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The Broadway revolution starts RIGHT FUCKING NOW! I’ve never been more proud of anything. I love you with every molecule of my being, @bemorechillmusical.

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These two dudes wrote a Broadway musical that changed my life. 📷: @jenashtep

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It is with these pics of my new 🔥 Nike @kyrieirving x SpongeBob sneakers that I ceremoniously proclaim that @thespongebobmusical is in my Top 5 Favorite Musicals EVER! That @ethanslater gave one of the most masterful musical theater performances of all time, the music is dope AF, and Tina Landau’s direction was brave, extraordinary good, and integrated experimental theater into a commercial Broadway musical in a way that can only be described as revolutionary. That room was simply bursting with light, love, art, and happiness for 2 and a half hours. I love, love, love, love, love SpongeBob SquarePants The Musical very very very very much!

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To celebrate Be More Chill’s final week on Broadway, Episode 8 of @howtobemorechill with @hsulace is now live! Stephanie Hsu studied experimental theater in college and always thought she would create non-commercial work that expressed her point of view and helped to shine a light on the issues and ideas she cares deeply about. In this episode, she explains to Sam and Ilana how @bemorechillmusical and her role as Christine Cannigula ended up being the perfect job for her ideals and her passions and her talent. Over the years she has had some incredible survival jobs to pay the rent, but it was her star turn in SpongeBob SquarePants on Broadway and now Be More Chill that has allowed her to share her singular voice with us. Stephanie also shared her excitement about her role on the Emmy award winning show The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and how she managed to do both a tv show and a Broadway show at the same time. As a young girl her role models were @lucyliu and @iamsandraohinsta and now she is a role model for so many young women. Stephanie Hsu, let's do this!

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yesbroadway. Susan, aka The Broad of Broad Way, has a message for you about what @b

Susan, aka The Broad of Broad Way, has a message for you about what @bemorechillmusical means to her. What does it mean to you? Let us know in the comments and also by using the hashtag #WhatBMCMeansToMe! #bemorechill

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Treat yo’self before your next Broadway show with a fancy dinner at @gabrielkreuther, which is on 42nd Street on Bryant Park. As you’ll see in the photos, the food is certainly impressive (and beyond delicious!), the cocktails strong, and the service was extraordinary and made me feel like royalty. Worth the splurge, in my opinion. Oh, and the chocolate on the way out from their shop next door was a lovely touch!

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I literally cannot handle how dope it is that the love of all of our lives @georgesalazar is playing Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors at the @pasadenaplayhouse next month! BRB, booking ✈️ to LA. Oh, and @mjrodriguez7 as Audrey and @msamberpriley as Audrey II? Yuppppppp! 😍😍😍🌱 #littleshoppph

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🦇🔥🏍🎭! I went to a sneak peek of @batthemusicalny and it was way awesome and I wanted a picture with the sign but this giant set piece from the show was in the way because it’s load-in but I thought that it’d be a cool picture anyway, so I took it. PS @lenarockerhall beamed a huge smile when she saw me across the room and did the heart hands symbol thing and then melted all of our faces right damn off singing a song from the show. 🤗 (🤘🏼!)

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The Jonathan Larson Project is one billion percent my favorite musical theater album of 2019...and top 5 of all time! Out today: a limited edition copy of the CD with a 40-page booklet. I went to the launch event at @barnesandnoble tonight - check out highlights from the performances in Story! Thank you @jenashtep for making a miracle, and, of course, thank you Jonathan!

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‪You only have two more weeks to see Fairview Off-Broadway at Theatre for a New Audience!! This groundbreaking play is a 110 minute epic takedown of racism and it won the 2019 Pulitzer Prize for Drama — you do not want to miss this!!‬ ‪Need more reasons to see Fairview? Check out the link in bio!! 📷: Julieta Cervantes

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‪Karen Olivo, Aaron Tveit, Robyn Hurder’s dancing, and a superstar creative team all in one fantastic musical? How wonderful life is now that Moulin Rouge is OPEN on Broadway!! Check out the link in bio for five reasons to be hella hyped about this show!! ‪📷: Matthew Murphy‬

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Sometimes, you're just going about your day when this picture of Jason Tam doing some Broadway Bounty Hunting appears in your feed...and your life will never be the same! 📷: @petsofbroadway

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Hot? Turn up that AC and listen to the Jason Tam episode of @howtobemorechill to find out what makes the SQUIP himself break onstage. #bemorechill 🎧: link in bio!

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I saw @BwayBounty Hunter and, you guys, you aren’t ready for what a LEGEND @theanniegolden is. Oh, and @mrjoeiconis’ music and lyrics? DELICIOUS! Annnndddd, the book that he co-wrote with @lancerubinparty and @jasonsweettooth? I was literally LOLing for 2 hours straight. Go support new original musicals! Go, go, goooo see Broadway Bounty Hunter! 📷: @iamnotastreet

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If you haven’t listened to Episode 9 of @howtobemorechill, you’re missing out on some incredible scoop from the loveliest of the lovely: @laurmarcus! 🎧: link in bio!

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yesbroadway. The Black Suits was @bemorechillmusical composer/lyricist @mrjoeiconis

The Black Suits was @bemorechillmusical composer/lyricist @mrjoeiconis’ first musical and the original Black Suits themselves reunited at Be More Chill’s Post-Show Hang on June 10, 2019. Just try not to fall in love with this song from the show! The Black Suits = Nick Blaemire (@Blaemire), Lance Rubin (@lancerubinparty), Jason SweetTooth Williams (@jasonsweettooth), and Jason Tam (@jasonwtam)

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I’ll have you know that Nick @Blaemire walked into the VIP Room at @bemorechillmusical tonight and automatically sat in the seat I sit in during the show IN THE EXACT WAY IN WHICH I SIT IN IT...so I guess you could say we’re soulmates?

