he spoke to Myra Scheer, who was a friend of Steve’s, and she said he would have loved my portrayal. I hope so. I really hope we did him, as well as the sweaty haven he and Ian Schrager created, justice. Thank you to @stephentrask @petepeterpedro Darko Tresnjak and @atlantictheater for this journey. And thank you to EVERYONE who came and shared their hearts with us, and let us share ours. Costume by @lauxy123 ©️Bill Bernstein

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Thank you to @brooklyntailors for donning me in SLEEKNESS for the love-soaked #DiscoATC opening last night! It was magic. 📷: @copyright_joseph_marzullo

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Tonight I get to open #ThisAintNoDisco with some of the most beautiful, stunningly talented, and inspiring companies of artists I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. The cast, crew, and creative team of this wild beast awe me every day. To do this show, at this time, feels like a protest. A protest against our current political administration, and all who support them, who want to marginalize and snuff out the exact people we are celebrating in this show. The different bodies, genders, sexualities, colors, and unique personalities I am proud to share the stage with represent the very people I moved to NYC to find. Thank you to Darko Tresnjak, @stephentrask, and @petepeterpedro for bringing me into this family, and to @atlantictheater for being our wonderful home. A dance floor is waiting. 📷: @benaronsphoto

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The Artist @wpconnolly, our beloved writer @stephentrask, & Rubell. Oh and naked Chad @peterlaprade peekin’ (other beloved writer @petepeterpedro MIA) #DiscoATC #thisaintnodisco @atlantictheater 📷: @mreddiecooper #hedwigandtheangryinch #studio54

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We are LUXURIATING in previews. Come visit us at @atlantictheater & celebrate the artists/queers/weirdos that have always made this city extraordinary. Plus the music by @stephentrask and @petepeterpedro will blow your face away. #DiscoATC #studio54 #thisaintnodisco 📷: #darkotresnjak

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Sneak peek of the upcoming New Yorker “Goings On About Town” feature on #discoatc hitting stands July 2! Shot by the legendary Meryl Meisler. Check this off the Dreams-Come-True list ✅ @atlantictheater #DiscoATC #merylmeisler #studio54 #stephentrask #peteryanowitz #darkotresnjak #camillebrown Hair/Makeup by @pott28 Costumes by @lauxy123

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🌊 🇲🇽 🌊

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#tbt to a full-hearted wedding weekend celebrating @kaciesheik and @skenerly with a bunch of hippies. @lourdzilla broke character when Gavin Creel snuck up behind the camera, but my pose could NOT be interrupted. #baenerly

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