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Ummmm, you GOTTA see A Strange Loop. This new Off-Broadway musical is incredibly special. 🎟s for the rest of the run are hard to come by, but check the link in bio for 5 reasons you should do what you gotta do to get a pair! 📷: Joan Marcus

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A new musical about revenge that’s so good, it’s deadly? Count us IN!! Check out the link in bio for five reasons why @roundaboutnyc’s SCOTLAND, PA is going to kill it (pun intended) off-Broadway this fall — we smell a Broadway transfer...

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Somehow @parodybill figured out who I am as a human and made a shirt about it...and then sent me one! A @bemorechillmusical / @jaggedlittlepill crossover is, like, all I’ve ever wanted in my life. Go get one for yourself at parodybill.com and be prepared: there’s a lot of other amazing stuff to buy there, too. 😍 📷: @iamnotastreet

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yesbroadway. Episode 7 of @howtobemorechill is live, featuring the one and only @ja

Episode 7 of @howtobemorechill is live, featuring the one and only @jasonwtam who plays the SQUIP!! Did you know that Jason Tam was the very first actor to ever record “Michael in the Bathroom”? Find out how and why in this episode — link in bio!!

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@jelanialladin as Hercules and @instachasebrock’s epic choreography are just two reasons why we’re SO HYPED about the stage adaptation of HERCULES happening this summer at @publictheaterny!! Check out the link in our bio for five reasons why this production will turn the end of summer from Zero to Hero. 📷: @ambejphotography (Jelani Alladin) and Murphy Made / Matthew Murphy (Chase Brock)

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Well, my heart is broken into a million pieces because @bemorechillmusical will close on Broadway on August 11...but! I am so, so, so, so, sooooo proud that we got it to Broadway and will forever be grateful for the experience. It’s been one of the best periods of my life, ever! Thank you to every single person who came to see it, listened to the cast recording(s), and championed it in any way. Together, we all pulled off a straight-up miracle: turning thousands (hundreds of thousands?) of young people into new musical theater fans. Come see us at the Lyceum before August 11 and celebrate that with us!

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yesbroadway. Episode 6 of @howtobemorechill is live!! In this episode, Sam and Ilan

Episode 6 of @howtobemorechill is live!! In this episode, Sam and Ilana talk to @laurmarcus (Brooke in @bemorechillmusical) about the Tonys, her romance with @mrjoeiconis, and her favorite Be More Chill moments from BMC 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0. Listen now at the link in bio!!

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Tomorrow night is prom night for the LOVEVILLE HIGH podcast, and you’re invited!! See songs from the musical podcast performed live by the incredible cast on June 17th at 7:00 PM at the York Theatre — it’s going to be a night to remember : ) Tickets are FREE!! RSVP at the link in bio!!

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yesbroadway. Inspired by true events, @working.theater’s DROPPING GUMBALLS ON LUKE

Inspired by true events, @working.theater’s DROPPING GUMBALLS ON LUKE WILSON challenges audiences to think about how far they would go if their boss told them to do something wrong. Amanda’s got the scoop on this new play that will crack you up and leave you realizing that there are some experiences that are way too ridiculous to make up!! Written by Rob Ackerman, directed by Theresa Rebeck, and featuring @reynadecourcy, @georgehampe, @iamannharada, Dean Nolen, Jonathan Sale, and David Wohl, this is a play you don’t want to miss!! See Dropping Gumballs on Luke Wilson at the Mezzanine Theatre at the A.R.T./New York Theatres through JULY 6 — ticket link in bio!!

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Writer @mrjoeiconis and star Annie Golden are two reasons to be HYPE AF about @bwaybounty this summer at Greenwich House Theater (@arsnovanyc)!! Need more? We’ve got ‘em — link in bio! Swipe to see Annie and Sam advertise for Annie’s show this Sunday June 16th!

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Summer’s finally almost here, and it’s the perfect season to get some froyo with your #SquipSquad! Stop by any Pinkberry in NYC this month to try the special Be More Chill flavor that’s even cooler than a vintage cassette.

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OMG — On Wednesday, Be More Chill celebrated our 100th performance and the fourth anniversary of our first EVER performance in New Jersey! Swipe to see everyone freaking out! 📷: @iamnotastreet

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Alright, we’re dropping some hints for tonight’s Tonys-themed episode of the trivia game show @rewardthefan at 6pm EST. Download the Reward The Fan app, study up on these tips, and win FREE Broadway 🎟s at 6pm!

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Broadway Pride! 📷: @iamnotastreet

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Episode 5 of the @howtobemorechill podcast with Be More Chill book writer @joetracz is now live! In this very special episode, Sam and Ilana talk to Joe about his journey from growing up in Detroit and seeing Broadway national tours to working in a Borders bookstore and getting to know the YA literary scene, Joe tells us about how he cames on board the project and combined his television and film writing experience with his passion for musical theater. From Two River Theater to Off-Broadway to Broadway, Joe Tracz explains the process of making @bemorechillmusical from his point of view. Oh, and whatever forces combined to have Joe talk about the person who called in the testimonial for his episode moments before we played it for him: THANK YOU! 🎧 via link in bio. #bemorechill

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